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  1. sick1


    I've updated Seal Team 6 DEVGRU to work as of 6/4/2016. All the other campaign will be updated soon also. Tks! Download Seal Team 6 DEVGRU Version 5.0 http://www.filedropper.com/devgruv50
  2. I've updated Seal Team 6 DEVGRU to work as of 6/4/2016. All the other campaign will be updated soon also. Tks! Download Seal Team 6 DEVGRU Version 5.0 http://www.filedropper.com/devgruv50
  3. I'm working on a new ST6 campaign for Arma 3 and I'm about half way done. You may remember me from my SEAL team Six campaigns from Arma 2. If anybody would like to lend their talents for voice work please pm me. Hoping to be finished completely by January. Stay tuned for my new campaign coming soon!!
  4. sick1


    I'll take a look. It seems like the beta patches broke mondo missiles too. I recommend not using betas with my campaigns only the 1.62 release. Any body know why the recent beta as caused so many problems?
  5. sick1


    Thanks guys. It turns out i have alot of work to do because the latest beta patches broke UPS mon so i have to take that out and replace it in each mission. That is going to take a long time but i'll get it done. Once i fix all the campaigns i'm going to start working on a campaign for Arma 3. ;)
  6. sick1


    Sorry for the long absence, School was rough this year. I'm off for summer so i'll be updating all the campaigns.
  7. sick1


    Hey guys I'm back. I'll start cookin up some fixes here pretty soon, just let me know what you want. ;)
  8. Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA. School is almost over for me and I've got some free time to update some more. I've got new versions of Devgru with all the fixes you need. Thanks! Update Devgru V4.0 change log 1. Fixed intro 2. Fixed air support on mission3 3. Fixed C130 not blowing up mission 4 4. Fixed ODA trigger Mission 5 5. Fixed commander running off on mission 9. 6. other small fixes. Gamefront Vanilla V 4.0 http://www.gamefront.com/files/21625131/DevgruV4.0.rar Gamefront Ace V4.0 http://www.gamefront.com/files/21625295/DevgruV4.0ACE.rar
  9. UPDATE Ok guys I finally finished. Way to many fixes to list. Enjoy!! Get your frogman on!! Seal Team Six 4 for CO! Vanilla v10.0 http://www.gamefront.com/files/21386609/SEALTEAMSIX4_V10_0_rar Ace v10.0 http://www.gamefront.com/files/21386697/SEALTEAMSIX4_ACE_V10_0_rar
  10. Sorry man, My computer crashed and I lost some data. I'm off for the next few days, so that's all i will be doing. Thanks for being patient. It will be released very soon.
  11. Hi everybody, I got really busy with school, but I will try very hard to release ST6 4 sometime within the next day or so. Thanks for letting me know they updated the TF seals pack, they will go in the updates. @Wiki yes I'm hoping so after i finish the updates.
  12. By Sick1 For Combined Operations "In 1962, President Kennedy, believing that the wars of the future would be low intensity conflicts such as guerrilla wars and acts of terrorism, created an elite special forces unit to meet the enemy on his own turf. Experts in sea-air-land operations, they are known as Navy SEALs." These Campaigns span ten long missions each featuring custom audio and weapon selection. You are the leader of Seal team Six tasked with routing out evil through out the world. These Campaigns are in the style of the old Socom games and are mission based. If this is your first time playing the ST6 series, I recommend you start with Devgru because it is my latest and most impressive. Then you can work your way back starting from ST6 4. There is also Operational Detachment Delta which is in a level all its self. These are some of the best campaigns made for Combined Operations and you will have a blast playing them. SEAL Team Six DEVGRU SEAL Team Six 4 SEAL Team Six 1-3 Operational Detachment Delta Installation Thanks to all the mod makers out there for these wonderful addons. An updated credits list will be posted soon giving thank to all the wonderful addons used in my campaign! Thanks Billy/Sick1 Good hunting Six! ---------- Post added at 01:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:06 AM ---------- I will be releasing updates for all my campaigns to work with Combined ops and the new patch. They will all have features similar to DEVGRU. Also I have consolidated all of my work so I can have one thread to check, due to less time available to me. I'm looking forward to these final updates and I'm planning on making new campaigns for Arma 3! SEAL Team Six 4 for OA will be uploaded within a couple of hours for Vanilla and Ace. Thanks to everyone who like my work!! also could a mod please close all of my other SEAL Team Six threads. Thanks!!
  13. Hi quick question here. When using the support console my planes will not attack if certain vehicle are present such as AA or BMP's. Is there a command i can put into the suite version to keep these planes from retreating and continue with the bombing run? Thanks!
  14. sick1


    Hey guys I will be fixing any bugs today for this campaign.
  15. Yes I will be updating my previous campaigns. When I get some free time soon;)