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  1. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    There's indeed a problem with the stringtable in this mission. For whatever reason the one from the previous mission was copied in that mission folder. Restored from backup and will update the campaign within the next hour. Sorry. 😔 Fixed, should be good now. If not: complain again 🙂
  2. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Minor Mod update: FIXED : Shadow issues with US M65 uniforms CHNGD : Correct UI picture for the PT-76B
  3. After the rampage of the Armaholic "admin" I had repeated requests for the CWR² mod files. And after our website went down last year, the last download option was also lost. We are really spared nothing. 🙁 However, I have now uploaded the latest version of the mod (v1.7) to Google Drive and Onedrive. Included are the mod, all terrains, expansions and campaigns. Currently the SP/MP missions are missing, I'm working on those. And my only surviving archive of the Netherlands expansion is corrupted, so the Dutch are MIA. If anyone has them, please contact me. Downloads: Google Drive OneDrive
  4. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Steam Workshop doesn't work as he's looking for the CWR2 Campaign. 🙂 Talos, I upload the campaign asap and send you the link.
  5. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Just a minor Mod update: FIXED : The capacity of the ammunition boxes was too small, so that not all of the added weapons were actually included ADDED : Backpacks to all military wheeled and tracked vehicles ADDED : Ural MedEvac for the Rebels (East) ADDED : V3S MedEvac for the Rebels (West)
  6. Just release it already! 😃 Looks very promising, can't wait to get my virtual feet on it.
  7. W0lle

    Middle East Crisis

    Obviously. But more likely with your mental issues. Maybe it's not clear from panzergrenadier's post: you won't get any help for your "non-steam" arma here. How stupid do you have to be to ask for help in the forum of a game developer whose game you don't want to pay for? I would look for help where you got your Arma from.
  8. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    We wish all fans, supporters and contributors a happy and peaceful Christmas and happy holidays.
  9. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    After a long time, a new update for the mod and all extensions. Unfortunately without any significant new content but some bug fixes and minor improvements. After months away from Arma and a temporary breakdown of our repository I have lost track of what has been done in detail. Therefore no changelog this time. Yes, it's getting worse and worse. 😀 The problem that some units/objects are not available in Zeus should - hopefully - be fixed. At least for the most part. If something is still missing, please specify what it is. A report with "Some objects are not available in Zeus" doesn't really help locating the issue when you have hundreds of objects.
  10. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Unlikely, there's already more Soviet uniforms then ever planned. And my interest in Soviet stuff has strangely decreased massively lately. 🤔
  11. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Late reply, been too busy with other stuff. I wil provide the Mod files on Cloud storage as quickly as possible. Problem is that my pbo files are newer than the Steam ones, so I need to revert my files first to the last official release date. Here we go: Cold War Rearmed III Mod
  12. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    In the early days we had the files on our server, which recently died. If you still need the pbo files I can upload them into cloud storage. Might take some time though as I'm super busy with RL stuff currently.
  13. Hi W0lle. I've been a fan of your work and Arma in general for over a decade now. However in May 21, when Armaholic was shut down by Foxhound it came as a shock to me. I was in hospital at the time fighting Covid. Took me a while to recover. And then Boom!. Lighting struck me after returning home. Suddenly Armaholic is gone. I have been trying to search for all the old mods and missions now for 2 years, but there is very few that is actually available. I saw in a thread post that you said you properly know Foxhound. Recently I reached out to him, but he deleted his account. Can you maybe please try to convince him to restore Armaholic, even temporarily so that ppl like me can download all of that treasure in it ?? Please. 



    1. W0lle


      Foxhound and his "administrator" darkxess can rot for all I care where the sun never shines. Especially the latter who deleted all hosted addons with a grin.

    2. ak47-su


      They should've been sued for this. Selfish people.

    3. VastGameMaster


      Foxhound always was an asshole. I've had interactions with him in the past he acted like a miserable sack of shit. I hope I never see his ass around any Arma forums again along with some other toxic people that I'll save for later. So, fuck'em.

  14. W0lle

    Mikeros Tool - PBOProject

    You should get the tools from Mike's official site, not from some place on the internet because you don't know which version number they have. https://mikero.bytex.digital/Downloads
  15. W0lle

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Minor update, mostly bugfixes as most of the team is busy with life these days. CWR III Mod ADDED : Editor placeable Scud missile (not perfect yet) CHNGD : Increased nuke to 10 kilotons. It's still a small explosion just looks better. CHNGD : Removed additional pointless proxies added to PT-76 FIXED : Attempt to fix Zeus problems with Rebel units FIXED : Bug with low LOD MiG-23/27 variable wings Tonal Defense Forces ADDED : Flag poles for both factions British Armed Forces ADDED : '85 Infantry editor groups FIXED : Attempt to fix ACE turret error experienced by a discord user @HBAOplus Maybe one day this will be fixed, depending on how much effort it takes. But as always, realism is not one of the goals of the mod.