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    Running Arma2 from SSD

    I'm using a Patriot TorqX 128GB for my Win7 OS install and ARMA2. Good news = fantastic OS and app performance, faster loading of ARMA2. Bad news = it doesn't fix ARMA2's performance. I still get texture pop-in, and sub 20 fps. Still, if you can afford one I highly recommend it. Windows and productivity apps run beautifully. Just make sure you buy the right SSD - some older/cheaper ones have major issues which can make them perform worse than a mechanical drive. Anandtech has a fantastic article on why, and which drives to avoid.
  2. GunSlingerAUS

    What is the ideal view distance?

    Please explain? Sounds intriguing.
  3. I'm guessing performance improvements would be outside the scope of the ACE mod? Hey, I had to ask!
  4. GunSlingerAUS

    ARMA 2 demo vs the real thing?

    Note that the full game is much more demanding on system resources than the demo, due to the size of the island and number of AI entities.
  5. GunSlingerAUS

    Best Ways to Optimize Game

    You should also consider that some people find 20 frames per second to be very smooth and highly playable, while others can not tolerate such a low frame rate. I think this is a massive reason why there are so many conflicting reports about performance, with some folks saying its fine, while others think it's a slideshow. Unfortunately I'm in the latter camp :(
  6. GunSlingerAUS

    Poor performance...

    The devs recently mentioned that they're looking at performance in urban areas in 1.04. While it doesn't mean our woes will be solved, this news is at least better than nothing...
  7. Hehe, I find it hilarious when novice programmers whip out "easy fixes" to create new game features, without taking into account the millions of lines of code that already exist in the game.
  8. GunSlingerAUS

    CAA1 public release

    kju - I've only been a member of this community for a short while, but whenever I see a post with your name on it, I know I'm in for a treat. Thank you so much for spending your time on mods that we can all enjoy, free of charge. As for this project, I'll be installing it as soon as I've got a few hours to spare, but I'm sure it'll be amazing.
  9. GunSlingerAUS

    Project Aus

    Fantastic work guys. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
  10. Those framerates are normal for your PC. You won't notice much of a change with a better video card - your issue is the CPU.
  11. GunSlingerAUS


    The main singleplayer level in the demo (can't remember the name, but you land on a beach in a chopper) runs MUCH, MUCH smoother than the full game. I get around 40 to 50fps on that level, yet 20fps in the real campaign.
  12. GunSlingerAUS

    Anybody considered a Falklands mod?

    Ahh, found their thread - awesome stuff. The modding community for this game is simply amazing. We don't deserve to reap the benefits of all their hardwork for free!
  13. After browsing through all of the amazing work the modding community is doing, it surprised me to see no mention of a Falklands mod. There are a lot of elements already in the game, and being worked on here by modders, that suggest to me it wouldn't be an impossibly complex conversion: - the game engine is suited to islands. - the grassy plains with rocky outcrops of the Falklands would lead to great performance (FPS). - there's already a Harrier model which could be a good basis for modifying into a sea harrier. - there are already ship models which could be a good basis for modifying into the necessary ships. - somebody here is already working on British troops (though I'd assume they're quite different to the 1980's era Brits who went to the Falklands). Having said that, I don't have the time, patience or knowledge to build anything like this, but thought I'd throw this seed out into the ARMA2 wilderness to see if it takes root...
  14. GunSlingerAUS

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    I beg of you - please don't add these performance-sucking monsters (aka large towns) unless BIS can optimise the way they're rendered. The one thing that will get me to install these third party maps is better fps than the Chernaraus map.
  15. Any performance increase in urban areas, as mentioned in the community update?