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  1. @oldbear Awesome, thanks! i'n going to look around some b&m shops tomorrow to see if they can match amazon's price think i'll go with 9700k and 5700 then, thanks for the input! edit: why specifically 500? because i already ordered a 256 gig nvme from amazon that i'll install arma on
  2. hey everybody I bought arma 3 years ago to play with some friends who I played insurgency with at the time I had 3570k+670 they invited me to koth which I gladly joined then I got the taste of 20-30fps on low 1080p, and subsequently rage-quitted I stopped talking with said friends after that I hardly played arma anymore now I want to get back into it, and i'm building a new system already got z390 mobo on sale, I think I want to get 9900k or 9700k but still not quite sure on which also snatched a freesync 1440p75Hz panel on sale, so maybe 5700/XT, but still not quite sure I've seen yaab results for 9900k/9700k but not yet on 5700/XT can anyone direct me to which one I should buy? for reference I can get: 9700k for ¥45,979 9900k for ¥57,034 5700 XT for ¥50,084 5700 for ¥44,064 can anyone guide me if I should spend the extra money or just pocket it? edit: that's arma 3 - years ago, not arma - 3 years ago I just joined the forums to ask advice