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  1. Silent hunter 5 with the wolves of steel mod. Even made a few tutorials on target data acquisition and navigation.
  2. Tonci87

    That BI Thailand Job

    Joke --------------------------------------------------------------------> You
  3. Tonci87

    France General

    Oh no.... What a tragedy I was actually planning to visit the cathedral next month when I will be in Paris for a day. It is so sad that this majestic building is burning 😞
  4. Tonci87

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    The EU parliament is up for vote soon. Make damn sure that the politicians and parties who let themselves be bought for this shit do not get your vote!
  5. Tonci87

    Free Games

    Thank you!
  6. Done. It would be nice if you could publish the surveys result here as a courtesy.
  7. Oh yeah, the german Arma 2 launch was a serious disaster, but yes, at least BIS didn´t lie about it and they did fix the game eventually.
  8. You are a hundred percent correct. I would also like to add one more thing, The rivalry between codemasters and BIS meant that BIS had to step up their game. Arrowhead was a very substantial expansion to Arma 2. It added so so much to the game. Honestly I do not believe that Arrowhead would have been as substantial if BIS didn´t feel the pressure that they absolutely have to deliver a superior product. I do not think that the modern BIS has the same kind of drive and energy that the old one had. A lot has changed
  9. Tonci87

    My RC Shilka model

    The paint job looks really good, well done!
  10. Great little documentary. Happy that BIS won "the war" I remember how we flamed Codemasters and Dragon rising here in the forum when that game was due to release. There was a thread dedicated to how shit that game was. Awesome times!
  11. Tonci87

    France General

    I am not disputing that EU politicians are doing a terrible job. However, you should check how many Muslims live in Europe, and compare that with how many Muslims have committed terror attacks in Europe. The percentage is minuscule. As I said, I can feel actually safer walking through a majority Muslim, quite bad part of town here, than I would walking to a bad part of town in Poland. But now I see from what kind of sources you get your news from, and I am not surprised. Foxnews? Conservapedia? The Religion of Peace.com? Do you not see that those kinds of sources have very obvious agendas? BTW, one of those agendas is to blame everything on foreigners and direct the frustration and anger of the population, that should be rightfully aimed at our dear politicians, CEOs, and bankers, towards an unloved minority group. Very easy to do. Unfortunately many people fall for it. You included. No foreigner has ever done anything bad to you. Judging by Poland Demographic, you can probably count the foreigners you are acquainted to personally on one hand. Your politicians have done plenty bad stuff to you and to your fellow countrymen. And yet here you are, being mad about foreigners instead of asking yourself why your politicians (who have never done anything good to you) want you to be mad at foreigners. That is silly.
  12. Tonci87

    France General

    Again, so many untrue things it´s incredible and I won´t go into everything. In my company people work 45 hour weeks. The "normal" amount would be 40. I know very few people who work 35 hour weeks. We have protection about being fired from our jobs in theory. I practice there are so many loopholes that if your boss wants you gone, he will have a way to fire you without many issues. It is news to me that we have kindergardens in our supermarkets, or even for the employees of supermarkets. The Supermarket employees I know work very hard, and very long hours, with unpaid overtime, and get a really shitty salary out of it that is barely adequate to get through the month. God help you if your car dies and you have to get a new one, because you have no savings. Corrupt politicians is a different issue altogether, and one that is real. Your Xenophobia is worrying. I live in Germany my whole life, often I have lived in, or visited areas that would be considered the bad part of town. Do you know how many times I have been raped, mugged, blown up, or heard somebody yell Allahu akbar? ZERO I can go right now, in the dark, to the worst part of one of the biggest towns in Germany with over 90% immigrant population and take a walk. I´m pretty confident that I will be OK. My Girlfriends family is from a pretty bad part of a town in Poland. When I visited I was advised to tuck my little gold chain under my shirt, since it would almost certainly get stolen. I´m also advised not to come with my own car. And that in a neighborhood full of white, christian Poles. Great! So much for a feeling of safety.... Maybe you should stop listening to whoever you have been listening to, or stop reading whatever you have been reading on the internet, and come to Germany yourself. See how it is. You think it is easy here? Good luck.
  13. Tonci87

    France General

    So you base your opinion on your visit to one city of that country? The Capital city that is known to be quite expensive e.g. only the wealthy can afford to live there and pay for car parking? If I go to Berlin I will also see many new shiny luxurious cars driving around. What do you think I see in my city that is still among the fifty biggest cities of Germany? Basically the same cars that are driving around in Poland. Trust me, I know. My Girlfriend is from Poland and I have visited a few times. Germany France, the UK, all "western" countries have drifted more and more into hardcore capitalism during the last two decades. It has come to the point where workers will not speak up about shitty conditions because they fear that they will be terminated. Everybody who has a job is mostly happy to have one, even if he doesn´t like it. The french governments have been a bit late to the Neo Capitalism party and are now trying to rush things. Didn´t go down too well with the french people who are now protesting. Based on your writings I always have the impression, that you are getting your news from sources with an agenda behind it. Xenophobia, Neocapitalism and Neoliberalism, etc. Maybe you should fact check the news you receive, because there seems to be a lot there that is simply untrue.
  14. Tonci87

    Steel Division: Normandy 44

    I´m somewhat glad that I didn´t buy Steel division. It looks like a very interesting game, but Eugen has proven AGAIN that they seem to be incapable of balancing their games properly. Also DLC divisions seem to be more powerful than the ones that were included in the game. AI is also still poor, so that you can´t even have decent fun in SP. I think I´ll skip Steel division 2 as well.