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  1. Tonci87

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    I dread to think what kind of abomination TES 6 will be. I have really zero hope for Bethesda to not ruin it in some way
  2. Tonci87

    Contact Starters

    Too damn far away. Space is so unbelievably vast that we struggle to grasp the distances involved.
  3. Tonci87

    Contact Starters

    lol OK, though to the question. The first question that needs to be answered is do the aliens behave in a way that their presence can be kept a secret? If not, then authorities should share as much information as possible with the population to avoid...misunderstandings. If it can be kept a secret, then they probably should do so for a time, both to control the flow of information, and also to prevent certain misunderstandings where some people immediately grab guns and want to purge some xeno scum in the name of the holy emp.... wait, wrong franchise.
  4. Tonci87

    Contact Starters

    Why does a Cockroach scurry away when you switch on the light? Because it knows that you are far too dangerous for it. Humanity should avoid attracting any attention to itself until they have carefully assessed the threat that the aliens can pose.
  5. Tonci87

    Hell Let Loose

    There is currently so much AI development in the industry because companies have finally understood how beneficial to them these systems can be. There is an demand for better AI in the industry. In the gaming sector however the demand simply is not there. Why should publishers and developers bother to invest into that, when todays gamers will lap up every pile of trash that is thrown in front of them....
  6. Tonci87

    Hell Let Loose

    Yeah, AI development is difficult and costly, so many companies go with a focus on MP. It really is a shame. I´m also a SP player, because I do not want to waste my precious time being frustrated by idiots and stupid children. You just can not get immersed in a regular MP game the way you can with a good SP game.
  7. Tonci87

    Contact Starters

    Well that depends on the level of technological advancement they have, doesn´t it? If they are far more advanced than we are, then it is easier for them to discover us, than it is for us to discover them. If they are more advanced, they would have better equipment to scan for life, maybe they would even be capable of interstellar travel, something we won´t be able to do for a very very very long time.
  8. Tonci87

    Contact Starters

    Well they could also have the same motivation as humans that drives them to visit new places. The simple joy to explore, or to be a tourist. I see these possible motivations that basically drive all lifeforms known to us: Trade, they give us something they have in return for something we have. Expansion, either for the sake of new Lebensraum or resources (also includes food and workforce). This also includes them trying to convert us to their religion or something like that (which by the way would be a cool story line). Exploration, some alien wants to discover the galaxy and finds us. Experimentation some aliens stumble upon us and decide to observe and study us out of scientific interest. Extermination we might not know the exact motivation, but maybe aliens really do not like us. Considering that with their technology they are able to fly through space, we are pretty much done for. Enlightenment they do not know selfishness, greed or anything like that and simply elevate us to their level. Now you could say, "but what if it is a motivation completely incomprehensible to us", but whatever aliens discover us, one of the following is going to happen: They show no interest in us, just like a fish in the sea might have a look at a diver and move on with its life. They enslave (use) us. They try to make us a part of them (either religiously or politically). They study us. They trade with us. They kill us. They know no concept of ownership or greed and simply show/give us all their technology. We then get greedy and conquer them, because as a species we are sadly just like that...
  9. Tonci87

    Contact Starters

    Well this is interesting. I also believe that the first contact would, or be made by scientists, because they are more likely to figure out a means of communication, or would first be consulted. In the end though, I feel it would always come down to powerplays. The country, or group (e.g corporation) that can initiate contact first has the biggest potential to gain most from it. Human selfishness and lust for power would naturally then make the following things likely: The Group who makes contact first will try to keep the Aliens a secret from everybody else. They will seek to expand their own technological capabilities as fast as possible by learning from, or trading as much as possible with, the aliens. They would use their new capabilities to expand their power here on earth.
  10. Silent hunter 5 with the wolves of steel mod. Even made a few tutorials on target data acquisition and navigation.
  11. Tonci87

    That BI Thailand Job

    Joke --------------------------------------------------------------------> You
  12. Tonci87

    France General

    Oh no.... What a tragedy I was actually planning to visit the cathedral next month when I will be in Paris for a day. It is so sad that this majestic building is burning 😞
  13. Tonci87

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    The EU parliament is up for vote soon. Make damn sure that the politicians and parties who let themselves be bought for this shit do not get your vote!
  14. Tonci87

    Free Games

    Thank you!
  15. Done. It would be nice if you could publish the surveys result here as a courtesy.