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  1. During the last two days I have been testing this beta patch and I came a cross what seems to be a bug that, if I'm not wrong, was not present before. When I first load TOH and I select a flight, whatever that is, challenges, editor, time trials,... it goes fine but when I leave that flight and I go to another one (second flight without restarting TOH) TOH does not obey my throttle, TOH collective stick (on any helicopter) stays locked at the lowest position. I have checked via the controller settings and I can see how the analogic readings from my throttle transition from 0 to 100 without problems but the game just ignores the inputs. I suspect this may have to do with the use of the auto start-up sequence, on my latest try today I think I didn't required to exit TOH to fly the second time because I didn't used the autostart feature. (This is a tentative narrow down, may be wrong). I'm not running any external mods. My system is described in the Spoiler. Additionally I have been observing very weird behaviour on the torquimetre gauge (jumps during flight as well as maxed out when on the ground) on all the helicopters. Thanks and good speed.
  2. Hi, While I agree with you on the pedal input for the MD500 stock version (BIS) remember that you can always run the 8 patch + Nightsta1ker MD500, and this REALLY rocks! I think that BIS capped Sta1ker pedals because some guys using keyboard where unable to fly the bird as it is required a constant input...
  3. Yep, I agree on that too, the Bell should be a challenge (I'm not sure on the Merlin due to the "fly by wire" controls) and in fact in forward and non demanding flight envelopes it also behaves quite nicely, maybe the tail rotor feels a little bit too responsive for my taste but I think this is due to the joystick configuration so far tailor made for NightSta1ker MD500, being said that I agree with OMAC and BoboCZ, whenever I perform slightly aggressive flight envelopes like turns with banking at medium speeds on the Bell it is like the anti torque rotor would immediately blow off and in fact it is very easy to reproduce, fly straight at about 40 knots IAS and slowly apply full rudder (no matter left or right), you will not be there for long believeme...:p I don't know RiE, sorry about that :o, all what I know is that in the beta happens. By the way, a little list of small details: On Seattle grid 361080 there is a long industrial building that intrudes the river when the satellite image says the opposite. On Seattle grid 094063 there is a missing bridge (cars go underwater) When in free flight the helicopter spawn point can be located outside the mapped (sat image) area. FLYINHEIGHT command only seems to work when the height is lower than 10 (not including 10). The MD500 co-pilot seat seems to be not reachable by ASSIGNAS... nor MOVEIN (so far I tried cargo, commander, turret, gunner) In the MD500 flight model (I have not tested the others) the in ground effect seems to be completely gone, in fact when flying right over a row of containers now there is no change at all in height (keeping all the controls as constant as possible). The cars that drive over the bridge Homer M Hardley Memorial Bridge over Lake Washington (7-8Km dues East from Larkin base) are flying some meters over the bridge and some of them go underwater too. Whenever there is a tunnel entrance the cars instead of disappear they turn. Please keep your mind open and be veeeeeeeeeeeeeery patient with negative comments in this forum, some people is far to understand the words like "complexity" "balance" "resource"..., another explanation may be that their sex life is not up to the expectations, that happens... Have a good week end. Isaac
  4. So far so good, I have patched to revision infinite 8 patch and the change in flight model from 1.03 is considerable, now the helos, at least when flown with joystick in Expert feel much more "natural", specially the MD500, it is just a joy to fly (I still fly with the MODs from Nightsta1ker but even though I feel different behaviour). The helos no longer require right yoke correction, soft landings are easy and the birds go where I want them to go, I think you are getting there (well, ok I have no clue how a thing like a Merlin behaves...). From my point of view you are going in the right direction. I found what seems to be a very little "glitch", in the construction buildings where the cargo missions are always started if I try to land my skids get sunk like 20 cm in the concrete, but I know it was just fresh concrete so... no worries I didn't saw anything :D Thanks PS: Friday night, time for some more addiction .
  5. Isaac

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    +1 Independently if BIS releases or not the patch I will continue using the XMLs from the RC... (why not add the RC in to the patch 2 with some sort of note about the temporary nature of the fix...) In my opinion the so called patch number 3 should be based on RLIB4 and specially on feedback from B101_UK, Nighsta1ker (I guess he is working on something else right now) and generally speaking people with real world experience with giant vacum cleaners... Isaac
  6. Oooh nothing to shoot at how I'm expected to properly land then?? it is not worthy!!! :D :D :D Naaaah just kidding thanks for sharing. :) Isaac
  7. Hi Ziggy, Please, whenever possible if you can send me a PM with your modification (medium vs heavy helo) of the mission... Thanks Isaac
  8. Isaac

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Hi, I'm sorry but I have to report the same issue here. In Nightsta1ker mod number 1 hovers in IGE where dead on, the helicopter always settled smoothly on the top of the cushion, in Nightsta1ker mod number 2 (with 101_UK work added) my IGE hover always suffers from a slow up and down movement cycle inside the cushion. The annoying thing is that even when trying to counteract the effect by adding / subtracting collective it becomes impossible to stop the helicopter wobble due to the response delay. This doesn't refer to the joystick configuration, I have my dead zones at 0 and the throttle response as linear. On the other hand the rest of the flight model starts to feel really nice.
  9. Isaac

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Cool!! thanks, I will give it a try now :)
  10. Isaac

    Winch Ops?

    I'm following Ziggy's lead. Life is less painful if you don't complain 24h 365d on something that BIS staff has obviously already read but they just don't want to comment on for whatever reason...
  11. As apparently I'm the only one who only understands the last two letters of the acronyms, I will make a contribution: Some Anti-Aliasing methods SMAA Subpixel Morphological MLAA Morphological MSAA Multi-Sample TSSAA Temporal Super-Sampling FXAA Fast Approximate GBAA Geometry Buffer GPAA Geometric Post-process DLAA Directionally Localized SSAA Screen Space DEAA Distance-to-edge SPUAA Saboteur SRAA Subpixel Reconstruction DLAA Directionally Localized SGSSAA Sparse Grid SuperSampling AAA Adaptive TAA Transparency PPAA Per-Primitive Anti-Aliasing I really hope that no one thinks that I have a clue of what I'm talking about, because I don't! :p Without having any intention to turn this peaceful thread in a war zone :o, would you be so kind to indicate what your well founded judgement thinks it is the most adequate method to get the highest FPS (priority) vs an acceptable visual candy in ToH? Thanks
  12. Hei Ziggy, can you tell us a little bit more on the Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing, the shoots look sharp and clean...
  13. To hon0: epic pictures men, epic pictures! I'm sure Ziggy will take example of the proper hardware required to fly helos and will buy one. :p To Jedra: [i don't know what I'm laughing about if I'm on the same boat FPDR] To sbsmac: Amen, I'm just wandering what happens with autorrotations, yups. :crazy: