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Found 6 results

  1. Hello ARMA 3 players in general, hello RAVAGE players in particular, Today I present you a full magazine compatibility patch between WarfareThai Ex, RHS USF/AFRF/GREF and IFA3_LITE_AIO I had originally made for my private use but found it so indispensable for playing RAVAGE missions I have decided to publish it. I have expanded on the original compatibilty mod @taf_rhs_asdg, made by lordbooka, the author of WFT that makes the magazines of RHS weapons useable in the WFT guns. What I had done in the beginning was simply to make the existing compatibility two-ways in the sense that also the RHS weapons can use WFT mags. Later on, being an avid RAVAGE player, I removed another batch of inconsistencies between my favourite weapon mods for that kind of gameplay: all those RHS, IFA3_LITE and WFT (plus a few select vanilla guns) bolt-action, (semi-) automatic assault and sniper rifles that appear in each of the packs and/or are sharing the same caliber can now interchange magazines - this is meant to represent the fact that IRL even though e.g. a stock G36 and a stock M4A1 carbine cannot interchange mags, they can shoot the same ammo from their respective different mags. So if I wield a G36 and find a loaded STANAG mag, I can unload the bullets from the STANAG and put them into an empty G36 mag. Also this is IRL true for most LMG's/GPMG's with re-useable belt systems. With the 7.62 x 51 NATO or 7.62 x 54 russian GPMG belt systems it might not be that easy to form new belts out of the single bullets since some feed systems' linking brackets are one-time useable only. Therefor I just made sure that all the boxes with the right caliber from the various mods+vanilla could be used, but did not make the rifle mags of the same caliber useable. Finally I expanded the magazine compatibility to all pistols and SMG's present in the 3 mods by making all primary and secondary magazines of matching caliber that exist in the 3 mods and vanilla useable for these kind of guns - no matter if the guns themselves are available as primaries or secondaries. And ever since RAVAGE Ambient AI was enabled to spawn with launchers, I added mag compatibility between WFT and RHS for these. IFA3 has no launchers sharing ammo with the contemporary launchers of WFT and RHS. Credits and BIG THX go to the Devs of all three mods for creating their awesome content and for allowing me to publish this patch. Special Thanks go out to Alpha Squad Dev Gru for creating ASDG Joint Rails as the founding stone of this and other compatibility mods lordbooka himself for creating the original compatibility as a template to learn from and for helping me with finding correct inheritances for all his guns in the current WFT version. .kju from the IFA3 Dev team for his friendly and encouraging one-on-one coaching in the IFA3 Discord channel on addon load order and finding out the priority of loaded addons so one can reflect that in a compatibilty patch da12thMonkey from the RHS Dev team/ RHS thread in the BIS forums for teaching me the basics of finding inheritances with the config viewer Attaching of scopes, bipods and other attachments: Generally speaking all RHS guns that have „railed“ in the name will use attachments from all mods and BIS. The IFA3 guns will NOT accept any attachments besides the scope that some of them have as fixed part of their model. I left it at this intentionally to make the WFT versions of WW2 guns, which CAN accept just about any attachment available in your game, a true alternative and worth the hassle to switch to. Just imagine the IFA3 guns to be originals, collector's items or period-accurate replicas of WW2 configutations and the WFT versions of the same guns to be the enhanced & upgraded „Gun Nut Retrofit“ variants. A K98 or any bolt action rifle of that ilk can e.g. mount a Schmidt&Bender extreme magnification scope and a bipod, thus enabling you to headshot at 500m or chest hit at 1000m. The MP44/Stgw 44 pulled from the same „Secret Gun Nut Stash“ can mount a flashlight and all available optics – and thusly become a much more useful „Assault Rifle Grandpa“ for you than the „vintage“ variant. Download Links: SWS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1264995997 Alternative Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7jixsvjelkc9gd/%40wft_rhs_ifa3_comp.7z?dl=0
  2. NAVAL EXPANSION MOD By CTFRaven Hello all! I would like to present to you the sum of all my projects thus far and their end goal. Throughout my modding career, I have dreamed of creating big vehicles and environments that challenge the player and create a sense of adventure! While this is no map mod, It certainly does all of the aforementioned! What does this mod do? This mod is designed to fill holes inside the Arma3 engine in regards to weapon systems, Ship systems, AI pathfinding, as well as other things the developers decided to look the other way on. It will also include my two ships, as well as 3 additional ships that will showcase all of these systems to their fullest. Features include but are not limited to: Scripts: Full SONAR package including passive, active, and remote capabilities. Active and passive Torpedo package that work while flying, while submerged or surfaced Depth-charge Package - so you can put a stop to your silent hunters. Surface locking Anti-radar missile compatibility package - so you can actually lock and shoot the ships! Surface artillery computer package - so the ship will actually hit its target on the move AI package - so they'll stop running in circles... Submarine compatibility package - so your submarines will actually dive and surface. Weapons: A package of standard NATO and CSAT weapons will be included: -MK-48 light torpedo - both air-launched and surface launched. -CSAT-esque torpedo -AGM/RGM/UGM-84 Harpoon missile - with Radar locking and tracking -3M-54 Kalibr SSM (missile) -OTO Melara 76 mm DP gun - with SR version -Fajr-27 76mm DP gun -MK110 57mm DP gun Vehicles: 3 Corvette-class vessels - including limited anti-ship and anti-sub capabilities (CSAT, NATO, and IND) 2 Frigate-class vessels - including asymetric anti-ship and anti-sub capabilities (CSAT and NATO) 1 Light Submarine - including great anti-ship capability (CSAT) Since this is an expansion, I've left most of the scripts all inclusive, which means that if you want to use these functions you are more than welcome to. I will also release the source files of my Demise operations vessel fully integrated into the system, along with a detailed PDF of how the systems work and how to utilize them. This expansion is also meant to be simple to understand from a dev's perspective, while remaining advanced and immersive to the player. Special thanks to (so far): rksl-rock - for collaborating with me AusSnipe73 - for letting me peek in the source files, and for some models -cheers!
  3. This mod adds the ACE3 functional for RHS laser weapons: AGM-114 K, M, N (Launching angles ±38°) DAGR missile (only DIR attack profile, launching angles ±38°) Kh-25, Kh-25ML, Kh-29L, Kh-29ML, Kh-38MLE, AGM-65E (Launching angles ±30°) Mod also changes the laser indicator in AH-64, AH-1Z and the rocket model of the ACE3 AGM-114 to the rocket model AGM-114 RHS. Mod should be on the client and on the server. Requirements: ACE3, RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF Download: Steam Workshop Media: 1 2 3 4
  4. Steam Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864565270 Add ACE3 NV Gen4 version L3 GPNVG18. This is just tiny little config, but more useful with ACE3. Gen4 NV provides more clear less noise vision. This mod requires ACE3 and L3-GPNVG18. Class name Tan - GEN4_A3_GPNVG18_F Black - GEN4_A3_GPNVG18_BLK_F Tan with battery - GEN4_A3_GPNVG18b_F Black with battery - GEN4_A3_GPNVG18b_BLK_F Tan Recon - GEN4_A3_GPNVG18_REC_F Black Recon - GEN4_A3_GPNVG18_REC_BLK_F Tan with battery Recon - GEN4_A3_GPNVG18b_REC_F Black with battery Recon - GEN4_A3_GPNVG18b_REC_BLK_F Alternate Download Link http://macchky.net/dl/@ace3gen4_l3_gpnvg18.zip Credit macchky Original L3-GPNVG18 Mod - Sven, Original Model - - Teeha - - WarLord554, Models, Textures, Configs - - Cunico, Helping me fix my headstrap model -
  5. Take On Helicopters: Rearmed has been released today as part of Downtown patch (1.06)! It will automatically and seamlessly merge TKOH with a lot of our previous releases, should you have legitimate copies installed A special mention and thanks go out to Kju for his work on getting this initiative up and running! Some examples of what this means: Flying in different sceneries, such as (with improvements like clouds and lighting) More civilian vehicles, characters and environments to use in scenarios Taking on the massive Arma ORBATs in the newly released Hind No messing around with copying PBOs or other manual merging tasks (install the patch, start TKOH, enjoy the best of both worlds) Notes: We cannot make all content compatible, so e.g. missions may not work well when running the data from TKOH (simply run OA or CO itself). We are not upgrading old content to include TKOH features, such as the new getting animations, interactive cockpits, Picture-in-Picture, etc. Old helicopters do not magically get a TKOH-spec flight model, so they will fly as in A2.
  6. Does this mean we can talk about it again ;-) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?132627-Take-On-Arma Excellent news - a whole new thing to play with!