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    I am a dutch guy who currently lives in Noord-Brabant (Holland) I enjoy playing ArmA 2 with the invasion 1944 mod the 31st normandy mod and the Hell in the pacific mod
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  1. Rob_Mayall

    Announcement : Currahee MOD

    sorry that I haven't uploaded anything in a long time but my mum died in november and I just didn't have the time for this we eill continue soon
  2. Rob_Mayall

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    this is a thing i noticed in Arma 2 remember tha you don't have modern planes that start up and take off in 1 minute a DC-3 (c-47) take around 1 minute just to turn the engines on still can't wait to fly over the maps in a dakota ---------- Post added at 14:24 ---------- Previous post was at 14:22 ---------- By the way PM me if you have questions about details of things my dad has his own company were he makes replica ww2 books and manuals and I collet stuff from ww1 ww2 and vietnam so if you need any info you can PM me would love to help you guys with the great work you do on the mod
  3. in the video I only see an US C47 why isn't there one with british markings if you need info you can look at my reply on AB jeeps on your arma 3 invasion 1944 0.3 ALpha what also say some things about the british C47 ( C47 Dakota = the british naming ) ( C47 SKytrain = the US naming ) also because the mod is about d-day and the bulge it SHOULD have the black white stripes instead of what I said in the other post because d-day was after Italy-invasions. Because the US WACO was a small glider with 1 jeep 6 men and 2 glider pilots it was seen as a small glider so the US Airborne also used the Horsa glider and BTW info about the Glider pilot regiment : -special helmet - GLider Pilot wing on smock - body armor - no Small pack but a bergen : this one is for the glider PILOT; this one for the glider CO-pilot and the bergen : http://www.biggerbids.com/members/images/28420/public/3354601_GEDC0045.jpg (230 kB) http://www.cps-battlefieldtours.co.uk/sites/default/files/imagecache/product_full/DSCF3146.JPG (905 kB) that was a little info on the airlanding units if you have questions I most-likely can ancwer them too you
  4. Rob_Mayall

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    That probaly isn't going to happen the CUshman wasn't used until SEPTEMBER 1944 the Welbike was used from 1940 ( desert, Enland by the Home GUard forces ) until 1947 after that the corgie was used ( it's a lot like the welbike only it has different petrol tanks and some other modifications and they didn't had sidecars they had trailers but if you were lucky enough to find on eof the hundred misdropped cushmans it probaly was broken because they were too heavy and had too small parachutes BR Rob
  5. Rob_Mayall

    UK Armed Forces

    when this mod is finished I am gonig to use it with the parachute regiment red barret addon!!! that would look AWESOMEEE!!!
  6. Rob_Mayall

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Hey Everyone, what I would love to see is new British Airborne textures what I really miss is that the NCO doesnt have a ( parachute regiment > or any of the other regiments ) on the red barret and another thing I miss is to see a officer that isn't wearing a smock but just his 37 pattern BD ( Battle Dress ) with insignas : the red parachute regiment shoulder title was used in Italy the Blue shoulder title in 1944-45 the Jump wing is only on the right arm I also have some info for the invasion 44 guys these are the operations were the 1st AB div was part of Operation Biting Operation Freshman ( Italy ) Operation Turkey Buzzard( Italy ) Operation Ladbroke ( Italy ) Operation Fustian ( Italy ) Operation Slapstick ( Italy ) Battle of Arnhem ( the Netherlands '44 ) Operation Doomsday (Norway '45 ) also what I would love to see is the Welbike ( it's a British 100cc motorcycle that was used by the airborne, the steer could be folded down and also the saddle could fold down so that it could go into a metal cilinder ( Container ) and could be dropped and be used by the Royal Corps of Signals to set up radio stations also one thing that MUST be changed the AB jeeps here is some of the information from my dad's book named "British Airborne Jeeps" the jeeps most of the time had the reserve wheel on the bumber and had amo chests on the front also there were hook attached to the right side to put a Lee-enfield ( SMLE no4 MkI ) or Bren Mk I in it another Airborne modification is that there were 4 jerry cans 2 between the driver and gunner and 1 behind the drivers seat and 1 behind the gunner's seat. Also not every jeep had a Vickers 'K' ( VGO ) these were modifications used by the SAS and recce ( recconasaince ) here is a list with the basic modifications that EVERY Jeep Had : Steering wheel - to get the jeep into a Horsa glider this was made detachable using a wingnut and the horn button relocated to the dashboard, usually to the left of the blackout switch. Front bumper - the left side had to be cut shorter to the point where it is attached to the chassis brackets also in order to get the vehicle into a Horsa. In practice, the other side was also shortened to maintain a symmetrical appearance. The remaining bumper was then reinforced and a towing hook added for pushing or towing. Handles and footboard - the side and rear handles were removed together with the right footboard for easier manoeuvrability into a Horsa. Spade and pickaxe brackets - also removed from the side for the same reason. Two straps were fixed to the front bumper which, together with a clamp for the axe head, were used instead. Jerrycan holder - this was moved from the rear of the vehicle to between the two front seats. A further two holders were mounted behind the front seats. Spare wheel - this was fastened between the bumper and radiator grille to prevent shrapnel damage to the radiator. For the Reconnaissance Squadron a Vickers "K" gun mount was also added at the upper part of the dashboard although the gun was not always carried. Gun clips - in addition to the usual clip above the dashboard a gun clip for a Lee Enfield was mounted on the hood in front of the driver and a further one was mounted at the right mud guard. Carriers - the following were added for various uses according to unit. • A rectangular frame on top of the hood for various items including ammunition. • Bumper & grille mounted straps to carry ammo boxes. • Bumper mounted cable drum holders • Pannier carrier mounted at the rear of the vehicle. Battery carriers (radio vehicles) were mounted on top of each front mud guard, in front of the passenger seat and at the rear of the vehicle which included an aerial mounting. Lighting - as with most British operated jeeps the black-out driving light on the left front mudguard was removed and the side lights in the grill were replaced with smaller units mounted on each mudguard. This ensured that they complied with British traffic regulations and were not concealed behind equipment carried on the front of the vehicle. The two standard headlamps were usually replaced by a single British style blackout headlight on the driver's side. and a yellow sign on the right side that most of the time had a 3 on it Trailers - lightweight trailers were developed and built for the Airborne Forces mostly by REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers). These were a disposable item often with a plywood body, little or no suspension and sometimes even used motorcycle wheels. They were used to carry ammunition, supplies or specialised equipment. Paint & Markings - All British Airborne jeeps were green with disruptive camouflage. The W.D. registration number (census number) which began with an 'M' was hand painted or stencilled on the side of the bonnet and the rear of the vehicle in pale blue. The division sign, Bellerophone riding Pegasus, was displayed on the front and rear. Tactical signs used by units were sometimes painted on the bumpers or square plates. For air recognition the big white five pointed star in a circle was painted on the bonnet usually with a smaller white star on each side of the jeep above the rear side reflector. there also were some other modifications that NOT every jeep had like a 22. radio set or a stretcher bearer. one more tip for the british jeep I personally think that 5 men is a little too less for a AIRBORNE jeep because most of the time there were around 7 in 1! jeep : 1 in the drivers seat 1 in the gunners seat 1 on the seat in the back 2 on the back tool set ( the 2 things in the back of the jeep that is next to the back seat ) 2 on the front of the tool set facing out of the jeep with their legs just hanging out of the jeep here are some more pics : and at last the c47 was also used by the RAF there were a few changes ( instead of the star there was the RAF sign ( a red dot with a blue FAT circle around it and a thin yellow circle around it alos the black white stripes were used for the FIRST tiem in Normandy so they didnt had them in Italy the stripes were used because after italy was liberated some of the US AA gunners didn't know if there were british bombers comming so they shot them and so did the british sometimes because they didn't know when theAmericans were bombing so thats why C47 ( and any other allie dplane has 3 white stripes with 2 black stripes in it the looked like this without the stirpes in italy : http://www.albionk12.org/HS/VetransProject/Walsh/C-47.jpg http://nutsaboutkits.com/estore/images/c47_dakota_uk_l.jpg (104 kB) here is a little way too remind about the british airborne the >>6th<< airborne landed in Normandy on >>6<< June 1944 ( they also landed in Norway the 1 st Ab landed in Italy and Hholland and Norway and Germany
  7. Rob_Mayall

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Is it possible to have Melee in Arma 3 because there is a mod that adds knights and melee swords in arma 2
  8. Rob_Mayall

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Seeing the fact that the islands are greek and that stratis has an ancient greek thing in th esouth of the island it would be really cool too see melee combat by the greek ancient soldiers here are some pics first one is spartan second one is athens
  9. Rob_Mayall

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    are you guys planning to have I44 ALPHA on ArmA III ALPHA and maybe even I44 BETA on ArmA III BETA and the full I44 MOD on the full ArmA III MOD or is the ALpha version going to be released way after the Arma III alpha so that you guys can take your time and be moer accurate. BR Rob
  10. Rob_Mayall

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    hey i44 team, I got some tips too tell about ww2 1. remember the c-47 didn't use the black/white stripes during the invasion of italy 2. the 101st airborne didn't fight during the invasion of italy 3. the jeep willys has a soft top that can be taken off ( never saw a jeep in arma 2 or arma or ofp that had the roof up ) 4. the us airborne ( wearing the M42 ) DID NOT had the green knee and elbow pads during hte invasion of italy 5. I really really really missed the Military Police in A1 A2 and OFP ( units, jeep and Harley davidson liberator ) 6. the Sten MK. II and Sten MK IV can have a bayonet not that they had any use but if the rifleman had the order to fix bajonet the men with the Sten had too fix bajonets too 7. the US airborne had a camoflouged parachute and a white reserve the British airborne had a beige parachute and NO reserve 8. the c-47 had 2 seats behind the pilot and co-pilot for the navigator and radio operator BR Rob
  11. Rob_Mayall

    Combat Medical System

    HI everyone, except for realism will it add some nice stuff for missions like brancard and surgery tables as objects or even a brancard as a vehicle for 3 persons xD BR Rob
  12. Rob_Mayall

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    so where the italians and russian and japanes and english and canadian and belgium and french and austailian and the dutch and norway and and and etc etc its just that I would like to see glider infantery of the US I said I hope this is going to be about italy US units were just examples british fought in Italy so did the germans and even some french
  13. Rob_Mayall

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    I hope this is going to be about Italy about the 82nd AIrborne paratroppers, US 82nd airborne glider infantery, US infantery and US air force. I also hope that if it is a Italy map too see a part of Tunesia so that for missions you can ship your infantery from there or send your airborne from the airfield(s) there Will there be a Waco glider? BR Rob
  14. @RT_NR try vilas ww2 addon for arma 2 it ads some wip russian soldiers and a airplane ww2 BR Rob
  15. LOL :cool: downloaded your pack 3 days ago without reading your post! BR Rob