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  1. Combined Operation Arrowhead informations http://www.arma2.com/arrowhead/arrowhead.html The Cover will look like this There will also be a different Cover for the US, its basucally the same, only that the US one has the Flag as background The Game is an Addon to Arma2, but will work stand alone. OA will take place in the Country of Takistan, wich is inspired by Afghanistan Releasedate: 29.06.2010 Overview: Three years after the confl ict in Chernarus, portrayed in the original Arma II, a new fl ashpoint in the Green Sea region heats up and coalition forces led by the US Army are sent to Takistan to quickly restore peace and prevent further civilian casualties. Players will enlist into various roles within the US Army, from basic infantrymen, through special operatives, to pilots and tank crew in this new installment in the award winning line up of military simulators for PC from Bohemia Interactive. Features: Takistan 160km² 160 square km of Central Asia modeled with extreme precision using real world data Zargabad 70km² 70 square km of extremely realistic environment including full areas of dense urban CQB conflicts. Desert The Size is infinite Neue Factions For example German KSK, Czech Army, the Takistani Army and local militias Over 100 new vehicels and over 80 new Weapons For example Sweet Stuff like the AH-64 Apache, MH-47 Chinook, AH/MH-6 Littlebird, Stryker varianten, M3 Bradley, T-55, BTR-60, M113, UH-1H, FN FAL, FN SCAR variants and many more New Sound Engine Grafics and Engine Optimisations Funktional Infrared Lasers und Lamp torches FLIR Countermeassures for Planes and Choppers Firecontrolsystem for Tanks Fully functional Backpacks Controllable UAVs Ability to zero your Gun Random Town Generator If you are tired of playing in the same enviroment again Nearly all Buildings enterable Better Performance compared to Arma2 Not confirmed Features: Fully functional 3-D Real Time Editor 64bit .exe for more RAM Support Ability to modify your Weapon à la MW2 Ability to shoot from the passenger seat Factions: BLUFOR -US Army -Delta Force -German KSK -Czech Army -UN OPFOR The local takistani Army, local Militias First Trailer: IlXa9uoAoXc&feature=player_embedded >All Screenshots are Ingame A Review from a Game Magazine that had the privilegue to play the Prewiev Version of OA A Video demonstrating the new FLIR. You wont find such a realistic FLIR in any other game bQUy15Hfct8&feature=player_embedded Another Video showing some Tank Commander Action, just scroll to the Bottom of the Page New Video showing the Random Town generator 6gyVO7BZIss&feature=player_embedded Gamestar Video showing some Features of OA http://www.gamestar.de/index.cfm?pid=1589&pk=13838 A Few Pictures of Takistan New Gamestar Video showing some Weapons Training http://www.gamestar.de/index.cfm?pid=1589&pk=13861 Updated 07/05/2010 2 New Videos O9PI5fpINJI&feature=player_embedded and Pz6Dytaq828 Please keep in Mind that this is just the Preview code. The game will be much better by now The second Video was made with AMD X2 3800+/OC 4600+ 2 GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 4870 and Windows XP running almost year without format Viewdistance 4km (Information collected by Tonci87, greetings from =NAG= Clan) New Update for the first Post Latest Update 18.05.2010 Some new Screenshots http://img39.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=me00012558092.jpg A nice article on krawall.de http://www.krawall.de/web/ArmA_2_Ope...view/id,54221/ together with some nice Screenshots http://www.krawall.de/web/ArmA_2_Ope...whead/gallery/ New interview with Jan Prazak http://www.gametrailers.com/video/ne...arma-ii/100305 3 Part gameplay mechanics video Part 1 http://www.gametrailers.com/video/ne...arma-ii/100298 Part 2 http://www.gametrailers.com/video/ne...arma-ii/100296 Part 3 http://www.gametrailers.com/video/ne...arma-ii/100294 Maybe in Arma 3 ---------- Post added at 10:32 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:08 AM ---------- First Post Update 02.06.2010 Enjoy the First Mission from the main campaign together wit the realy nice Cover for Germany^^ http://petergames.de/ARMA-2-Operation-Arrowhead.91.0.html Armedassault.info provides one of the best Previews so farm together with nice Screenshots and some Gameplayvideos. The most important info is thta the AI has been optimised to better interact with the bulidings. AI is now likely to use balconies. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=articles&class=articles&id=43 Please notice the AI using Smoke for Cover in the Daytime video, and the Chopper at 1:53 not crashing into the Hill like he would in Arma 2 The Nighttime Video shows that the light cones from Streetlamps have disappeared, together with the ugly muzzle flashes. AAN- Online has some new Articels about the political Situation in Takistan http://www.aan-online.com/en/europe/18-nato-training-exercises-in-2010.html Please notice the Screenshots with BRITISH units. So the Brits are a confirmed faction for OA http://www.aan-online.com/en/europe/23-chernarus-firms-strike-uneasy-deal-in-takistan.html http://www.aan-online.com/en/europe/25-chernarussian-geologist-killed-in-karzeghistan.html Don´t forget to watch the Video wich shows a Blackwater merc, so we can expect them as well to be included in OA.
  2. Server binary https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18463425/a2oa/a2oa-server-1.63.125985.tar.bz2 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18463425/a2oa/a2oa-server-1.63.125985.tar.bz2 STEAM libraries (needed) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18463425/a2oa/a2oa163linux-steam-libraries.zip https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18463425/a2oa/a2oa163linux-steam-libraries.zip Note: * it requires Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead data to be updated to version 1.63 first in order to run properly. Please provide us with feedback to this topic. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server previous thread about 1.63.xxxxx linux server :
  3. ARMA 3 - Arrowhead Community Server [sRV] EU-ARROWHEAD.NET #1 - Conquest Large - CTI - [Hardcore] [sRV-IP] [TS3] eu-arrowhead.net [TS3-IP] [WWW] eu-arrowhead.net [Work in Progress] About Us: Arrowhead is an international gaming community focussed on Arma 3. We provide an immersive player vs. player experience, emphasizing simulation and tactical realism where a strong will, teamwork and communication is key. Victory is not achieved, it is seized. What is Conquest Large? Conquest Large is our own variation based on BECTI which is created by Benny. With this game mode we provide players with a military experience without limiting the great features ARMA 3 has to offer. Every weapon, attachment, armoured vehicle, chopper and jet is available on our server. The main goal of both teams is to extend control over possibly the greatest number of territory points which are spread over the entire map. The more territory you have, the more supply income you generate for your team. Thus providing the ability to allow for more upgrades. The territory you control will function as a respawn point for you and your team. Additionally you can use the redeploy function near the HQ to deploy yourself to one of these territory points. These points are definitely a valuable asset in the field. To capture a territory point, move to the marked location on the map. A territory point consists of a main capture point and several camps surrounding it. The process of capturing can be speeded up. The more players are present, the shorter it will take to capture it. Capturing can be interrupted, when the enemy players team come within the territory’s border. In that case, the advantage in numbers within the territory reach works as a decisive factor. The end-game goal is to find- and destroy all of the enemy structures. This goal can be accomplished in many ways. For example your team can choose to cripple the enemy’s supply rate income by capturing and holding more territory, which will in turn provide your team with a technical advantage in the early- to middle game. Of course there are many other tactical approaches a team can take.
  4. Server binary https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18463425/a2oa/a2oa-server-1.63.126652.tar.bz2 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18463425/a2oa/a2oa-server-1.63.126652.tar.bz2 Changes: STEAM libraries are now part of package steam_appid.txt is part of archive glibc 2.15 or newer needed (was 2.16 in previous server build, older isn't possible due to steamlib dependency) some little irks related to nix libraries Note: * it requires Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead data to be updated to version 1.63 first in order to run properly. Please provide us with feedback to this topic. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server previous thread about 1.63.xxxxx linux server :
  5. What a way to start the weekend off: with the USS Khe Sanh (LHD 9)! This mod is essentially meant as a no-frills, no-other-mods-required successor to Myke's old Arma 2 mod which allowed the Arma 2 LHD to be spawned in the Editor instead of being just part of the Utes terrain, combining that with a port of the Arma 2 LHD's components and some incorporating changes of my own (i.e. utilizing certain Arma 3 files instead of Arma 2 files, renaming some named selections and animations in English, etc.). CREDIT: Bohemia Interactive: Provided the sources (i.e. models, material files, configs, textures) with which the LHD is built. ArMaTeC: Provided the script central to this mod and to Myke's. Myke: Inspired and produced the basis for this mod. Chortles: Myself. LICENSE: This mod is released under the Arma Public License - Share Alike (APL-SA). As such, others are permitted to adapt, build upon, fork, or otherwise derive from this mod for noncommercial purposes within the Arma computer game series, but are to give credit where due for the mod('s) content (i.e. as per the Credits above), and such releases are to be under the same license as this. CHANGELOG: v1.0 : 11 July 2014: Initial release. DOWNLOAD: v1.0
  6. A2OA features new post process effect SSAO . Depending on game settings and fillrate (shader performance) of your graphics card, this may lead to lower frame rate. However, we implemented simple but useful scheme to allow customization of pp effects (based on your personal preferences and also system performance): Disabled: color corrections only Very Low: Disabled + filmGrain + radial blur + dynamic blur Low: Very low + bloom + rotational blur + other scripted post process effects Normal: Low + DOF + lowest SSAO High: Normal + medium SSAO VeryHigh: Normal + highest SSAO Please note that this setting is not directly equivalent to that of Arma 2. Also, disabled - low primarily allows you to customize game appearance, Normal - Very High is heavily affecting performance but SSAO quality is the only difference.
  7. http://www.arma2.com/downloads/update/a2oa-server-1.63.112555.tar.bz2 http://www.arma2.com/downloads/update/a2oa-server-1.63.112555.tar.bz2 temporary mirror, as our FTP is down n/a Warning: WARNING: this build is major build 1.63.x thus not compatible backward with 1.62 clients ! both client and server must have this beta build Note: * it requires Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead data to be updated to version 1.62 first in order to run properly. * needs to combine with latest OA 1.63 beta client : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?168767-ARMA-2-OA-beta-build-112555-(1-63-build-release-not-backward-compatible) Please provide us with feedback to this topic. * Contains some bug fixed not linux specific + timestamp in logfile (linux specific) * Fixed: Linux Date format wrong (https://dev-heaven.net/issues/17313) * this version brings OA dedicated linux server into sync with actual windows server improvements and ai/mp fixes (only up to it's nr. not higher)... http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server previous thread about 1.62.xxxxx linux server :
  8. As the title suggests, I am trying to access the init from a created object from an sqf.. My example example of the object and position. //f-18_1 _pos = [14228.0078125,16305.0800781,0.00465202]; _object = createVehicle ["JS_JC_FA18E", _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _object = _this select 0; _object setDir 144.741; _object setPosATL _pos; Now I would like to add a re-spawn via external script,, Iceman77's advance vehicle re-spawn to be more exact.. _nul = [this, 2, 1, {}] execVM "vehrespawn.sqf"; But I'm at a loss for a solution at this point, as the code normally implemented in the argument, seems to have changed in the last while. setVehicleInit processInitCommands clearVehicleInit So,, that is my question. I would like to access the command remote.. So that leads me to. call BIS_fnc_MP; However, I'm unfamiliar with this method. I just want to access the init field of an object for re-spawn or simple commands to run my missions/projects.. Could someone help elaborate, as I'm sure others would like help with this as well... As you can see I clearly did some research, but I need help or a nudge in the right direction.
  9. I've been trying to get a script to exec on an AI unit when it is spawned in. (I'm using EOS to spawn/despawn) My question is, how do you execute a script in the init of each spawned AI unit? Example init that I'm trying to get to work: "setVehicleInit "null = [this] execVM "myScript.sqf";" or _unit setVehicleInit {_x setVehicleInit "0 = this execVM "myScript.sqf";"} foreach units _unit; processInitCommands; Any ideas? I'm stumped. I heard that XEH / CBA has stuff that can help with this, but have no idea how to utilize it, really.
  10. Bohemia Interactive is pleased to announce the release of update 1.63 for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead (changelog). Besides the numerous fixes and optimizations which were introduced during the 1.63 beta program which covered almost a 2 year period for this iteration of the engine, the update focuses on the transition of the multiplayer from GameSpy matchmaking to Steam. As you may have heard, GameSpy is discontinuing its services and it was therefore of paramount importance to offer an alternative for the passionate Operation Arrowhead players who have supported our game and our company for so many years. Due to the fact that Steam based matchmaking requires Steam to work, this update is only available through Steam. If you have purchased a retail copy of the game, please do not despair. As announced previously all Arma 2 (including DLCs and Operation Arrowhead expansion) keys may now be activated on Steam. Just follow this walkthrough (link), take your Arma 2 CD key, use it as a Steam product key, and the game will be added to your library. For our other games affected by the GameSpy shutdown, but not updated to work with Steam (Arma 1, Arma Cold War Assault, Take On Helicopters), and also for those players who wish to stick with the older non-Steam version of the game, we have implemented a system to help host and connect to servers even without a functioning GameSpy - http://master.bistudio.com/. Here server owners may add their servers and players may use the listed IP addresses to connect to them. Also to help players overcome difficulties we have added a number of articles for each game to our FAQ (link) and as always our technical support staff is ready to help via support@bistudio.com. For more information about Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, please visit the official website at www.arma2.com.
  11. first was unable to get it working now i'm getting error and still no good _trg=createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",getMarkerPos "AREA"]; _trg setTriggerArea [150,150,0,false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["west","NOT PRESENT",false]; _trg setTriggerTimeout [0, 0, 0, false ] _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "{ if (([thistrigger _x] call bis_fnc_inTrigger)) then {{deleteVehicle _x} foreach crew _x;deleteVehicle _x} } foreach allMissionObjects ''-[thistrigger]",""]; I've been looking at this way to long Thanks
  12. Take On Helicopters: Rearmed has been released today as part of Downtown patch (1.06)! It will automatically and seamlessly merge TKOH with a lot of our previous releases, should you have legitimate copies installed A special mention and thanks go out to Kju for his work on getting this initiative up and running! Some examples of what this means: Flying in different sceneries, such as (with improvements like clouds and lighting) More civilian vehicles, characters and environments to use in scenarios Taking on the massive Arma ORBATs in the newly released Hind No messing around with copying PBOs or other manual merging tasks (install the patch, start TKOH, enjoy the best of both worlds) Notes: We cannot make all content compatible, so e.g. missions may not work well when running the data from TKOH (simply run OA or CO itself). We are not upgrading old content to include TKOH features, such as the new getting animations, interactive cockpits, Picture-in-Picture, etc. Old helicopters do not magically get a TKOH-spec flight model, so they will fly as in A2.
  13. Does this mean we can talk about it again ;-) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?132627-Take-On-Arma Excellent news - a whole new thing to play with!
  14. i have been trying to make soldiers ride on top of the apc's for a while but can't get it to work, pls help!
  15. Alright gents, since the guy in the original thread obviously never made it to BIS I quickly collected the question last morning. Sorted them on the train to cologne and finally talked Jennik into answering them. You will notice that not all of the questions asked has been answered. This is either because they made no sense anymore (after I quickly grabbed and formatted them on the train) or Jennik wasn't able to answer them yet. Let's go: Will this be a completely new game? As in, will it add loads of new features to ArmA II, or will it just be a new campaign with a few weapons, but we still get charged for it? BIS: It's more than just a new campaign. Arrowhead contains a completely new environment, US army units, weapons and vehicles and a lot more. At least, there will be some very new features introduced in Arrowhead too. Will Arrowhead include western forces besides the U.S. Army? BIS: There will be some more than just U.S. Army Units, yes. Is there going to be a functional FLIR system out of the box (everything has heat based textures) BIS: Yes, there will be a FLIR system. We have one of the most sophisticated FLIR simulation systems already done for VBS2 and we will bring it in Arrowhead to fans of ArmA II too. Will the game have functional IR lasers (PEQ units) like in VBS2? Or Flashlights? BIS: I'm glad to say: Yes, and yes. Is the terrain based on Afghanistan? Or is it more of a desert? BIS: Kind of, it will include dense urban areas and the countryside too. Who (among BIS and other Developers at IDEA games) has been/will be working on it? BIS: It's fully under the team of ArmA II makers at Bohemia Interactive. Who is doing the campaign and what experience are they aiming for as opposed to the free flow Harvest Red format? BIS: Ivan Buchta proved his skills as Lead Designer in the ArmA II Operation Harvest Red campaign already and he's is the Lead Designer again for Arrowhead. The campaign will be a bit different this time, we want the players to enjoy wider experience, so the campaign will contain parts being played for regular US Army units, pilots and tank commander too. A bit like original OFP was, even if I wouldn't compare it. How large is Takistan? Can we count on arid surroundings to be more system friendly? BIS: There are two maps of Takistan in Arrowhead, one presenting the countryside and mountains with villages and small urban areas and the second map of large urban area with the city of Zargabad. Takistan is a 160 square km map of Central Asia modelled with extremely precision using real world data. Zargabad is a 70 square km map of extremely realistic environment including full areas of dense urban CQB conflicts. When is the release date BIS: Not before 2010. The exact date is not yet decided. Will they somehow automate the inclusion of ArmA II content for those that have it to encourage people who own it that Arrowhead will be just a huge expansion pack for them? BIS: This is difficult to say now, as Arrowhead will feature a newer and enhanced version of ArmA II engine. How performance will be compared to ArmA II and if the system requirements will stay the same? Also maybe ask if they have plans to further optimize ArmA II? BIS: Don't worry that we would throw it away because of making the datadisk. Thanks to the Arrowhead making I believe we will have a better chance to keep an eye on ArmA II too. We plan to bring new patches and continue the support of the game as we did to the present day. The requirements should definitely stay the same for Arrowhead. Will the future patches/expansions include other parts of Chernarus? BIS: Interesting question, I don't know honestly. Will Operation Arrowhead include serious engine changes: ex. armour hit system, flares/ECM? BIS: Yes, some of them will be included in Operation Arrowhead. If the "west" side will be represented by US Army, what it would be: "Stryker" brigades or some infantry divisions on Bradleys/M113? BIS: There will be a variety of roles to play for U.S. Army in Operation Arrowhead. Who is the enemy? typical Taliban look alike or a (fictional) regular Army like SLA in ArmA? BIS: Operation Arrowhead will rather be unsymmetrical kind of war even if it could happen you can face a very tough and well equipped enemy. Will there be Russians? BIS: Who knows? What will the really new features be in Operation Arrowhead? BIS: Completely new story line, new factions, units, vehicles and weapons. New and completely different environment, new simulation features like FLIR, mounted flashlights, HUDs for airplanes and helicopter and even more. Will it have proper physics implementation for units/corpses (ragdoll) and/or vehicles? Will walking in and shooting from cargo positions be possible? Will the hit point system for tanks be changed for some real penetration values? BIS: I wouldn't expect such huge changes in the game engine without making completely new game instead of the datadisk, though so complex and huge. ArmA II was originally announced to be released for a console, but we've heard little news since then. Have those plans moved to the expansion? Is a console version planned at all? BIS: Sadly, I can't confirm anything about console version of ArmA II neither can I do for AO. What are the reasons to release it as a standalone game instead of an ArmA II addon? BIS: At least two reasons there are, which one of these is our wish to make it easier to get the game for players who didn't buy ArmA II previously and that some of the new features require to change both exe and data in order to work properly (e.g. thermal imaging). Will there be Co-op in Arrowhead's campaign? If so, will saves in Coop work better and be far more stable by then compared to our experience in Red Harvest's Coop saves? BIS: Most probably yes, as we considered cooperative MP being one of the very favourite features people enjoy in our games, but I can't confirm this 100% yet. Will the campaign be free roaming open world like Red Harvest? BIS: What would you expect? The corridor and level based maps as in other FPS? How will Arrowhead's open world experience be different than in Red Harvest? BIS: It will be different experience in the meaning of the environment and the role player will take. Is Operation Arrowhead more like Resistance for OFP (you buy, or you're "out" of the REAL game) or is more like Queens Gambit? BIS: Yes, I would rather compare it to Resistance too. What is the price for the expansion? BIS: A medium ranged price, not a full price like for a regular new game. Distribution around the world? Digital only? Full box? Any "Gold" Edition? BIS: Yes, there will be also a copy on disc. And yes, most probably there will be a "Gold Edition". Will there be functional tank interiors? Like Optics, windows, doors BIS: Might be, depends on how much time is left. Will the 3D Editor be further worked on / finished? BIS: We have some intentions with 3D editor, can't confirm anything yet. Can we expect more modules for the editor? If so, what? BIS: There are already some of new, I would expect more of them, or enhanced versions of those already known from ArmA II Will any of the multiplayer systems be drastically changed? Like net code? Browser? Mission setup GUI? Admin tools? Anti-cheat? BIS: Some things may change in this area as well as BIS is currently evaluating some options that may significantly influence parts of the MP system. To what degree do original ArmA II and Operation Arrowhead interact? For example, can Operation Arrowhead units be used in ArmA II and can Modifications be loaded in Operation Arrowhead with copying them all to a new directory? BIS: ArmA II content can be used in Operation Arrowhead with problems. Will the movement system feature "vertical leaning? BIS: Not decided yet. We are interested in trying things like this but if and when we will achieve it and if it will be in Operation Arrowhead is not yet certain. Will AI be conscious of their role and act differently depending on it (e.g. machine gunner acts differently than rifleman)? BIS: The AI already acts differently depending on the weapon they carry in ArmA II. Will the mission editor get updated to be more user friendly? Like drop down menu for scripts/actions rather than scripting. BIS: I wouldn't say the mission editor is unfriendly for users, in fact we consider our mission editor being one of the most user friendly and easy to use mission editors you can get across all present games. You don't really need to use a single line of script to design even a very complex scenario... How can BIS work on two games at the same time? BIS: There are a lot of people paid every month at BI, and they need to do something. The FLIR/lasers/flashlights from Operation Arrowhead, will they be included also in ArmA II or are they only available in Operation Arrowhead? BIS: No, this would be a too serious change in the engine which could also break the content of ArmA II. Are there rivers in Takistan? BIS: Many of such features might be or not present. Hard to tell now as we just started the work. Please take note that this FAQ is subject to change as OA develops further. I want to thank especially Jennik for his time answering all these questions. Thanks as well to the two Idea guys for another pleasant exhibition date with some interesting discussions and insight views. You can find a lot of high resolution pictures here Thanks to Dslyecxi for hosting these. And please, NO bashing here because of the answers. If I come back later and see bashing I'm gonna... :681:
  16. After browsing through all of the amazing work the modding community is doing, it surprised me to see no mention of a Falklands mod. There are a lot of elements already in the game, and being worked on here by modders, that suggest to me it wouldn't be an impossibly complex conversion: - the game engine is suited to islands. - the grassy plains with rocky outcrops of the Falklands would lead to great performance (FPS). - there's already a Harrier model which could be a good basis for modifying into a sea harrier. - there are already ship models which could be a good basis for modifying into the necessary ships. - somebody here is already working on British troops (though I'd assume they're quite different to the 1980's era Brits who went to the Falklands). Having said that, I don't have the time, patience or knowledge to build anything like this, but thought I'd throw this seed out into the ARMA2 wilderness to see if it takes root...
  17. Hi again. I'm making a little mission, where I fly with A10. I'd like to destroy some buildings.. Those buildings would be terrorist hideouts.. So they would be filled with "terrorists" and I have to destroy the buildings.. But how can I place troops into the building?