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  1. Flash Thunder

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Read what Author of ENB Series mods has to say about the mod-ability of GTA 5 currently. http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3750&p=61253#p61253 Doesn't seem very bright. :(
  2. Flash Thunder

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I traded my 360 copy at target got 30 dollars towards the PS4 version wow I'm very impressed with the graphics today I took a ride on the train around the entire world it was amazing. I really hope the PC version is good if so I will be buying a new GPU and modding the hell out of it.
  3. Flash Thunder

    Grand Theft Auto V

    My next PS4 purchase maybe even on PC if its a good port. :D Triple dipping maybe because I own it on 360 but my 360 is dead.
  4. Flash Thunder

    what is the most annoying thing for you in arma 3 ?

    Not fond of the engine that Bohemia works with seems to have way too many limitations that really impede the world of Arma.
  5. Flash Thunder

    Battlefield 4

    EA should at least give everyone free access to China Rising maps for all the fuck ups with this game. I swear sometimes I dunno why I even put up with it even on PS4 is a total glitch fest the game will always break my PS4 when I play Campaign mode so I cannot even unlock all the weapons. :(
  6. Flash Thunder


    The game looks underwhelming. I'm not impressed by any of the IP's Xbox One has to offer.
  7. Flash Thunder

    Could we have destructible Shutters inside of houses?

    can we even have sounds for opening and closing doors? Apparently no.
  8. Flash Thunder

    Plans for a new/updated SOUND ENGINE in ARMA3??

    I'm surprised at how broken..... FPDR
  9. Possible selling point for upcoming Arma 3 DLC.
  10. Flash Thunder

    ARMA 3 Graphics and Performance Analysis

    Wake up bohemia spread your wings and fix dem framez
  11. Flash Thunder

    ARMA 3 Graphics and Performance Analysis

    Plot twist hameedo is the guy in the video...
  12. Flash Thunder

    ARMA 3 Graphics and Performance Analysis

    I agree NeMeSiS Even Far Cry 3 doesn't run very well on my system which I dunno why my GPU uses 1.5GB of Vram typically at 1680x1050 high/ultra settings Arma 3 is way more impressive than Far Cry 3 when it comes to shear object and draw distance (minus the lackluster terrain textures at range).
  13. Flash Thunder

    ARMA 3 Graphics and Performance Analysis

    Wow that was harsh there are some things graphically that I can't stand still in Arma 3 but i really think the physics engine is the biggest let down its very rigid still. Im definitely not convinced Physx paid off.
  14. Flash Thunder

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    LOL just tried this in the Blackfoot and took NO damage and I hit the tarmac with reasonable amount of force even landing gear shouldn't had been able to sustain.
  15. Its time to jump ship we all should migrate to Call of Duty Ghosts the real military simulator... really you need to belong to a unit or something for MP.