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  1. Hi, I have problems with the textures on my roads, I can reimport the sat map (picture) but I still have the problem. https://imgur.com/ixAPSuu Can you help me?
  2. hey, I wanted to know how you did this because I'd like to do the same thing with my map @oldbear
  3. Hi, This is a problem I encounter every time I switch my tree to non-obsolete mode. i switch on "YES" on this message "File data structure of the world is obsolete and needs to be changed. do you want to change it now?" https://imgur.com/Svypdkc https://pastebin.com/yRas38u9 https://pastebin.com/wVimzTsc https://pastebin.com/8bmfLsCa Did you already have this? because it's really annoying knowing that the mod is likely to be obsolete.
  4. Hey, can you publish a template of combat Ops mission?
  5. Hello, I would like to know if there was a solution to apply a texture to a polyline/spline, that would make the work easier
  6. [WIP] Zimnitrita Zimnitrita is a map inspired by a region in eastern Ukraine (Гороховатка / Kharkiv Oblast ). The map is partly covered by large forests, wheat fields and villages. Only one bridge crosses the great river, the map is separated by the Oskil river. Only one large city will be present in the west along the river. I try to make regular updates directly on the game workshop (map already available in 0.0.3). Real localisation : Google maps Informations: Size 16,384 km x 16,384 km Area 268,4 km² 1 large city Many medium and small city 1 large river (Oskil) Screenshot : https://imgur.com/tFNgGhe https://imgur.com/p0QFoBq https://imgur.com/rUSEo19 https://imgur.com/Ie4Y1zu https://imgur.com/xLzsUWo https://imgur.com/zVku9Au
  7. 2 SCR_MAP entity, or reload workbench
  8. you have 2 scr_mapentity, you should have just one
  9. Hi, I have created a collaborative share on gitlab to create my map with colleagues. I have a "main" version which is updated 1x a week between my versions and those of my colleagues. We use different layers except that with the gluing of the updates some people don't see their layers and therefore the objects are not available. If people work together on the same project, how do you do it and if so do you have any tips? PS: The old .txt export with eden was still great
  10. Casseburne

    [WIP] Zimnitrita

    @Pumm with several small plots
  11. Casseburne

    [WIP] Zimnitrita

    I am more active on the arma discord By the way if you want to help to place objects on the map contact me on steam Contact code steam : 122861111 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083126839/
  12. Casseburne

    [WIP] Zimnitrita

    v0.0.16 on workshop
  13. Casseburne

    Grass on road problem

    i know but with me it's doesnt work
  14. Oh Yes, that would be very interesting! i sent you an invit!
  15. Nice, very Nice! How did you import these items? Are they homemade or did you take them from another engine? I would be interested in how you did it!
  16. Casseburne

    Grass on road problem

    You are wasting your time, what I do is I select my splines (road in asphalt for example) I go to "export geographic data", I export in svg. I open the inskape software, I export in png, then with this export in png, I make a delta between my texture alphalt_01 then I reimport in terrain tool
  17. They are no texture ? .tga?
  18. Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has time to create several models of railway tracks? I unfortunately don't have the skills to do it 😞 I would need several models: - a classic railway track - a bridge with a railway track - a railway track with concrete to allow cars to pass - traffic signs (optional) A bit like the 3D models of the UPC on arma 3 Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
  19. And how do you get them back in this case?
  20. Casseburne

    [WIP] Zimnitrita

    Little update, i finished to generate my big forest (24.5km²) https://imgur.com/9KWmOj4 https://imgur.com/ciGIC9i https://imgur.com/n8YvsM9 https://imgur.com/0wCF3L7 https://imgur.com/DfQTjMT https://imgur.com/D6q8Nbm https://imgur.com/AcjqpFH
  21. Hello all, I have a problem with my sat map https://imgur.com/kGOiG7O I have re-imported but it is still broken. Do you have a solution?
  22. Casseburne

    Image sat error

    Generate normal map work fine
  23. @JU5TlN It works very well, indeed with polylines you have to rotate the mirror vertically, but with roads there is no need to change the width, the svg format takes into account the difference between an asphalt road and a dirt road
  24. I can't export to please, how do you do it? I wasn't asking for a YouTube tutorial ahah ^^ no just a step by step tutorial with screenshots, it helps to keep track
  25. Ok, I'm interested, can you make a tuto?