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  1. Thanks for your interest in the add-on. Although I will never say never (not again anyway), I will say it's unlikely to be soon! About a year ago my PC became infected with the UCAS/Metropolitan virus and it completely wiped out all of my files. Coupled with this was the complete failure of not one, but two backup solutions. Not only did this destroy all my Arma data, but also my personal and work data. I lost my work and (for a time) my livelihood. During this time I fell out of love with all things PC. Not sure where I got the virus from as I was particularly paranoid about what I did with the PC and had several checkers and scanners which were run at least once a day. It just goes to show that there are always cracks and chinks in the armour and that the safety net doesn't always do its job. I am now starting to dip my toe back into PC gaming, maybe at some point I will get back into Arma and then begin to investigate if Arma 3 needs this add-on. Until then, keep on trucking and don't let the bastards get you down...
  2. I thought the letter from CiA was both polite and a valid way of expressing a group's concerns and it was great to see that it was taken seriously by the quality of the reply from DnA. Everyone has their opinions about what is right and what is wrong with Arma 3 - heck, people are still having that discussion about Arma 2 after all this time. I think that one of the great things about the Arma series is that each game is a mini evolution and over time it changes and morphs (albeit in relatively small amounts). At least by adding their opinion and creating a discussion around it, CiA have set in motion the beginnings of this process. Life has got in the way this past six months and I didn't feel qualified to sign the letter when it was first sent to me but having played with CiA, I doubt that their concerns were unrealistic or reactionary - they are a great bunch of guys and have supported the Arma franchise well over the years. With some of the replies here though, I thought I has logged on to the Steam forums by mistake!
  3. I will probably do this at some point. So many things going on in life at the moment that it's rather taken a back seat! This thread will be the first to know should I get it converted!!
  4. Superb! I launched PWS so fast I forgot to read the part about it not being released yet! Can't wait to give it a go!
  5. Love the PWS beta layout and support for local mods means I can nearly finally retire the old Six Updater. It will be somewhat a sad day when I finally uninstall SU as I thought it was an excellent product! Anyway well done to the team as PWS is really getting there now. Thanks for your continued efforts!
  6. jedra

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Thanks for this - love the ambulance! I'll hopefully give the missions a go this evening.
  7. jedra


    Although nowhere near as prolific or as esteemed as most here, I would not upload any of my own addons to Steam Workshop. I am very happy for them to sit on the Six Network and Armaholic but would not be at all happy if they ended up on the Steam Workshop. I never plan on making any money out of the minimal output I produce, but it is a matter of principle that I will not just hand over the rights to Valve. From a purely consumer point of view, the longevity of BI games is due in most part to the generous contributions that Addon makers to the community. If something like Steam Workshop prevented addon makers from providing content then the game will die a lot quicker than it otherwise would. Just the existence of Steam Workshop is enough as no-one has to prove that they created the work before it was posted up. People on these forums and on Armaholic are vigilant enough to spot plagerised work and it get's removed pretty quickly, but the owners of these distribution areas are not collecting the commercial rights to anything so no real damage is done to the author if it is not spotted for a while. I hope that BI and Valve manage to sort something out with regard to the EULA, but something tells me that Valve probably will not budge from their position.
  8. jedra

    Xbox controller

    Actually the xbox controller is quite useful - I use it for driving vehicles. I use keyboard/mouse for infantry and a Logitech G940 for flying. You are correct Spanky, by default it is recognised, but nothing is mapped. You have to go into the controls and map each function individually.
  9. Thanks Mr Burns - how sad it all turned out in the end...
  10. Hi, I am trying to reinstall Iron Front from scratch but I am having problems locating the correct patches - the ones I had backed up are reporting as corrupted. Is there a full list of patches from the original along with download links anywhere? I have the version from the BI Store. I have the DLC but it refuses to work unless the game is patched! Regards Jedra
  11. I have raised a feature request in the tracker for audio. The text in the tracker explains my thoughts... "I would like to see in game options that allow you to better configure the audio options. Rather than Arma 3 using the 'default' input and output, I would like to be able to configure game audio and chat audio through different devices. I know that a lot of people use Mumble and Teamspeak but for a lot of public matches this is simply not always viable. For instance, I use a headset much like you get on the xbox (one speaker mono, with arm microphone). This is obviously no use for game sound, but is ideal for chat." http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=4293 In an ideal world I would like to hear my game audio through my main speakers and the chat through my headset. This works really well when using TS or Mumble, and should really be configurable in game too.
  12. Thanks for this SaOk - I am going to have to get good quick - the AI are brutal in Arma 3!
  13. There are probably a fair few clans running without mods and most of the people who are used to hanging around in the Arma2 beta thread will be running without mods too (mostly). But as Dallas said, I think that BI wanted to get the majority of the community on board from the beginning, and the vast majority of Arma players are playing with at least one mod. In fact there are probably just about as many modders who don't actually play the game as there are players!! I think if they had closed it down for modding then they would not have got so many people pre-purchasing and so there is a financial aspect to this also. All in all your theory is sound and most projects would be locked to as tight a subset of code as possible for an Alpha, but we now live in the world of instant gratification ;-) All I would say is that anyone posting to the issue tracker should be posting having run Arma 3 Alpha without mods.
  14. jedra

    Arma III + Fraps = Blackscreen

    No problems here with Fraps 3.5.99 build 15618 (licensed version).
  15. Great stuff - one of my favourite mission modes in Arma 3 - much appreciated!