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  1. Greetings, Here is some new music I wrote for the mod. Hope you enjoy. SFG
  2. We always looks for ways to improve tanking in ARMA. Here's a look at what is coming with our 2.7 update to the ARMA 2 version of the mod, presented by animosity242.
  3. Work continues... Model by Guy
  4. ArmA 2: Combined Operations Invasion 1944 http://www.moddb.com/mods/invasion-19441 Pictures, videos and download links are provided.
  5. New original music for V3
  6. Whoa, you're still alive.
  7. Invasion 1944 [ARMA 3] Work has begun on an ArmA 3 version of our extensive WW2 total conversion mod. For those unfamiliar with our work, our total conversion as we prefer to call it, Invasion 1944 is a World War Two based combined arms simulation. We've previously released dedicated versions for the original Operation Flashpoint (now ArmA:Cold War Assault), ArmA, Arma2, and Combined Operations. The ArmA3 release will not be a direct port of the existing mod from ArmA2, rather we'll be focusing content of the initial release using only the highest quality work, and starting to replace older models that don't look as good as they once did in the new engine. We'll also be looking to take advantage of all the new features such as the new clothing slots for customizing your soldiers and better physics for vehicle handling. As always our prime focus will be on the western front conflict, but we are open to branching out and exploring more than France, with ArmA3's base setting of the Greek islands a Mediterranean setting seems like a great choice for a new terrain and conflict to explore. We're also not limiting exclusively to the year 1944 so let us know what you'd like to see. The ideas currently being tossed around are Sicily, Italy, and Africa, with the odd mention of Holland. We will be porting some of the current maps but not all of them, as a lot of ArmA2 content will have to be replaced (or ported with BI's permission) before they can be released. We'd love to hear from the community about where you would like to see the mod going, what features you'd like to see, what bits from the current or old versions you want back, and most of all what you enjoy playing, whether its huge team versus team multiplayer missions, focused solo campaigns, small co-op scenarios, or large scale persistent battlefields (hey we can dream!) let us know. Invasion 1944 2013 [PROGRESS UPDATES] Unit progress by Macolik Original Music Score by SFG
  8. SFG

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Welcome back Ivan and Martin!
  9. There shouldn't be a password. Where did you download it from?
  10. It is disheartening considering how much time Pac has put into some of the missions. They are really well done.