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  1. im sry wasnt ment to offend was not ment for that... was only ment as a suggestion. anyways keep up the good work
  2. well remember even on a flat tank range they arent even all the time..... cause of the hole movement of the tracks.. will make it uneven.. :) will also happen on dirt roads if they drive there cause of the way the tracks dig in when driving... but im just talking about the astetic of it but keep it up... looks really good
  3. how uneven is the terrain gonna be at the tank area ranges?
  4. that its not in the front.
  5. oi that scimitar in the back is wrong
  6. these are not the anims your looking for
  7. yeah damn them vbs developers
  8. nice one lads looking need as usual... keep up the good work
  9. dk-vcb

    Global Mobilization

    fucking nice to see mates great jobs on the mods looking forward to see and try out the release specially the BIBER :)
  10. dk-vcb

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    is there a possibility for the last mission of the campaign where they talk about the whole of altis is riddled with minefields that you could make it able to go and clear it out as part of clean up job.. mean this obviously for real not sarcastic. and also if idap was gonna have more equiptment for mineclearing i dont think a tank is something theyd be driving around in. more like a Hydrema 910 mineflail.
  11. dk-vcb

    German Armed Forces Mod

    bloody german efficiency
  12. keep up the good work rockie... nice to see the man being touched up proberly..
  13. looking good mate.. keep it up
  14. dk-vcb

    German Armed Forces Mod

    im soo lost here mondie but great maps :P