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  1. trying to make a weapon box with glasses/goggles doesn't work, an error comes up and when I spawn the box theres nothing in it, also it doesn't even show in the right side of the menu the glasses/goggle being put it. and one more suggestion is there a way you can make it to where we can type in how much ammo/weapons we want, because sitting there clicking for a half hour trying to make a weapon/ammo box everytime we play a mission is tedious. THANK YOU!
  2. ACE1434

    Purple Famas pack

    your mod disable the use of the SOS scope in the normal A3 game. as in when I use your famas pack I can no longer use the SOS scope for use with the new snipers brought in the new A3 update. please look into this sir
  3. any way we could get an A2 version, would be very fun to use with ACE mod. THANKS!
  4. still no muzzle flash from the handheld A2 weapons
  5. any idea when the next version is coming out.. so far the only bugs ive found are the muzzle flashes for most weapons not appearing, the missles not tracking(example TOW launcher on bradley/humvee, doesnt track the crosshair). and some weapons(handheld) not appearing at all, other than that its perfect lol!
  6. nevermind im sorry this new version you just released works fine with respawn, I was still using the older version lol. disregard.
  7. doesnt work anymore after respawn :(
  8. sadly for me this new version 1.32 doesnt work at all in the addon auto init. everytime it just says "front sqf. not found" and nothing happens, this is one of my favorite addons I hope it gets fixed soon.
  9. hey, one problem I noticed in combat is the AI tend to aim straight up in the air when they are "suppressed" and then when they are ready to fire they are still aiming to the moon, ending in mass cloud slaughter lol. point being the AI shoot in the air after or while being suppresed.
  10. ACE1434

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    OA backpacks and High command fix?
  11. ACE1434

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    "Never thought about it, as I don't play vanila usually. I'll check the config files of the BI's bags and try adding them to the box genrator or the 3d editor." Thanks ALOT MAN I love the OA backpacks, ive used ACE in the past and even in A1 and im just not impressed anymore so I enjoy vanilla more(to each his own). ---------- Post added at 11:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:29 PM ---------- and one more bug I noticed was the High command portion doesnt work properly in singleplayer. it works fine in MP but not in SP not sure why. its hands down one of my favorite features but sad it doensnt work in SP. so in waiting of a fix ive been using the "high command extensions script" which works the same but not as cool as MCC of course. and BTW the high command has some really cool features that would do well in your mod such as the teamswitch setting features. he mad some were after you have switched to another AI unit and switched back you can reset the AI config back so he/she isnt stuck without control(old teamswitch bug). also their are commands in it to make specific unit teamswitchable which is awesome. id ask him for persmission to use his work in your mod I think it would an epic addition to your work(link-http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14961)
  12. ACE1434

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    does anybody know how to spawn backpacks/bags with MCC and no I dont mean rucks from ACE(I dont use ACE) I mean the bags that Operation Arrowhead brought.
  13. thanks again man, it working flawlessly alongside MCC X)
  14. THANKS! and hope all goes well at the doc
  15. hey, I love this mod but I am using with MCC sandbox and the sandbox option is overiding this one, I also use instant view distance and that option pops up fine in the action menu but not yours. any ideas. I know its possible to have multiple slots for the action menu. love this mod just hate that MCC SB overdoes it :(