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  1. I said both alpha and beta. But that's kinda the point, people use alpha and beta as synonyms for demo. Just not BI, they'd never do that... ;) :) As for the graphics, I'd like to see companies broaden the range of systems that can run the game well. BI are pretty good with this actually - I've been running BI games on mid range hardware for a long time and been doing just fine with them.
  2. Somehow I don't think people will ever learn the meaning of 'in development' of 'Alpha' software. I'm sure it's all down to big AAA titles using 'Alpha' or 'Beta' as glorified demos for their games, people become deluded and forget that software can actually have real development cycles. As for what ArmA3 does differently than other games, one could just point at the size of the islands and the number of entities on the island and all the other big processing/graphics drains that we call 'features' ;)
  3. ben_s

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    I think one of the points being made Lightspeed_aust is that suppression effects (such as screen shake or whatever other stuff may have been discussed here) add to some game sense and awareness the player has of what's going on around him, whilst not being a realistic representation of what happens. I'm unsure of what the devs will eventually go with in the full release; but I remember very similar arguments over 3rd person view or the zoom with the right mouse button; whilst not entirely authentic or realistic they add to the player experience and give the player awareness they'd have in real life, even if by a means that seems unrealistic. I guess suppression is (and always has been) another one of these arguments, but as Marwick pointed out, fighting over such 'realism' is futile since trying to emulate emotions or feelings through a keyboard/mouse is going to be impossible. One question I've always had though is whether for a human player the sound of cracks going over your head is enough of a suppression in itself. Or do you need other mechanics to stop you just pixel-shooting back ?
  4. Probably die a lot, I never was good at these games. Also; have fun flying about looking at the scenery.
  5. A lot of people are going to go straight to editor and fly about in the fixed-wings and helicopters among the volumetric clouds. Just like me. :)
  6. ben_s

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Apparently so, not much anyone can do. Good footage nonetheless though.
  7. ben_s

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Really good content there, too bad the video ended adruptly. TB usually has higher quality stuff. Looking forward to the community alpha and where ArmA goes from here regardless. :)
  8. This mod is getting quite the bit of populatiry all over the place, congratz on that. Pretty awesome stuff, too. :)
  9. ben_s

    ArmA 3 Scripting

    I agree, but overall, whether it'd have been C# or Java they went with, it'd have been a step forward. Personally, I prefer Java, but only because I'm not a fan of .NET, either would be good for the task at hand here.
  10. If they did that they couldn't sell the extra hour of missions as DLC.
  11. ben_s

    Project Zomboid

    I'm bringing this up to post some bad news. These poor guys have had so much bad luck, and it just got worse http://projectzomboid.com/blog/index.php/2011/10/project-zomboid-burglary-statement/(check lemmy101's twitter for more updates) After all these guys have been through, with PayPal and Piracy and being a tiny indie dev team, I feel so sorry for them. I hope they manage to find the stolen laptops and get all their work back. :(
  12. I've been playing the Beta for a while, and I only have 3 real problems with it, that aren't just because it's Beta. 1. Map Design I know it's Operation Métro, but the map seems so unbalanced at times and can become very frustrating. At the start, the attackers are at a huge disadvantage as the defenders have bushes, lots of concrete cover and the attackers have to run through mostly open ground to get anywhere, which is overlooked by rocks and cover. However, the final parts of the map leave the defenders with nearly no cover (some open fence and a flowerbed) alongside a bus that covers up all line of sight to the objective. In contrast, the attackers get high, good defense buildings, with a good view of the objective. Perhaps Caspian will be better. I hope so. 2. Weapon Balance This might just be hitreg, but a shotgun shell to the chest at short-ish range should kill. No questions. Alongside a few other issues such as the UMP-45 being overpowered, and giving the PP-2000 a flash suppressor when it has nearly no recoil and a high rate of fire to start with means someone hiding in a bush with it can be impossible to support ( ).3. The User Interface Whenever developers thought that disabling important keys such as "Main Menu", "Spawn Screen" and "Squad Selection" screens was a good idea, I do not know what they were thinking. It is horrid and annoying that to do anything once dead you have to sit and stare for 5 seconds at a picture of this M16 that you got killed with. Annoying. It seems very consolized. Hopefully they will improve throughout and after the Beta (as If anyone is expecting DICE to release patches for the Beta), I can live with the bugs, as it's a Beta, but things like the UI and Map Design aren't just "little bugs", they're decisions that at this point, probably wont be changed. Shame. :(
  13. Are people still yapping on about Origins EULA?
  14. I don't see how they're related. 2 vastly different companies and 2 vastly different games, not even in the same genre.
  15. I guess they didn't want to mess up the stats in the full one even more? I'm not sure. Go ask them and see if you get a reply. :p