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  1. Calli

    [CAMP] Operation Cobalt

    I really loved this campaign, such an awsome work! :) I actually liked this more than the Bohemia created ones! I hope you will continue to make campaigns! :D
  2. Hey vilas you wouldn't mind putting some seat positions on top of the BMP would you? :)
  4. Awsome!! Can't wait to use these! :) and could you by any chance give the commands so i can make the soldiers ride on top of the APC's like that? thx! :)
  5. Calli

    CDF Conscripts

    I liked the "normal" camo better, maybe you should put that on the naval units too with maybe more blueish camo? that would be pretty nice i think :)
  6. hmm I was wondering if anyone could be so kind and upload a mission with a squad sitting on top of a bmp like on the picture, because that link didn't help.
  7. How do I make the troops ride on top of the apc like this? I know that I should use attachTo commands, but I just don't know what to write. Could anyone make a demo mission or something that shows how to script it? And I want them to sit like those on the pic :D
  8. so awsome! ^^ btw how can i open the harvest red mission when they ride on the apc? i want to make those soldiers ride on the apc like on the picture! ^^
  9. i just want to know how to make the soldiers ride on top of the apc that's all do i need special configs for that?
  10. i have been trying to make soldiers ride on top of the apc's for a while but can't get it to work, pls help!