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  1. Supply transportation inadequately rewards the player. The truck is a slow, noisy, and large target. It's very easy not to reach the endpoint. And although supply delivery is crucial, the experience reward for it is minimal. Overall, there is a high risk, significant time investment, low contribution to victory, and low reward. Solution: increase experience rewards for supply delivery, increase supply truck capacity. The truck's capacity is very small/prices for equipment and construction are too high. If a player manages to deliver the supply, it's used up very quickly. A couple of player respawns, buying light transport, and 600 points of supply is gone. And the player spent 5-10 minutes on it. Not to mention base development; there are no resources for that. Solution: significantly increase the truck's capacity. Conflict mode is chaotic because of disadvantages of defending side. Logically, the defending side should have an advantage. But in practice, it's the opposite. Firstly, control points are usually empty because players are scattered across the map. So, it's not difficult for a single soldier to capture a base. Secondly, attackers can take advantageous positions and simply camp defenders as they respawn. Thirdly, attackers can place a radio or a truck with infinite respawns, and due to the increased respawn time for defense, there is no opportunity to use the supply for defense. And this could have been a good reason to bring in more supplies. Solution: more supply in trucks, reduced respawn time for defenders + the next point. Capturing control points with just a larger number of soldiers results in cheesy tactics for attackers. The attacking side should show their dominance in the control point. Clear it from defenders. Be aggressive. In practice, however, the capture happens like this: attackers hide from defenders and wait for the point to be "captured" so defenders can't spawn and then clear our the CP. It doesn't look like CP was captured by force. It's game of hide and seek. Solution: capture progress triggered not by a king-of-the-hill mini-game but when at least one attacker located in the main tent. He will be an easy target for defenders, but then attackers will have an incentive to seek defenders. And there will be fewer solo captures of control points, which encourages teamwork.
  2. I've started playing Reforger again with the release of version 1.0 and finally experienced the ArmA experience I was expecting. However, I noticed a few aspects that I wish could be improved. It seems that players are not adequately notified when they are being shot at or even hit. While the game includes sounds of bullets whizzing by or hitting objects near the player, they are so subtle that they fail to convey a sense of danger. This becomes even more problematic during intense combat when these sounds get lost in the surrounding gunfire noise. I believe a player's sense of personal safety should be a top priority for player, and the game should clearly inform player when they are in danger. Additionally, there should be improved feedback when a bullet hits a player. I like the sound of a muffled impact upon being hit, but it's too quiet. There were multiple instances when I realized I had been hit only by the heartbeat sound and the bleeding effect on the screen, but the actual impact went unnoticed. For example, in Squad, when bullets land near a player, it's distinctly audible, and more importantly, the sounds and effects effectively convey a sense of danger, prompting the player to seek cover.