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  1. I'll get back to you asap with an answer, geloxo. Just talking to the team.
  2. Great stuff! I don't use skype myself, but Dimitri may do. He checks the forums regularly anyway and will be in touch soon, I'm sure. :)
  3. Hello again, Giallustio! As Pedersen says, Dimitri is the best man to speak too regarding helping us out. Knowing your abilities already, as I do, I think you would be a tremendous asset to us! Thanks for offering your skills!
  4. Yes, A3 is our focus now for the mod.
  5. Yeah I seem to remember it never quite worked out as well as I had hoped when I tried this. Maybe you can influence the direction by using a different animation? Like the "sprint in a 45 degree angle one", if you know what I mean.
  6. If you use set up a trigger you can call via radio with this as your activation code: copyToClipboard str (animationState player) You can then sprint yourself, activate the trigger while sprinting and it will copy your sprinting animation to the clipboard. You can then use this animation to make them sprint. I did this in an A2 mission but I can't remember how good it came out tbh.
  7. Foxy

    Setting Color of SUV?

    Try using: setObjectTextureGlobal http://https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setObjectTextureGlobal
  8. That was aimed at THESPICYSAUCE, not you. You need to set your aircraft groups to "CARELESS" to get them to attack each other.
  9. Sorry I don't understand.Are you asking if we can fix it? - If so, we won't be doing any more updates for HIP in Arma 2 so no there won't be a fix for it. The focus is on Arma 3 now.
  10. Hi chycius, There's a wierd bug with the aircraft. From the manual: @THESPICYSAUCE - just wanted say, once you've followed GottMitUns advice, don't forget that there is a 30 second sleep at the beginning of the AI voices script, so nothing is going to happen for that time. For testing, you could comment it out like this: or just delete that line. Hope you get it working, let us know if not.
  11. Its about time I popped in to say a big thanks for these aircraft! Superb work! :)
  12. Sorry but we're not doing any more updates for HIP in A2. Pedersen has already been working on Guadalcanal for A3 though.
  13. Foxy

    A-10C for Arma 3

    With regards to this comment. I get the same results by placing 2 A10s on the map, starting one and then jumping in the other. I also find that sometimes after respawn the aircraft doesn't "auto-start" and I can't start it with the normal start up proceedure. Its a bit of game breaker atm, so I'm really looking forward to a fix. Thanks again for all your hard work Peral. Its very much appreciated.