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  1. mugaben


    Suck-it-an-see task? Arent you the wise guy. The subject was turned over on visitor 4 for arma2, and since I had experience with it trying it, I might aswell tell my story with what I ended up with while doing so.. Not everyone has these tools, so there is very little experience with this task I would assume. :) I expressed a desire to use and edit a visitor 3 mapfile (wrp) in visitor 4. Getting it from visitor 4 to A2AO is another matter in my story. I didnt get to that. Modkalb had luck by using the other exe with buldozer. I didnt. Thats how funny arma tools can be sometimes. It isnt a path problem, and it isnt a "simple task" to replace any .exe files. These are the first things anyone who has a slight clue on how it all works, tries to do, including me. When that doesnt work, what then? Ignore it?, or post the results/questions on Bi forums when you've run out of ideas? I think forums are made to discuss solutions, talk experience, help out and even ask for help. Funny thing you say its the wrong forums. Where then? Because thats the same thing I would be getting on VBS forums.. Mostly because its for another GAME.. So no matter where I write it, I would get that and some awesome moderator would lock it, twice. Thanks for taking the assumption that I have made no effort, and have tried nothing myself before even thinking about making a post on this forum. If I sound slightly annoyed by that, its because I am. :o
  2. mugaben


    So you mean tools to convert the WRP from V3 to V4'ish, and then buldozer should be able to connect properbly without crash? What tools might that be if you dont mind me asking? ^_^
  3. mugaben

    Danish Defence Army

    For everyone out there who might be following us, here's a little update. In general: D.D.A has now been up and running for about 3 months. Three teachful months where everyone has learned alot on every aspect. Our two 'Sergeant-trainees' has after a long and intensive training been promoted to Sergeants, our membercount has increased steadly and our groups are stable. We have plans to create a third group due to the fact that our two Motorized Infantry groups (on paper) is a bit packed on the membercount. I say on paper, because in praxis we found that its good to have a small excess of members by one or two members. This gives us a buffer that allows a few members to "call in sick" and still have a strong, filled group. So, before we can create a third and more different group than the two we have now, we need about 2-4 members more. So fellow Danes! Suit up, and apply! In the game: After a good beginning in the danish terrain of Favslev2.0, the groups has now been sent to the south for their international ISAF service in the area of Reshmaan. A 20x20km desert terrain, that takes them not to far away of the familliar Takistan, but still provides some changes. Their tasks will be very different, and has been allready. So far, they have spent a good month in that terrain. Every individual who has been on at least one whole mission has also been given their personal "Karabin M/10" (Rifle) instead of their old M/95 or M/96 Rifle. Furthermore, each group has on a trial basis been given one new light armored infantry vehicle (wheeled) each. The type of vehicle they have been given, is the MRAP RG-31. In the real world, the danish army has borrowed a fair amount of the MRAP COUGAR 6x6 vehicles in Afghanistan from the Americans. In arma, we dont have that sexy cougar beast, so right now we have taken what is closest to it. The MRAP vehicle models are build to better withstand blasts from IED's and small arms fire so the people inside it, can escape fairly uninjured. Our previous, desert vehicle was the Mercedes GD 'wolf' in a scout and command edition. This vehicle is very old, and most bullets will go right through them. We still use these in woodland areas for a number of tactical reasons though. So.. Thats pretty much all for now. For those of you who might consider being a part of it, throw in an application and be ready for 2013! We are looking for members, and especially for people who want to take part in the group and help out in any way. Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas and happy new year. //Mug
  4. mugaben

    Favslev 2.0 Alpha

    Thank you for all your compliments and sorry for the late answer. Ive been really busy. The google stuff is ofcourse to be removed as I move along in my sattelite. I still have alot of sattelite dark-shadowy areas to remove, and anything thats 'off' like a "google" will be edited out. Im just gonna explain a bit here why some of the things are as they are on this map. If you run an MSO on it will allow for plenty of fighting and scenarios. My team has no problems finding ideas for the map and with enough imagination you can easily create different missions. Try thinking out of the traditional box of allways using towns and buildings as objectives, goals and cover. Try to use the terrain, the forests and what not instead. An objective can simply be convoys, a stolen armored vehicle hidden in a forrest or whatever. Doesnt have to be whole villages or towns. Since this is based on real terrain and sattelite, I wont be throwing in a city. However, the main reason is that none to very little buildings fit into danish architecture. Ive really tried all buildings in arma, and there is so many eastern europe buildings that stand to much out. I just cant get my self to put in those kind of buildings in my map and the hardest part in this map progress for me, is finding buildings that I think will fit in. When thats said, there will be plenty more farms and clusters of buildings on the map when its done, and I will do everything in my power when Arma III comes out to make an A3 version. The slow offroad driving is really because I wanted roads to be the main use for player vehicles. I want players to take in the fact that going offroad will steal away time but make it safer - and driving on roads will increase the risk but be faster. In real life, you wouldnt want to go 40 km/h on a danish field/anywhere offroad. Ive tried, both in civillian and in the military and it is not advisable.. Face it, offroad is difficult and slow. Especially in the longer runs. Any armor shouldnt be affected by the offroad speeds on my map VS. every other map. I get realistic offroad speeds when driving most tracked armor. I will however take another look at it, and might tweak it a tiny bit because the AI speeds as you wrote. But not very much. (PS. The sand-colored un-marked roads gets you faster around than earth/fields/grass. They all tend to leave to somewhere because they do on the real sattelite image) The V shaped hangars can be used for vehicles, planes and choppers. In Denmark, we use them for those three kinds. Any vehicle that fits, LYNX helicopters and F16 planes. A lot of areas on the airfield is NATO standart, and even I dont know what they really are intended for. I guess you would have to be an "expert" on that subject or an insider. :-) Thanks for the compliments victim913, Im not seeing any of it as complaining, in fact im glad to hear inputs, ideas and thoughts like that. //Mug
  5. mugaben

    Favslev 2.0 Alpha

    Thanks! I'll look into that.
  6. mugaben

    Favslev 2.0 Alpha

    Thanks guys. That waterstuff will be removed in the next update, and thanks.
  7. Finally I decided to release an Alpha of Favslev 2.0. This map is currently under development and theres still plenty for me to do, but most of it is at least in a basic stage. So It should be playable for the most part, my team have had no problems so far using it on sundays. Have fun, feedback and advice welcome. If you found some major error, like buildings placed unlikely wierd, or stuff on the roads etc Id like to hear it. In that case, please deliver a short description and a coordinate, thanks. Information & Features 10x10km map from one of Denmarks biggest military tank and infantry training areas. Merged with real sized Skrydstrup Fighterwing's NATO standart airport. Terrain heightmap is mostly custom where sattelite is mostly real. In large scale, very flat... In small scale, alot of small dents, bumbs and holes. Denmark (Holsterbro vs. Skrydstrup) No central city or village. A lot of open space, fields and military training grounds. Big forests. Big fields. Small farms everywhere. A river, starting from N-W, fading out and getting shallower towards S-E. Windmills! :-) Focused on gameplay - As an example, grass is no higher than you can look over it when lying down. This is mainly because AI sees right through grass clutter, so he can lie down and see you, where you cant see him. We dont want that. Also, ground is so tough to drive on with wheeled vehicles, that roads, and specific types of ground are really useful. Driving offroad is slow :) Known bugs/errors: Since its an alpha release, theres still alot to do as: Somehow remove the mountain background. A lot of stuff I have forgotten. Requires: mbg_killhouse - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15180 mbg_buildings 3 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14828 favslev2_objec - Included Arma2 Arrowhead Pictures: Picture 1 : https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-PVi-Dx0J8To/UKUUM6WeVlI/AAAAAAAACHw/5z9kxC9UZ6U/s1280/arma2oa%25202012-11-11%252015-25-42-29.jpg Picture 2 : https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-JkK0dXXpEa4/UIRfjVmL8YI/AAAAAAAACF8/z7py0kJzvs4/s1152/arma2oa%25202012-10-16%252022-14-27-74.jpg Picture 3 : https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-5zQo6f-KrN0/UIRfarMdCJI/AAAAAAAACFM/8HYl0-N99k4/s1152/arma2oa%25202012-10-16%252021-42-02-25.jpg Picture 4 : https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Q9sOFOiUnB4/T4RngeUVuOI/AAAAAAAABtg/6Vyhl61JR4c/s1152/arma2oa%25202012-04-10%252017-48-37-57.jpg Picture 5 : https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-UUfsVoTP-5Q/UGnynweY-0I/AAAAAAAACBo/nRHqZIgWysw/s1280/arma2oa%25202012-10-01%252020-59-43-40.png Especially thanks to: "Shezan74" -- Maker of World Tools "Mondkalb" -- Maker of MBG Killhouses/buildings "Bushlurker" -- Allways having a solution to problems and allways being helpful "BIS" -- providing the necessary modding tools and the game of course "DanishDefenceArmy" -- Helping with testing the map and feedback "-DK-/Deekay" -- Continuent helping, providing tank-track model (currently not used), game-testing the map, Supplying information from real life military training in those specific areas of Denmark. "Frandsen/RavenDK/Pastry/Franzi" -- Game-testing the map, Helping with my Windmill model, Supplying information from real life military training in that specific area of Denmark. Coming up with the name "Favslev", helping with the hedgerow layout and the aircraft shelters. "EddyD" -- For letting me use his beautiful aircraft shelters. The map wouldnt be the same without them. And a thanks to all the people making tutorials and helping on forums. //Enjoy Download Dropbox ---------- Post added 11-18-2012 at 12:21 AM ---------- Previous post was 11-17-2012 at 11:31 PM ---------- Link should now work. :)
  8. mugaben

    Danish Defence Army

    We are of to a good start, and are now 12 members and counting - who all have gone through our training and standarts. Our first sharp/real mission has been played with allmost unbelievable success which where held on a sunday at 1900h. Danish time. This is now our fixed operations day. Our membercount is pushing our two groups to its limits, so we are not far away from considering creating a 3rd. group which will most likely be a support group with a bit more heavy stuff on their hands, like an M113G3 and a mortar maybe. But thats all still considerations and if we can find enough players for it, so more on that later.. Maybe.. :-) We are especially seeking players who wants to try out their future as group leaders, and who are good at creating missions with some scripting and general knowledge in the armaverse.
  9. mugaben


    As a VBS owner, I can sadly tell you that even though Visitor 4 can import and manage visitor 3 maps, and seems to do it fine - buldozer can and will not start up because of p3d files are made different. Cant remember the exact error. I tried using the visitor 3 buldozer with visitor 4, but buldozer just crashes right as it shows the map and models in a white color. :( Sadly, because damn Visitor 4 seems nice compared to 3. Like night and day.
  10. Squad name: Danish Defence Army Timezone/location: GMT + 1 Denmark Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: Use our forums. Website address: www.danishdefencearmy.dk Short description: Danish light motorized infantry. Reconnaissance. Realism, correct radio procedures, ranks and tactics. Running with danish gear, vehicles, map, and so on. Language: Danish
  11. mugaben

    Favslev 2.0

    Thanks! And thanks to Galcomt, Franzi and Muzzleflash they are now turning. Awesome!! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzPrdzC3IQM Windmill inspecteers! (theres a car in that picture)
  12. mugaben

    Favslev 2.0

    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1576479/wos.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVxypkWwIRM&feature=youtu.be Windmills! :) And yes, there is mountains in the background :[
  13. mugaben

    UV Map Workflow Questions

    Hey guys.. Trying to learn how to make objects and UVmapping them. After a long time of trying and failing, I finally got it right, and managed to create an UVmap for my windmill in 3DsMax.. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1576479/test2.jpg I still have doubts that this is the way to do it, I see people sitting for hours stitching stuff together, but It seems to work in 3ds so I am crossing my fingers that im not doing it wrong. Here it is, rendered. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1576479/3ds.jpg I had to create a UVmap for the stick, the wings and the main body. So three textures in all is what you see here. I then imported the object to Oxygen where I have no to very little experience. Its not "visual" enough for me, and I get easily lost in all the dots. The textures I had created now for my model, was tryed on the imported .OBJ and suddently looked like this: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1576479/o2.jpg But ofcourse, what did I expect.. That it would be easy?! :D Can anyone tell me if this is just some minor tweak in O2, or do I just have to wrap my head around creating UV-maps in O2?
  14. mugaben

    Favslev 2.0

    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1576479/buldozer%202012-10-22%2018-37-04-56.jpg https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1576479/buldozer%202012-10-22%2018-36-55-74.jpg Working on a river going across the map :)