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  1. mrcash2009

    Why You Can’t Help Believing Everything You Read

    All models & opinions posted here apply to all aspects & areas in news/media and geopolitics of this very day and will do hour by hour from here onwards. Just apply "think tanks" and social engineering :)
  2. mrcash2009

    Why You Can’t Help Believing Everything You Read

    Thats the New Age Agenda, but hey, thats even a conspiracy theory :) ... boxes within boxes, but which one is the truth? Which one can you trust ..... :868: .... are we in a real life truman show? So many things to consider .... dont believe them, dont believe ANY OF THEM! *insert some dramatic cliff hanger music* hehe, I love this as a quote.
  3. mrcash2009

    [SP] Operation Ghost Recon [Lingor]

    Its definitely a mission for people who want to plan and use stealth to the max over a long period, certainly wasn't trying to be anything else, key is to monitor patrols watch for patterns, map marking where you have searched, tight formations, slow, observe & bino's ... and advance with serious caution with maybe not all men .. also, dont use any AI mods as detection may be just too difficult. If your caught, then yes, its pretty much game over I guess, a bit like life :) As worded in the briefing "Needle in a haystack, yes I think so" .... The "empty spaces" have random patrols so its not as empty as you might think, its only concentrated in camps becuase .. well, that's where they live. There arent a tonne of them, unless your using AI mods and they are calling over other groups which I avoided making it. Thanks for feedback but looks like its not your thing I guess. I did want to expand this as mentioned before and also use difficulty option for enemy scaling but no time now. I wont be updating this anymore now, pretty much done with Arma if anyone wants to private edit, then feel free :)
  4. I agree on some of things mentioned here for the future of how this pans out and what can be delivered with the scope. Having said that it would be almost criminal not to bookmark this and watch its progress because if it does become what they say ... well, not really anything more to be added. I wonder if Rockstar have ever looked into them too (RDR for example). Probably best to be indie for all the reasons mentioned in the video though. I hope the office dog gets included in the game ;)
  5. mrcash2009

    Why You Can’t Help Believing Everything You Read

    Ah right, I thought it was a good debate topic, but I see its just another reactionary spin off thread based your issues with other posters in the off topic section, oh well. Maybe just keep the fuk(ed)ashima "thing" in that thread maybe. You are clearly the authority among these things it seems to be able to ask, ive seen the same from you also over time ... no one gets out of this scott free. Chew the meat & spit the bones ... cliche' but true. Effectively this is a "walker & others and certain sites bug me" thread it was leading from something, slow week at the office? :p If you think some-things bullshit ignore it as you know better right? .. damn why didn't I listen to my own advice in this thread .... arrgggh ... :cool: Well dont get me wrong its not as much a condescending view of people being lazy, has allot to do with processes these days, "stats and targets" the stain of all things now, more focus on getting the targets done than the original focus, esp in teaching and training. T(s)elevision should be treated much the same, funny though people would then shout "paranoid" with this (not me) ... oh the comedy. Hehe, I might continue the trend with "Why You Can’t Help Believing Everything You Read, Watch and take as gospel as its official" :)
  6. mrcash2009

    Why You Can’t Help Believing Everything You Read

    From school its bread into people, the notion of remember .. spit it out and repeat no questions asked, socially engineered into "its official so its true" and generally people want convenience in everything including finer details esp in this day and age. Your only as gullible as your fully informed. Then the question is, where are you looking to be informed, are you bothering to check elswehere (convenience) and do you use critical thinking with it all combined, and do you give a shit? The list goes on. For example my thinking at this point is ... "what was Mattars reasoning to start this thread?" way before I answered directly to the articles point of view of "natural".
  7. mrcash2009

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-25770317 While already millions and millions of records are stored and being stored, but best to do "something".
  8. mrcash2009

    The boozer!

    I got drunk some time ago, killed a prostitute after I started suffering with a very laggy feeling and pop-in effects from a dodgy multipack ... try it:
  9. mrcash2009

    Music Recommendations

  10. mrcash2009

    Space genre games

    Seems that could only be the one you can dream under your own conditions becuase everything else you mention that doesnt meet your criteria is the next things to come, apart from making your own, Im guessing with your stringent rule book you wont ever play one. "Perfect" is open to interpretation and subjective per user, so unless its built for you personally im not sure where you can go to ever be satisfied :) The perfect world, so near and yet so far away.
  11. mrcash2009

    Music Recommendations

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSmbKBt1kXA UK finest.
  12. mrcash2009

    What's the story behind your username and avatar?

    What about "carrotchunkbloke" ? :) @Maddog ... its a good nick, sounds like a hard nut with tatts waiting to slap anyone down :)
  13. mrcash2009

    Door Kickers

    Just gets better and better, for a top down game it even makes recent attempts at hostage rescue CQB in 3D look & play crappy. Perfect platform for pads and other devices, they should make a killing from this once complete ... pun intended :)
  14. mrcash2009

    What's the story behind your username and avatar?

    Interesting thread on how people thought up names. Mines pretty straight forward, logged in here back in 2007 using a forward thinking year (bad idea really) and watched/read Johnny cash film/bio and at the start of the film you have cash in thought being asked "mr cash?" over and over ... so that stuck when I logged in. I was going to go for a blinged up diamond encrusted cristal image and go all money,money,money ... but thought best not too.
  15. mrcash2009

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Sorry scrim but you have got complete cross wires and have utterly missed the fact that I agree and that was my point all along apart that the last part is wrong :j: Problem is this one testimony /theory (give it a name) has had its own mini documentary for the BBC to push it into mainstream as facts ... again, thats my point. "Conspiracy theorists" so say dont buy it, unquestioned will though .. again, the point. And so this 2001 sworn deposition does in fact come out of no where to the mainstream now, thats what I meant, not sure if I made that clear or not, either way we are on the same page.