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  1. I've downloaded the mission pack and will see myself what errors are shown - if any. Normally, there shouldn't be anything removed in v1.6 - we have never done that and I surely will not start this now. nettrucker: There is no need to fix your missions to make them run in v1.6. I have to fix the Mod so the missions run again. Mr. Reviewer: In each CWR² archive there is a folder @cwr2_v16. All you need to do is extracting that folder into where you have ArmA2 installed. No need to create any additional folders or copying single pbo files around. This goes for the Core Mod and all it's Expansions. Just as I write this: The Winter Expansion is not yet updated to v1.6. This archive has a folder called @cwr2_v15 included. Eventually this causing some missing file errors which were mentioned. I will update the Winter stuff asap, if nothing comes in between this week. Until then, just hold back with playing the Winter missions. I mean, it's summer after all, who then wants to play in the cold! 😉
  2. When Jake sent me the mail with the terrible news, I was shocked and speechless. And while I've sworn to myself that never again I will post in this forum, this justifies an exception. Paul was a legend when it comes to terrains in the Armaverse. If Paul didn't know the answer or a solution, then probably no one knew it. And boy, he was a patient teacher. No matter how busy he was, he always found time to explain things, write a tutorial or even solves the problem on behalf of the person seeking help. There are not many like him, that's for sure. I enjoyed his terrain work ever since he made the first attempts. And I was very glad to have him in the CWR² team as he eventually saved the project. Because without Paul, there maybe would be no Malden, or only a crappy and bugged to hell terrain. For some strange reason, the AI refused to drive on the roads. Now with this splendid engine this is nothing new, but it was really bad because they just ignored the roads completely. I must have spent weeks in checking everything, and placing the road network from scratch twice. Then Paul joined and had a look. At first, he had no idea either because everything just looked fine. He then decided to make the whole terrain from scratch and see, the 'artificial idiocy' decided to use the roads. And then there was my fancy idea to port the 'VBS1 Intro terrain' to ArmA2, known as 'Elephant Island'. As if he wasn't busy already with his own and CWR² projects, I lured him into that one as well. And in the end, he not only created the terrain textures. He created them twice - at least - because he never was happy with some aspects. And he made the logo, and the roads too. He was not only a patient mentor. He was a freakin' perfectionist as well! :-) In the past year I lost contact to Paul, now this makes me angry because I never had the chance to talk with him again. I will miss our nightly discussions on Skype going on for hours. Not only about terrain editing, or missions from the old days but also about everything else in life. Once again I lost a mentor, a fellow Mod team member and a good friend. Without Paul, this community won't be the same anymore. But he lives on in his terrain tutorials, his beautiful terrains and last but not least in the memories of those who had the pleasure to work with him or were able to create their projects with his help. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace my friend, you will not be forgotten.
  3. Well, CWR² is not ACE2 compatible. It may work, but most probably will cause problems. CBA is no problem, MCC I can't tell. Because as Sander said, weapon selection depends on the mission designer. If weapon selection was not available in the original, it's not available in CWR² either. And there are no plans to change this. On a side note, and really not important: I have given the project lead to Max Power and I'm sure he will finish this thing. I want to thank everyone who has donated his work, time and knowledge to this Mod. Thanks also to everyone who believed in us in the past years and even in the darkest days. Knowing you are awaiting this Mod so badly was always motivation enough to finish it somehow. I'm absolutely sure you will not be disappointed with the final Version which, hopefully is not far away. For me it's time to move on to something else where I feel welcome. All the best to each of you, it was fun and a pleasure to be in this great community.
  4. Re. the catapult use: It's indeed a bit tricky to get the launch option. You can get it from the cockpit as well but you need to be at the right spot and looking at a certain point to get it. It's way better on the Nimitz from JDog. Maybe you could get in touch with him (if you aren't already) and see how the 'trigger area' could be improved? Currently it's really annoying using the catapult. The good thing with the CdG launch is that your gear is automatically retracted whereas at the Nimitz you must deal with that on your own.
  5. You are not allowed to share a key. One key per user, if your friend got his banned he got to buy the game again.
  6. Sickboy sent me a little program yesterday I would like to share with you. It's called "Play CWR² with Six" and is Updater, Launcher and Server-browser for the CWR² Modification. It does all that Play with Six does, just focused on CWR² so you don't have to deal with any settings. Just launch it, click on Play (or Update) and join a server running the CWR² Mod you like. If you want/need full access to Play with Six, just launch it instead the CWR² tool. To use the launcher, just copy/extract the included "Play CWR2 withSIX.exe" on your Desktop, ArmA2 installation folder or wherever you like to have it. Download Play CWR² with Six
  7. W0lle

    WIP British Infantry

    §10) Do not dig up old threads Threads older than 4 months should not be dug up unless something significant is being added. If in doubt as to what is "significant", contact a moderator and they will give you their opinion. As always old threads will remain open or be closed at the moderator's discretion. Digging up an old thread simply to ask "any news" is also not acceptable, Private Message the thread starter or mod leader to ask.
  8. It does not matter who drives the truck. The mission ended just fine when I drove the truck down the road until I was ordered to get out, and also when one of the Resistance guys was driving it. You can even drive the truck to the camp if you want to, the only important thing is that the player arrives there and the area around the camp is free of Russians. If you're at the tents/campfire then you're inside the mission end trigger. From our readme: Any modification of the included content (models, configs, campaigns, SP or MP Missions) is strictly prohibited. Personal use or not. The mission works just fine if you don't increase the viewdistance, or use some AI improvement Mods. I played that mission god knows how many times by now and never was detected by the enemy at mission start!
  9. W0lle

    The what have you bought thread

    Just a reminder: This thread is about what who bought recently. Not more and not less. Can't stand the fact that others buy a fancy amplifier while you barely can afford a cheap transistor radio? Get used to it. Life ain't fair and not everyone can be a billionaire. If this is pissing you off, just ignore the thread and move on. This thread is not about: - How evil the world is - How evil capitalism is - How corrupt some countries are - Whatever else comes to your mind I do not wish to see any more such posts from the usual people. Thanks.
  10. And what exactly has Arma 3 to do with his scripting questions? Not everyone is interested in using an early Alpha version of a game when a stable one does the same. ;)
  11. No cause as said before we think it's easier to have one full download available instead of beta + numerous patches which can be confusing when there is more than one patch. We had that before with the demos and it was a nightmare to stay up to date. If you want only small downloads, use PlaywithSix which updates only the modified files.
  12. New Beta R3 available: CHNDG : BMP-1 External view FOV tweaked CHNDG : M113/163 driver view is forced into optics to prevent the blurred view CHNDG : More powerpoles near the roads on Everon CHNDG : SVD and Huntingrifle are night vision compatible FIXED : Damaged/destroyed Bradley had ‘glass textures’ FIXED : RPK-74 had no recoil FIXED : Scope error with GAU-8 FIXED : Some dead bodies had visible artifacts in lower resolution LODs (thanks LODU) FIXED : V80 had no vehicle name, it’s now ‘Gunship’ FIXED : Varta town name was not shown on Nogova map British Armed Forces also updated to v1.04: ADDED - Sterling SMG FIXED - Small issues (berets, badges etc.) Download links in first post.
  13. Congrats on the release! Finally was able to download this. Wow, that's a lot of toys to play with - just like in the old days. Thanks everyone involved for your dedication and hard work to make this happen. :)
  14. Oh man, does this madness ever stops? Fix one problem, create two new ones. Clearly my fault here, hold on I pack and upload a new version within the next hour. Edit: New CWC Version available in the first post.