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  1. The Unsung Vietnam War Mod 3.0F - Foxtrot Released !!!
  2. 23/12/2018 Well the team has done it again , Foxtrot release has finally landed just in time for Christmas ! Countless fixes, enhancements and stability improvements have been added to this release From the unsung Team we hope you enjoy Foxtrot Release and wish you all a safe new year...This will be our last major release for a while , while the team takes a well deserved rest . There may be other smaller releases / fixes etc in the future. But don't worry we are not closing up shop ;) Good luck out there , you gonna need it SaV ******************************************************************************************************************************* Added new: Maps: Da Krong updated extended runway on lz savage cleared western approach at lz savage Added new fighting position to lz savage removed redundant lights at camp sarge various tweaks to map terrain synth enabled Doung updated Khe Sanh updated Song Bin Tanh new map WIP A Shau valley new map WIP Added 4 classes of campfire Added water to wells Added about 50 new house / map models for Song Bin Tanh Units: Republic of Korea (ROK) Faction SAS Regiment units, with new packs, vests, headgear and accessories (Warning: updated A3 models not compatible with our older vests and gear) Helicopter Pilots for RAAF and NZAF Jet Pilots for RAN (Royal Australian Navy) Features: AC47 Spooky call-in added to Combat Radio Support CAS Combat Radio Support (Unsung Helicopters and planes) ACRE2 Support for vehicles Lights, animated fans, door sounds and icons, rain sounds, ambient sounds and new animated doors to hootches and other US Base buildings Centralised macros in mod, to remove duplication and confusion New Tumbling Napalm Canisters Vehicles: New USMC faction F4’s, A6’s, A4’s, UH-1D Australian faction has A4 (RAN) and UH-1D (RAAF) VNAF faction has UH-1D and A-1 M-35 variants (Fuel, ammo, repair, tanker) New textures and decals for F-4, A-4, A-6 and A-7 OV-10 Bronco to Arma 3 (USN, USMC and USAF) SA-2, S60 and Type 65 37mm both receive radar datalink from SNR75 Fan Song ZPU-2 Anti Aircraft gun Emptying rocket pods on F-105 and A-4 Ejection seats to aircraft Aircraft Damage and Flight models Dynamic loadouts to aircraft UNSUNG Aircraft compatibility with the USS Nimitz and improved support for the USS Freedom Weapons: PVP mortar classes with less ammo for Frontline New Uzi model New Lee Enfield (SMLE) model and scoped / camo version SA58 camo version Fixes: Maps: Massive Optimisation update applied to large amounts of unsung map objects - fixed geometries, fire geo impact effects, shadows, properties, section count, roadway textures, roof roadway lods (for enhanced movement support), ambient sounds, functions, distance lods, materials and textures, ladders, lights and doors Motorpool and mess hall doors and travel paths Bunkers and foxholes appearing white at distance Aircraft wrecks spamming rpt Units: Mass and protection values to helmets and flak jackets Graduated capacity and mass variation uniforms, vests and backpacks (for exile) Animations fixes for pook_sam rtms Fixed some unit weapons to match their displaynames, fixed missing magazines for some units weapons Static weapon pack transparency Features: Deprecated ttt_fnc_remoteSay3d in favour of uns_mbox_fnc_remoteSay3D Improved communication messages for Combat Radio Support (Follow protocol on smoke calls) Vehicles: M113/ Jeep / Type 55 / T34 etc not appearing in zeus M-113 Engineer improved driving behaviour M-551 sheridan turn in/ out Type 55 transport driving behaviour (physx lod) Type 63 gunner now fires Ural S-60 truck wheels turn Graduated capacity and mass variation to helicopters and cars (for exile) UH-1C AI gunners now fire M134s at targets UH1D light shadow glitch, rogue light beam Helicopter and plane cockpit glass reflections and damage textures UH-1D/H improved rotor freedom and flight model, supply points added CH34 texture improvements on decals CH34 centre of mass / sling-loading tilt and fast-roping point CH-47/53 flight model heavier CH53 aim down sight on ramp gunners, improved gear dampers, and removed M60 version crew invulnerability H-21 Shawnee Adjusted height position and land contact points Nicer GetIn actions on many planes Change “turbo” to “vehicleTurbo” shortcut for afterburners AN-2 supply points added O-2 Improved flight model and take off O2, A6 and A7 pilot sticks A-1 Wheel steering for better taxiing A7 Tail, Gear door and canopy textures C1a braking DC3 Changed dispersion of triple M134 (Lowered to 0.002 instead of 0.02), improved pilot view F-105 dynamic loadouts F-111 physx MiG-21 Improved + dynamic loadouts Improved airplane taxi capabilities on most aircraft SA-2 SAM with “(radar)” in name will properly fire at aircraft if SNR75 Radar nearby AGM45 and AGM78 will now seek the SNR-75 radar in SEAD aircraft GBU-8 transparency in texture Increased snake-eye bomb drag Weapons: Many weapons trigger and rechamber animations All pistols upgraded Browning Hi-Power 9mm mags only Dshk tripod textures Mines: removed conflict with base class of Put weapon so other mods mines will work with Unsung Mines: fixed missing sounds Makarov improved accuracy Model 1897 slam-firing added M-1 Carbine reload animations M-60 bipod shadow M-79 reload wobble PPK animations RG42 / RGD5 smoothed textures SA-58 iron sights SVD Improvements to handanim, reload anim, Camo Wrap available to both camo and non-camo SVD Some weapons now use proxy mags (mag model swapping on weapon) PPSh / K50 (drum / banana) XM177 / M16 (20 / 30 / twin 20) Removed faulty attachments on weapons Type 100 suppressors Shotguns optics SVT ******************************************************************************************************************************* DOWNLOAD NOW ON STEAM!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311 Non-steam downloads: Torrent - http://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/@unsung-3.0.fox.torrent Changelog: (Can also be found on the Steam Workshop) http://svn.armanam.eu/ftp/eggbeast/unsung/docs/Credits/UNSUNG_3.0f_Changelog.pdf Credits: http://svn.armanam.eu/ftp/eggbeast/unsung/docs/Credits/UNSUNG 3.0E Credits.pdf **************************************************************************************************************************************
  3. Time for a little update ! Enjoy you Nam Nuts !!! :P
  4. I have to day this update is quite special , from the tumbling Nape cans to the new A4 Liveries and texture enhancement. There is a lot of other enhancements that you may miss , all planes are getting new Physx and will have all the Jets bells and whistles added. Its sooooo cool flying along and watching those cans tumble and hit the tree line , burst into flame with our new nape fire effects ... looks so fresh ! I'm really proud of the team keeping the unsung machine rolling. Can't believe the old girl (Unsung) still going hard 14 years on !
  5. Ok Steve I will make it as clear as possible so there is no confusion.There has been no deception at all I clearly put to you the standard agreement between contributors of the mod. I noted your concern with the right of the current members to "Fine tune" any work you done IF you are no longer with the team FOR the benefit of the mod overall. That's fine you don't have to agree, that's your choice. Yes you were with the unsung briefly in the pre-arma 2 days and your name was credited accordingly. If it wasn't detailed enough my apologies since you did in fact leave the team many years ago and were not heard of again till recently. However , after learning of threats you made against others in the team I decided to sever contact with you. I won't tolerate it , that's my choice. Any remaining coding or work you contributed will be reviewed, Egg will contact you in a PM how we will manage this. I wish you all the best in the future. SaV
  6. Hi drdetroit Glad you like the radio sounds, some don't which is fine its not for everyone. I spent a lot of time finding and remixing them to sound the way they do , unfortunately there is no real way to simulate volume control YET ;) ... I have more real tracks I want to add to the mix including Australian radio transmissions. I'm hoping with Tetet's expertise to have Aussie combat radios only play with Australian radios and US on the other at the same time ;) depending on which one you pick up. Also a lot of people may have missed there is a NVA version with chatter too ;) It still needs some work the combat tracks overlap sometimes. I intend to make some more music tracks for the AM radio Maybe in next release we can get it all in .. SaV
  7. Unsung 3.0 E - Released !!! 4/11/17 The team has done it again the long awaited Echo release is finally here!!! With the subsequent BI DLC updates including the integration of 64 Bit , it set the mod back longer than anticipated. However due to the hard work and determination of the team most of these obstacles have been finally overcome. Along with countless model updates and enhancements the team is satisfied that it is in a stable condition for release. And yes there are still plenty of things that need fixing and a few bugs here and there but remember this is a progress update and we will address them as we move forward. Heres the line up of new and improved Content in Echo: Weapons: AK-47 + Variants (New Model) AKM + Variants (New Model) China Lake 40mm GL (New Model) H/R T223 M-1918 BAR (New Model) M-1919A6 MG M2 Carbine (New Model) M2 Carbine (Sawn-Off) M16A1 (New Birdcage Model) M1903A1 Springfield M1A1 Thompson (New Model + New Model VC Version) Madsen M50 MAS-36 (New Model Original and Paratrooper version + Grenade Launcher) MAT-49 (New Model + Sidearm + New Suppressor) Mauser Kar98k Mauser MG-42 MP40 Nambu Type 100 PK LMG (New Model) Sa. vz 61 Skorpion (Primary + Sidearm) Shotgun (M12 Trench Gun) (New Model) M870 Mk1 (New Texture) SKS-45 Rifle (New Model) StG-44 (New Model) Stoner M63 MG (New Model) Stoner M63 Commando (New Model) UK vz.59 LMG Winchester Model 70 (New Model) XM-177 + Variants (New Model) M127-A1 Signal Flare M20 90mm Super Bazooka RPG-7 (HEAT) Colt Lawman Mk.III (.357) Colt M1911 + Variants (New Model) M-2 Carbine (sawn-off /sidearm) Nagant M1895 S/W Model 10 (.38 Special) (New Model) S/W Model 10 (.38) Tokarev TT-33 Vehicles: M-37B1 Dodge ¾ Ton M-37B1 Dodge ¾ Ton (M1919) (Gun Truck) M-35A2 Kaiser-Jeep 2½ Ton Truck + Variants ZIL-157 + Variants Mi-8 + Variants Oh-6 Cayuse + Variants An-2 Colt + Variants Motor Skiff (red) (Civilian motor boat) UH-1D/H Variants (Updated weaponry and visuals) Statics: M1919A4 .30cal (Low) (New Model) STABO Rig (6-man) (may not work in MP) Explosives & Grenades: Tripwire Traps Punji Traps Claymores (Old Model :( ) Mines (Incendiary, Anti-personnel, M16 Bouncing Betty) Explosive Satchel CS Gas (Temporarily Kills until we can optimize script for MP) New Smoke Grenade Models (White, Yellow, Green, Red, Violet (Purple), Thermate, CS Gas) Uniforms & Outfits: PAVN Khaki Uniform Re-texture VC Main Force Blue Uniform VC Main Force Green Uniform US LRP Alice Pack (Backpack) US LRP Vest NVA Assault Pack NVA RPG Pack (New RPG-7 Models) US Heli Pilot Helmets 11th ACR 17th ACR 1Cav (Air Mobile) 1MD OG R33 R8 Tiger USMC (Rebel Flag) US Jet Pilot Helmet USAF/352nd TFS) USAF/366th TFW 389th FS NVA/VC Hats PAVN Boonie (NVA Pin) PAVN Crew Chief Helmet PAVN Crew Helmet (Blk) PAVN Crew Helmet (Tan) PAVN Tank Commander Helmet PAVN SSH-40 Helmet PAVN SSH-60 Helmet VC Boonie (VC Pin) VC Boonie Black VC Boonie Black (VC Pin) USMC Helmet Art USMC M1 (CAL) USMC M1 (LBJ) USMC M1 (NY) NVA Goggles Island Updates: Da Krong and Doung islands now complete New brown water added to Doung and Da Krong maps New lighting, buildings and objects added New areas including temple ruins added to Da Krong - go find it ;) New updates to Khe Sanh Sounds: Nearly All Sounds Updated and Changed. (Sound tails and sound shaders still not added as yet) Radio System: Over 2.5 hrs of AFVN radio with real era music and commericals ! Real Combat radio transmissions from the vietnam war Ground & Air Chatter Some General Fixes: APEX Dependency on Da Krong and Doung is removed AI Pilots can now see out of the windshields of the Huey Helicopters M113 and XM-706 are now properly amphibious PhysX has been added or tweaked on all vehicles (No more tanks flying!) All boats now also handle correctly Air to Air Refueling (KA-3B) (Compatible with USAF Air to Air Refueling) In Virtual Arsenal from Main Menu, DSAI voices have been removed Many more... BONUS: Mig 21 variants The skies are no longer safe remember check your 6 !!! Known Issues: In Zeus and Virtual Arsenal in Multiplayer Game Servers, rug_dsai voices can be heard. M35 Shadow LOD is quite high, may experience issues on high player count servers with a lot in the scene. M113s experience getting stuck and rotation in shallow waters of Doung Island. CS Gas Grenades cause frame drop and/or server lag on Multiplayer. Not all weapons have perfectly synced sounds and animations. Will be addressed in future updates. Stop standing around soldier Grab your shit , Lock n load , your going back in ! Good Luck out there .... Your gonna need it ;) ******************************************************************************************************************************* DOWNLOAD NOW ON STEAM!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311 Non-steam downloads: Play withSix - https://buff.ly/2zdiS8y Armaholic - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29948 Arma3Launcher - https://a3launcher.com/ Torrent - http://www.armanam.eu/downloads.html **************************************************************************************************************************************
  8. Not yet soon ;)
  9. Moderators can we please close this thread? Thank you :)
  11. Well, I have to say Echo is shaping up to be a hell of a release. Finally stuff we made in V2.6 is flowing into this release. Finally my combat radio and AFVN virtual radio is now in and working very well thanks to Tetet's determination, skill and patience. I might post a quick vid of it in action soon ;) There are so many fixes , and updates etc I cant remember them all . Yep Echo is gonna be another quality release , Well done to the guys they have done a great job yet again :) SaV
  12. I laid all the base sounds down on all the weapons but they are missing the tails and sound shaders etc. If someone would add these to the coding I believe they will be the most authentic sounds you would hear since they are recorded from the actual weapon they belong to. But alas , coding is not my skill set and therefore is what it is for now. Hopefully with this next release on steam "May" have someone come forward to add this coding / new tail sounds ect. I just hope they don't intend to replace my base sounds I have been working on for years. And for all those going on about the DSAI chatter, Tet has removed it from the arsenal screen. It was put in to give you directional awareness which I think works particularly well in the thick environment. Unfortunately there are only a select number of voice files and if you play the mod long enough you will hear them all.
  13. Hi Scott , It is the same principal but not the same as A2 . The GUI you are referring to is not in it this time.. AND YES EVERYONE I'M STILL ALIVE!!! , Hope to see you all in ECHO release soon ;) SaV