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  1. Not to mention the United States' president to screw his own country over without the terrorists ever leaving their country. Oh and the US's own dumb anti-wa *cough*...freedom populace.
  2. Since we're talking about AI... If you're ordered to get into a vehicle during a fight, I can promise you that you'll be so damn fast to get into it you won't even think of doing anything else. So waiting 2 minutes till some retard gets in your HMMWV so you can pull out does get annoying. Especially during my quick suppress and flanking tactics. Or if I attack a city, and need to retreat and pull out to attack from a different direction because of a tank, I don't want them to be going so slow I could make a camp fire and roast marshmallows. Keep in mind I only play Warfare, so you can see the need for reacting AI.
  3. Shame you can't go into hardly any buildings in Chernogorsk. I would love to go onto the massive hotel and do some sniping! Imagine if the ArmA 2 engine and AI were better! Imagine clearing that hotel, floor to floor in amazing CQB USMC combat.
  4. I'm interested in those new HMMWVs. I'm totally going to be driving around in those non-stop in warfare like I do in ArmA 2. HMMWV m2 + me + m136 man + saw man + corpsman = win The turret isn't protected though, so occasionally I lose a man. Can the M2 or M3 (Whatever...) Bradley take a direct RPG-7 hit without casualties?
  5. I didn't like how the HMMWV windows in ArmA 2 were so weak against bullets. 1 shot went through. Sorry to talk about ArmA 2, I'm just pointed out that I think we should learn from our errors.
  6. Yeah but you can't have a decent war without Marines. After all, if you want to win... But yeah, I was thinking something along these lines for HMMWVs in ArmA 2. Armored HMMWV But this would be total-epic-win-pro-ness
  7. I haven't been keeping up with recent vehicle changes. So the CH46 was decommissioned in 2004? I thought it was still serving with the US Marines and was slowly being phased out with MV22s. I'm disappointed BIS put the old unarmored HMMWVs in ArmA 2. No bullet proof windows, no reinforced doors, no real turret protection like the one in the OA alliance trailer.
  8. So no Marines in warfare in OA then? That's a shame. I was really looking forward to using the Marines in the MP. Don't get me wrong, the US Army has some nice stuff, but I prefer USMC vehicles. I'm still disappointed we didn't get CH46s, CH53 super stallions and better armored HMMWVs in ArmA 2.
  9. Hey guys, sorry I didn't read through all of these pages, I'd just like a little bit of information. What factions are there? We know there's the US army, will there be Marines (damn I hope so). What major improvements are we facing here? Anything with the AI? I heard there's an RWR with planes now, finally -.- I'd like BIS to fine tune instead of pour out tons of new features. They should improve what they've got before moving on. Also, the big thing I don't understand: is this an expansion (You need ArmA 2 to play it) or another game all together?
  10. What is dodge? Never seen that before!
  11. What you guys don't seem to understand is that games like CoD, BF, Halo, etc. are easy to play. You just click on the game icon, join a server and you're instantly in the action. It's great for "young adults" *cough* to quickly play during a break or after finishing homework. Not everybody wants to sit down and plan a whole battle while looking through binoculars for the perfect moment to attack. I'll give you a real example. My sister and I sometimes play CoD or BF together. They're games you can pick up and play immediately. Games are meant to be fun, they don't have to be competitive but everybody makes them. So if you lose you get raged at. My 15 year old sister likes playing CoD4 and CoD-WaW with me, we'll take turns each time somebody gets killed. Sometimes we'll see who can get the coolest kill or the funniest death. My point is, 10-16 year olds don't always want to have to drive 5km to get to a town. I enjoy Call of Duty, Battlefield and many other games I own. I can adapt depending on my schedule and my mood. Consoles are popular for that very reason. You pop the CD in and play. So when you're home on your quick 12 o'clock lunch break you can get a quick round of CoD or BF going. This simplicity is good, but the problem is it also attracts the stupid morons and arseholes. All of that being said, I love ArmA 2 more than any other game I posses. Oh and try playing David Craig - Insomniac with your bass on the max while driving a HMMWV around in Warfare. Make sure to bob your mouse so your head bobs with the music. I've had some fun fun times and accidents just listening to music and goofing off. ArmA 2 doesn't have to be uber-serious-100%-war-hardcore-death-uber-whatever.
  12. I never walk more than 1km. Unless there's some action or something to keep me occupied. I need to bind a key....
  13. I might not get this just because it only features the US Army. I want Marines too, and some other sides like British, Germany, Dutch, French, etc...
  14. -Shifty-

    Favorite weapon.

    I just fell in love with SMAW HEDP rounds. They're amazingly useful against infantry in a nice group like they always are before they spot you. Oh and M16A4 or M16A4 w/ ACOG = win. Sometimes I use the pretty brown M4A1 CCO.
  15. -Shifty-

    Ai thread

    Well I'll try to make this short. I'll start with thanking BIS for many fun hours in this game. The AI is nice, in the sense it's not too stupid (COD, Battlefield, MoH, etc...) but I think the only real issue the AI have, is aiming and suppressive fire. If I could change only one thing in this computer game, only one tiny little detail it would be suppressive fire and the reaction. Imagine this in Warfare (That's all I ever play). You're attacking a town, lets say something really typical like Kabanino (Which is an important crossroads) and you're in your MTVR. You stop with your troops and disembark, then slowly advance towards the main depot. You spot infantry and your infantry immediately opens up with suppressive fire while half of your AI run for cover, then they suppress and the others take cover. You could issue the movement orders, but what would be nice is if the suppression command would actually work. I've tried for hours to get that stupid little "Suppress" order to work but it never has. As I said, only one detail I would change about this game: Suppressive fire