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  1. What's the point of ACE for OA? No offense, but the only thing ACE gave us in ARMA 2 that was worth anything was the vehicles and the weapons - something I really appreciated! The sounds too, of course. But OA basically has it all, so... why risk splitting the community between ACE and non-ACE? Thanks for your hard work for ARMA 2, but I think OA is fine without the division between ACE users and non.
  2. Jaenus

    Nevermind this one...

    Yes, I got that. For some reason my mind slipped that the Brad wasn't used by the Marines. Well, now that makes more sense! Too bad the Marines don't have a vehicle better suited to fight the BMP other than the Abrams! Time to wait for AO I guess!
  3. Never mind. For some reason I thought the Bradley was used by the Marines as well as the Army. I was mistaken.
  4. Jaenus

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    I'm sure this has been said countless times but, since I enjoy beating dead horses (AND it bites me in the ass EVERY TIME I PLAY ARMA2!!!) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BIS: Make "crossing railroad tracks" not impossible for the AI, especially supply trucks. The funniest thing happened today... I bought 6 supply trucks in Warfare to help get my my team SV up as well as make a buck. 30 minutes later, WTF, where are my trucks? ALL stuck on the rail road track going to Brezino.(SP?) So I drive over here, all pissed off and cussing. AS SOON as I get there they move off the tracks and go! It was like "Let's take a break.. Oh shit, the boss! Go!" Honestly, I'm sure others have seen this before. Please ;( Fix this next patch.
  5. Jaenus

    Bayonet/knife poll

    Dammit! Just 2 hours ago I had a situation where the game just started (warfare) and I was mid-town. I had my rifle and I ran out of bullets, a guy was RIGHT in front of me and I didn't have anything else (KNIFE/BAYONET) to kill him with ... so I died.
  6. Jaenus

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    This is SO annoying. There seems to be a brief PAUSE there between getting up or most any movement. That PAUSE usually gets me killed.
  7. I really enjoyed TG except for the fact that they didn't have 3rd person enabled. I don't know... having 3rd person to me is more realistic than not. If you have 3rd person you're more aware of your surroundings, you can drive better, land a helicopter better, etc. How many times have you been driving and you begin to go and your car VEERS off the road and you have to get it back only to VEER off on the other side of the road? Don't forget we have (sp) per-if-ial vision, where we can see probably a good 180 degrees. Granted only about 90 of those are clear, but the other 45 on either side are still there and we are aware of movement and such. 1st person doesn't offer than high level of awareness. The only time I think 1st person offers a BIT more of an advantage is if youre sitting on the other side of a building and you go 3rd person and youre able to sort of cam around and see a guy coming. Ok I understand the need to eliminate that, however lets not totally forget the fact that if we were in such a situation, we could be so quiet we could HEAR them slowly creeping up on us. No, we wouldnt know they had MGs or RPGs, but you'd know someone's coming. The game doesnt get that detailed (for me anyways) - and I dont want to crank my sound up THAT HIGH so when my friends in vent speak its like BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! Bottom line, 3rd person is really closer to reality than 1st because of the level of awareness that we, IRL, have, and that 1st person doesn't come close to. I know some people will claim that the reason you dont have 3rd person is because its on Vet or Expert, and those don't allow 3rd (not sure why there isn't even the option to turn it on ...silly BIS) but if youre using "EXPERT" to make the AI harder you're a fool. You can EASILY edit your server settings to make the AI harder, you don't (SHOULDN'T) rely on the built in features to make your AI how you want it.
  8. Jaenus

    Seriously FFS. PLAY THE DEMO!

    Gotta agree. Also people, don't forget http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srl It's a big help!
  9. Sounds good. I'd like to see that functionality put into the game, TBH
  10. Jaenus

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    + Add in the option in the key mapping to quick select a color group. You know, those things you never use because they're too hard to use? Yea, red team, yellow, green, blue? Those. Make a way so we can assign a key to select them easily. + Add in the ability to FAVORITE a server on the MP listing. + Sure would be nice if our vehicles had a bit harder handling at first. EXAMPLE: How many times have you guys started in a car or truck, and as soon as you begin turning, your car goes off road. You have to steer it back and it goes so quickly to the other side you go off the OTHER side of the road. The AI does this too! Need fixing. :) +++++++ OH MY GOD BIS! I cannot tell you HOW MANY TIMES this has come in NEEDED but, because it isn't here, some bad shit happens! THE HORN! Why can't NO ONE HEAR THE HORN except ME? I honk the horn! GTFO OF THE WAY! HORN HORN HORN -- SPLAT. The guy runs into me because on his computer he didnt hear a horn. + Lastly, I notice that the RPG-7 feels like I'm literally SHOT PUTTING it out. "BLAH! and it shoots out. If I want to shoot something 50m away, I have to aim an inch over it. What gives BIS? The SMAW, meanwhile, is like DEADLY accurate and theres little need to aim over the target Thanks :D
  11. Exactly. Again, it might be over your 100 ping 'limit,' Beer, but all in all I think if you can put that aside you'll really like the server ....assuming you can ever GET ON IT! (Don't mind me, been trying to get on for 30 minutes...)
  12. I don't mind snipers in small doses (or numbers), but seriously? This game is not really intended for "sniper" play. If you're going out alone with 1 or 2 other sniper NPCs, you're WASTING the potential of having 13 guys in your squad (depending on MP server, of course!) So really? I'd rather have no one on my team being a sniper because snipers are rarely, RARELY ever team players and they rarely help with objectives because they're often doing their own thing. This has been proven time and time again in other FPSs and Milsims - snipers are typically young teenage boys who enjoy the rambo feeling and rarely contribute. No thanks. As for your idea for camouflage, I think it's a good idea, but not exactly how you're suggestion. How fair is that to me if I'm being shot at by an invisible foe and even if I get lucky and look directly at his direction with my scope, BECAUSE OF GAME MECHANICS, I can't see him? Nah. Changes need to be made, but not the way youre saying.
  13. This is all too common in RTS games. Group everyone in group 1, hit 1 and they all are selected. We have sometihng SIMILAR to this, but it's a bit awkward and there is sadly no way to key map a QUICK select for the group. Please add that option in? Please add in the ability to keymap a quick select for all color groups. Thanks much!
  14. Jaenus

    Hi guys, prospective purchaser here.

    Don't give up playing after seeing 100 bugs is more like it. Bottom line the bugs really hurt the game, but I'm still playing... so that says it all really. (AND, lucky for us, the bugs are slowly going away! :D)
  15. Jaenus

    Ability to roll grenades would be nice...

    For this reason (grenade suckage) I don't use them... I just fire a SMAW into the building, MG nest, crowd of civis... etc.