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  1. Hi :) I have a huge request. I came back after a long break and again I have to learn a few things. I apologize in advance if I put the post in the wrong forum section. As the title - How to make step by step wings trails, as in the picture ??
  2. @ Bigstone :) thx @ Sav - sad news but I understand you perfectly, thanks for your cooperation ;)
  3. It's nice that they are still interested in the mod.
  4. Thank you - read the licenses and the rules addonmaking. Modders please close this subject with illegal material
  5. Yac

    Strange glass

    So the issue resolved - Do not forget to delete the link to your file
  6. Yac

    Strange glass

    ok send me a model
  7. Yac

    Strange glass

    I checked what you sent. I'm sending you changed rvmat with an example. For the future - keep the correct names for textures - _ca, _as, _co, _nohq, _smdi. This will help avoid errors and save nerves. http://depositfiles.com/files/2am0lz12s
  8. Yac

    Strange glass

    moderator - please delete this post. thx
  9. Yac

    Strange glass

    env_co.paa - responsible for the reflection of the glass, is not glass texture. Do as advised [APS] Gnat.
  10. Yac

    In over my head

    @ Azraille Is the model and textures are yours? No offence but seem to me to be very familiar
  11. Little info M551 ready to duty ( 99%) Full size US tank crew WIP Full size
  12. YouRek For the future, give source of information - and why repeat the info you posted GNAT?
  13. I'll be watching this closely :)