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  1. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Another week, another update: Mod ADDED : C-130E Cargo ADDED : T-55AMV ADDED : Even more Soviet uniforms, gear and textures CHNGD : M939 Empty is renamed to 'M939 Cargo' and now is ViV compatible CHNGD : Renamed 'Antonov An-2' to just 'An-2' FIXED : FIA AT Specialist (AT-4) had no magazine for the launcher CWC Campaign FIXED : Minor Stringtable issues FIXED : M113 Ambulance position in 'Guardian' FIXED : Men sitting around in underwear
  2. SOCOM HIGHWIRE v1 ARMA 2 CO mission Pack 21 July 2021



    My First mission Mr. W0lle.


    It would be an Honor for you and the ArmA community to check it out. 

  3. Some CWR² factions indeed have random uniform textures assigned. The FIA is one of them to prevent them looking like an Army but more like real partisans. It's done via Eventhandler in the config. I think there's a command to stop the randomization but can't recall it atm. As a workaround, you could assign the uniform texture manually in each unit's init line with: this setObjectTexture [0,"\cwr2\humans\cwr2_soldiers_fia\data\body_swiss_co.paa"]; this setObjectTexture [1,"\cwr2\humans\cwr2_soldiers_fia\data\body_swiss_co.paa"]; First selection (0) is for the body, second for the pants. Depending on the model, there's a third selection for the cap. The KGB Expansion also has random texture assignment. Here the first selection is for the uniform, the second for the helmet. Please share your missions with the community now. For a-holic to return you can wait until the end of days.
  4. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Update Friday 🙂 Mod ADDED : CJ5 Jeeps in Militia and Policie variants ADDED : Editor placeable maps of the OFP/CWA terrains ADDED : UAZ-452 in Militia and Policie variants ADDED : VDV textures for BTR-60 and UAZ-469 CHNGD : Removed the low grass addon which caused an unwanted dependency CHNGD : US Pilots have a M1911 in their holster CHNGD : US Weapons use red instead of white tracer rounds FIXED : Dead M151 gunner was not ejected from vehicle FIXED : Gen. Guba is now really Gen. Guba - and Col. Guba is Col. Guba Cold War Crisis Note : Please report if you see any civilians standing/running around in underwear. Include mission name. CHNGD : 'Turning the tide' ended a bit too early CHNGD : Better instructions and markers in 'Tank Training'. CHNGD : First intro scene : Armstrong is Kozlowksi, Kozlowksi is Armstrong CHNGD : It's no more possible to escape from the checkpoint with the truck in 'Undercover' CHNGD : Minor tweaks based on player feedback FIXED : Player has night vision in 'Night Patrol' as in the original. Thanks Leon.
  5. I have that too every here and then. But good to know I'm not the only one and it's not my lame connection. So... let's blame Jerry then. 🤣
  6. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    No, not yet. But he's a requirement for it. 🙂
  7. What? This is an english speaking forum, in case you haven't noticed that yet.
  8. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    1) Armstrong is the guy standing, his face isn't shown in that scene. I added his identity anyway, just to be sure. The guy sitting in front of the boxes is Kozlowski, though it appears that he is Armstrong. That's how it was in OFP. I have switched their characters now. 2) Could be there are more 'underwear guys around' caused by the last Mod update. Please report them and I get them some new clothes asap. 3) Well yeah. Guess he has enough of him pushing people around. 4) There was never tank support, they only came when the town was secured. You don't want the AI tanks rushing into Morton, killing half of Bravo squad. 5) Yes. You can either end the mission with 2 guys left, or let the player run in circles, looking for the lone survivor hiding in the grass beyond a house.
  9. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Another week, another Update: FIXED : Covered SSh-68 helmets provided no protection CHNGD : Replaced cwr3 civilian clothes with CUP ones as they served no real purpose CHNGD : Guba is now unarmed by default FIXED : Several rpt warnings eliminated ADDED : Colonel Guba, required for the Resistance Campaign FIXED : M113A1 geometry fixed FIXED : Misnamed selections on T-64 and T-72 models fixed @Damian90 Added to the list of stuff to do 🙂
  10. W0lle

    please help

    There's version 2.4.1 at moddb.com. Maybe not the latest but better than nothing.
  11. Definitely works, uploaded a bunch of files before. Correct command is: bidentify scan -d d:\temp\arma
  12. I was asked yesterday for the CWR2 v1.7 bugfixes. To my big shame I must say that at some point I must have moved them to gdrive trash and from there the folder got deleted. Not even sure if there were any patches released at all, or if it was just one of my fancy ideas. If there were any, I may have them stored locally. The question is just where in this mess of half a dozen internal and external drives. 😑
  13. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    @sberla101 Sent you a message. Cold War Crisis campaign updated (again). Hopefully, the previously mentioned problems have been fixed. At least the ones I could replicate. I've also added 'emergency exits' to all missions, in case someone really gets stuck or is completely annoyed by flying a helicopter whose AI gunner is completely dumb. These 'exits' are not visible in any way. Details on that are given by private message only.
  14. W0lle

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    The "Arma2 textures" were often used as an argument why the CDLC was junk and would not be accepted. That's why the 4k was meant as an exaggeration. After Prarie Fire, expectations were naturally high. I can understand that. Especially if you have a soft spot for high-resolution textures. Because you might primarily take photos or videos with the content. But for the 'average' player the CSLA textures are fine I would say. In any case, the reviews - some of which were almost insulting - were not necessary. And with many Steam reviews, I really wonder if they even looked at the content or just jumped on the bashing bandwagon. Anyways, it's good to see that there is now a generous return policy. Whether this is necessary or not is up to each of the buyers. I for my part can live with what is in there for now. It will be better over time, I'm certain on that.
  15. W0lle

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    Why should it be pulled from the store? Because a minority is complaing since some of the textures are not provided in 4k resolution? Because they 'look like Arma2"? It may be only me but if I play with any content, be it free or paid, I have other problems on the battlefield than how the uniform of that guy looks. Yes, there were obvious issues that should not have been there, like turret rotation speed, or the helicopter mewing trees. But seriously, everyone with a bit of common sense should have known that these are issues that can and will be fixed. I'd not even bother with considering a refund for 10 bucks. Money everyone spends everyday on less without complaining.