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    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Couldn't you rig it with a trigger ?
  2. 3lockad3

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Sorry, can't continue this conversation.. A lot has happened in my life... Wife died and she was only 27 years old.. So I just going to start fresh. Take care tho man, sure someone will answer you out.
  3. I'm having an issue that even tho the gunner gets in the gun it shows no one there, and I can manual fire from the drivers seat ? I'm going to test to see if it is just other mods, but very very weird.
  4. 3lockad3

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Actually there is a ton of twisted facts on the internet that are not exactly the representation to the Qu'ran nor Islam, in fact, if you want to talk about ISIS we would have to step out of the religion just to do so because they break so much moral code and pillars of Islamic war. Just from reading I can tell you get your sources from anywhere that suits your narrative, and trust me, there is A LOT of misinformation on the net. I very much follow science and I am very aware and could hold a topic on a molecular level, I'm also an observer of our heliosphere all the way to our core and beyond further into the cosmos. You saying I cant is even but yet another reason you have no clue what you are talking about and have taken up trendy hate against it. You have no clue who you are even talking too ;) I very much study other religions as well. And no, we do not follow what men says, and we do not have priests, there is only one worth of worship, so no, we do not even pray to the prophets (pbuta) I myself hope for the banning of Sharia law, in fact, the only reason it is something to bring up is because you see it being forced on the news. However, I assure you no one is forced, nor are they stoned in civilized areas. I believe God gave us thinking minds for a reason, and I think he would even be upset to know that his people are forced and or killed for mistakes in the name of him. I truly believe he wants people to live free in mind and spirit, so as he knows who is worthy, and who is to be destroyed in the hell-fire. It is more the organizations that have twisted the word for political agenda. You have some seriously twisted facts, just as I did one time. I used to used scripture just to attack Muslims with just like you in fact, my wife still hates Muslims as I'm the one who taught her her hate. So maybe you are on a path of enlightenment yourself just as I was. I never believed in God, in fact, I have been a dj for well over 10 years and I have played in clubs and drank booze and did copious amounts of drugs (actually dying from a weak heart from that) and I still spin I just choose my music to be more appropriate so as not to be the one who makes other sever ties with God.However, I know your confusion. I very much believe in all that we have unearthed, I very much believe as are some other scientists, that science is not denying the fact of God, it could actually be proving all his mysterious works. Some scholars believe some outlandish things, yes I can agree on that, but I'm much more secular then your ideal would want to fathom. I believe there is still more to know about evolution and the works. Jesus (pbuh) did say that in the end times we must search for the truth, because it will not find us easy. I believe no book to be a 100% as it was not God himself that wrote the book, so it is also subject to error, thus we must remain humble to facts outside of each books that could point to truths. For instance, we can very much prove Moses did not build an arch, and there was no great flood, we can tell by the oxidation on mountains, it is but a story to help bring power to the commandments he brought, and the laws he brought. I could go deep into this topic, but I really care not to get into the origins of the King James at this time, and Constantine's motives in rewriting the bible. Maybe that will be a topic for another time. I would rather keep to the outlines you have drawn up. Oh my, in the next sentence you ask it, so let me see if I can find a reply to a Christian I made a short time ago. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(posted to a Christian in debate, so do note, that it was a retort to someone else.) I'm coming to the realization the Roman Emperor Constantine is the reason why Christianity was formed. He never wrote the bible by any means, nor was he the author to any scripture, but he was so sick of the fighting that he was desperate for the bible to become a unitized entity, and it was very possible he did it to save lives. What does this mean today ? That the bible has been tampered with a great deal as a political means to unite the Roman empire, and if I'm looking for the truth, it will not come from the book burning Romans. Not to mention, Christianity very closely resembles about 30 other religions from that time period from which it arose from, as Constantine let many religions come together on one book, he even publicly stated he did not care if it was true to wit, he was just sick of the divide that was bringing the empire to ruin.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another great point to make there is why would the Romans execute Jesus and then relay his word if he was so blasphemous ? They killed him nd twisted the word to suit their agenda, and even lied that Jesus appointed some of them to take his position. That is all I'll elaborate there but yes, the Romans did some crazy things to those who spoke against the empire you are right, but it was not the word of God, what you have brought up is the Greeks and Rome's Ideals that they interjected into the religion. You are right, it is 6000, not 5000, but yes, humans back then believed some outlandish things that disprove their religion from being a 100%, and yes, even Islam believes some things I do not agree with, but they were but men. The prophets actually had to have healing powers and the right tongue in order to be considered prophets, there as been many false prophets as well, but we know of 25 that God sent to us (pbuta) And there could have been more that never made it to our books because they were so sought after and killed out of which hunts and blasphemy to the church and empire. However, God only sent us one religion, and many religions are actually from the same text just a difference of, emphasis, perception, motive. And yes you are right, in some cases religion is used to oppress its people, thus so much reform to some books. However, the Qu'ran is not open to interpretation or reform, it is still in its full from the day Muhammad whisked his pen across paper. Another thing is God only sent one religion (as stated above) He sent different prophets for different times for different afflictions, and in some cases to even reform his own word, so just because there are many religions does not mean that there are many Gods, in some cases God sent the different religions and they were bettered. Some where also just to condition a state of time and mind, and as time changed, so did the prophets. It is not that there is a 100 religions or a 1000, it is that we perceive it to be that way, and what has actually happened, is that God sent different prophets for the changing of time and affliction. And eve Muhammad (pbuh) said he was not coming to change the laws of Moses, or the teachings of Jesus (pbutb) he was merely sent to enforce them and add to them because men were straying from God and the Word of Jesus. I truly believe that Jesus (pbuh) was meant to be the last but because of the Roman reform to his word, and book burning the old culture, he was forced to send another to give man one last chance at the word, because the world was more openly accepting what was blasphemous at one time, thus none after him Muhammad (pbuh) Just because you do not believe doesn't mean there is none, and I'm sure when you die you will find God, but by then it will be to late, as he asks that you serve him in good health, for if you do not, he will not be at the side of your deathbed no matter how much you repent. That is why it is important to not squander your gift while life nourishes your body and bones. You need to move others to the light, as you also need to do deeds in order to serve our creator. I'm not converting you. I do not really believe in organized religion, as I follow many of the prophets not just a religion. I am searching for the truth and the light, and that is all that drives my heart and soul. Yes I am Muslim, yes I am Catholic, and yes I follow the teaching of other prophets. Even smiling to others is a good dead. I'm going to conclude with saying show others the tolerance you want to be afforded with for when you stand tall before the man. And know there is a creator, and you can take refuge in him through many religions as God sees your hearts true intent. If you are respectful as any question you like, and I will take the time to answer you if I can. Take care, and God bless.
  5. 3lockad3

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    0.o with a response like that you deserve no response, besides, my kids are using the crayons at the moment. Just so you know, I got a sentence in till I notice you were not even worth the time, and stopped reading, next time learn how to address people so you at least get the time and maybe your point across, but this is an adult discussion.
  6. 3lockad3

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    I'm not being rude at all, but did you read what I said ? NO IT IS NOT! The only injustice I see that needs to be handled is the attack on the American people, and Bush and Obama carry that injustice, no other. They should be held accountable for war crimes and high treason against their country and others. If you read what I said above, if it actually did happen, I feel for the security guard injured and I'm glade that all those people were and are safe, even tho they are poking the bear, they have a right to their opinion, as I believe living in a free world is important, as God gave us thinking minds for a reason. The only thing I said that you maybe took out of its contextual meaning is that I said do not ask for trouble then cry when you get it. If you got to a nightclub and act all solid and are picking fights should that person be coddled and babied when he finds trouble and gets knocked out,,,,,, NOPE. I suggest you read what I wrote again, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you had a long day, or maybe you didn't read it all then you replied. I'm glade (if it did happen) that only the aggressors were killed. Even tho I am Muslim the innocent are more important then evil doers. They did not do that in the name of Islam, they stepped out of the religion. Even when the prophet (pbuh) had assassination attempts on him he showed them mercy and sent them back just as healthy then they were before, possibly better then when they came to him as he may have warmed their hearts with mercy. I shouldn't even be playing with this game as a muslim, but it is my human side that likes the sport of it. But in real life I probably would not be able to kill. I just do not have it in my heart. ---------- Post added at 14:04 ---------- Previous post was at 13:53 ---------- It is never okay to kill innocent, and in the Qu'ran it does state those who do are and will be subject to the hell-fire! So they think they will have many virgins, but awoke in the next consciousness to nothing but brimstone. I hope no virgins, I love my wife and only need her merger with my soul to feel complete.
  7. So go back to it then, okay, thanks for the reply
  8. 3lockad3

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    I did not read all your posts, but I kinda think that might be fake. Why would you hold a conference on drawing a prophet (pbuh) you do not like on a religion you do not like. and have a swat on standby. I think something here is fishy. If it is real, I feel so much for the security/officer shot and I hope him a speedy recovery! I do not condemn them from drawing the prophet (pbuh), however, they did it to add more friction, and that is where I have the problem, are they trying to breed home terror, you bet!, and trust me, your government will do nothing to protect you as they want the fear to spread so they can take even more of your freedoms in the name of getting the terrorists. (which every law they have put in place has had little to no effect to "terrorists", but only served to terrorize its own populace) God gave us thinking minds so I believe it is important to live in a free world for the reason I believe he intended it. But, do not cry internationally when things start happening, after all, Muslims are starting to be ousted and picked on and made fun of. I want you to get statistics of what all serial killers, or school shooting, or mass shootings have in common. When you push them out of the social setting and they become angry, you have only yourselves to blame as everyone has limits. I'm not saying they are responsible for their actions, but at that point they become men acting, not Muslims. It is hard on us it truly it, and it is so trying to not get in a rage. I however, walk away, and come back to let a cooler head prevail. I'm by no means justifying it ether. It is what it is. But if you think that poking the bear is not going to cause a reaction, then maybe we deserve what is coming. I grantee this problem will get worse as it will be emphasized for ratings. After all, no media was filing black cleaning crews in Baltimore, they were very fast to be there to note that blacks were ripping it up tho. We are a sick and pathetic race of creatures. What is scarey is that it is imminent tho, we have poked and awoken the bear, our governments wanted a war that would never end, and they knew about certain Islamic pillars, so they poked the right bear to insure terror on their soil, not to mention one that will not end. It is not Islam that is the problem, it is those that step out of its confines from being misguided and hurt by the nation they love, or fought against. However, the media is regurgitating things that are not true, and they only invite those on their show to the debate that suit their narrative that contain little to no fact. But the ratings will come back to bite them when they themselves are targets to the terror, cuz I assure it that some will target them first and foremost. I advocate none of it, and am saddened by each attack, and each death I see of anyone innocent, however, I advocate justice of those who kill needlessly like Obama's drone strikes that kill innocent children/women that have nothing to do with war, or bush for the formulation of wars on lies. I however, do not advocate no needless or innocent deaths EVERY! Not even the people drawing my beloved prophet (pbuh) as I believe they have the right to do so. Just wish they were more respectful, as there is a reason Muhammad (pbuh) did not want to be immortalized with paintings or drawings, he thought he would have been prayed to and worshiped, and in our religion we follow no idols or symbols like crosses, or statues, or paintings, only one is worthy of worship, and that is God! We serve none other!
  9. 3lockad3

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Yes brother! I'm very aware, but even in religion there was plenty of war. Sometimes war is just when it is protecting the innocent. I'm pretty sure God wants his people preserved as much as possible. If war could be waged effectively with words we would not be in this mess. I do not want to kill, if there were other ways I'm sure I would exhaust them. However, should ISIS be left to murder and to spread intolerance to other religions around the world ? It truly is a tough topic, 'cause someone has to take out the trash.. ISIS is very much misguided, an those who propagated and regurgitated the scripture in diluted forms to appease to their political litigation will burn with the lamb in a special hell. The bible even warns very sternly against such provocations. I do truly understand where you are coming from tho, and I concur to your ideal. But watching such harsh conditions is my jihad (struggle) I feel the fibers of my convictions making me contemptuous to such tribulations, and I definitively seek retribution on such injustices on the innocent. I will most likely end up on a peaceful path as even my mentors warn me from violent acts, but the tail is wagging the dog.
  10. I feel stupid now as I was just playing with that ciz module the other day and actually had that module set the way you said, however, I had a military with it too, guess I just didn't think to drop that module alone. Thank you for your response, I have to check to see if you allow persistence in sp, If so I will register to your war room. My unit disbanded so I'm rocking alone now cuz most servers I see are littered with kids not even old enough for the rating of the game. However, thank you for your reply. Have a good one brotha and thank you for the clarity in the absence of my creativity.
  11. 3lockad3

    Middle East Conflict mod

    Actually I'm very aware, I was one of the first people to warn him he was under attack by the media, I even made a blog on a couple sites to help suppress, and I organized some people to attack them back with information, not to mention, I even brought some more people to the game with those blogs. So yes I'm aware what happened. He even emphasized my warning to him in one of his public addresses. My worry is with new updates those un-maintained mods are going to possibly break leaving this mod vulnerable, and from what I understand, BI plans on doing more work on their arrays and organizing them in the next update, so this will surely leave this mod vulnerable because of its complexity to such a vast array of external mods. My worry is it is going to break on him and I would have mad a personal mod pack for nothing. I hope I'm not rubbing off as rude, just concerned.. I was by no means talking out of the contextual confines of the game, my worries are the fact it takes a lot of work to keep on top of things, and if I see that moders say they will maintain their products, I tend to use those as I know my efforts will not be in vain. That is where I was basing my question from. I by no means want to pull real life into this thread other then the fact of worrying about the vulnerability. I do not even want to elaborate on why the mod is unmaintained now. I'm extremely humbled and thankful for the work that goes into these projects and love the fact people are so giving to the community. Even if I stop playing the game I would continue watch the advancement of the platform as it is exciting to see such a great complex platform that blows its competition out of the water. Possibly why the media was put up to attack this community, just my opinion, but I think another gaming studio is jealous of BI studios, but who knows for-sure. Thank you for your reply by the way :)
  12. 3lockad3

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Yes I know, but for evil to prevail means good men did nothing. And the slaughter of innocent really tugs at my soul. I also applied to volunteer to go to Ebola hot-zones for security and to help re-build infrastructure. It is not that I seek praise, to be honest I'm just bored and would like to serve a good cause. Just waiting till my wife is done school so our child wont be so much of a detriment to her responsibility, then I plan on leaving for anywhere from 6 months to a year. I also have another Muslim brother building a food bank in Indonesia, an that is another option. To be honest, I already got a conformation letter back from the volunteer disbursement Organization for doctors without borders and a couple other agencies, they were asking many questions, like which airport I was close to and if I had a passport and all sorts of things. I signed up for everything, even assisting camps. There is to much calamity happening all at once on this planet, and some people need to need to be the change they want to see in the world. One life is but a candle in the wind my friend in contrast to millions in distress. I do not have money to help, so I'm the next best replacement XD Anyways, getting way way off topic, sorry hehehehe, back to the editor!
  13. 3lockad3

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    They do not actually, thus they call all other Muslims infidels. There is almost no connection to them and the rest of the community, thus other muslim sects are fighting them. I'm even considering flying there and helping the Iraqi military kill these self proclaimers. They have actually declared themselves the only true Muslims. Thus they kill so many other Muslims. I know it is hard to believe thanks to western medias' spin on things, but with a little bit of research you can find the truth. Sad part is you do have to have a little know how so that you do not find your way to fragmented scriptures. I'm born Canadian and Irish born catholic, but recently in my studies of the King James bible I have uncovered some grave tribulations within its history and text. It takes a lot of gumption to see through some of it, but is well worth the journey if you seek refuge in God. I'm sorry about the wall of text, I'm very dyslexic and struggle very much to be literate, so I guess I emphasized to much on staying literate and forgot proper Etiquette. Thank you for seeing through it tho. ---------- Post added at 04:00 ---------- Previous post was at 03:53 ---------- No kidding,, sorry hehe, fixed tho :)
  14. 3lockad3

    Middle East Conflict mod

    Wow, talk about worth the effort, thank you dude, this is awesome! This is so cool I have already instilled it in my personal mod pack. You my friend are a flippin' genius!
  15. 3lockad3

    Middle East Conflict mod

    Cool, checking this out now, I hope this is Zeus and MCC compatible for mission making purposes. was just about to make a mission, so I'm glade I found this ---------- Post added at 21:12 ---------- Previous post was at 21:07 ---------- Not being rude at all, but I normally avoid mods that rely on a million others like the plague. Wish it was all in one even if it is a big DL, to many mods are reliant on waaaaay to many others. I guess I'll check this one out tho because it looks so bad ass. Question,,, The Iraqi Warfare Mod [Alpha] is no longer supported, nor is it available. I only have it because I had it previously. Where you aware, and how will you deal with this ? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?182938-The-Iraqi-Warfare-Mod-Alpha