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  1. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    Normally i should have some examples and models myself, will see what i can find. I think we will go for two optics, one for single monitors and one for tripple monitors (last one the main reason why i started this). I see what i can do...
  2. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    gpnvg18optics_ca.tga Converted with texview2 and looks normal. Converted with auto-converter while loading bulldozer. Looks normal in bulldozer... I also verified my steam files etc (as that was what google provided me with the preNlod error)... OEPS, i think i found my noob error. I simply replaced the modeloptics in cfg with my optics texture, instead of altering or making new opticsmodel. Do we have a BIS source opticmodel availible?
  3. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    You probebly correct on the X2 texture error. I thought it was possible, but been awhile and i think i never needed that format in the past. Will make a quick 4096x2048 sample to try out. EDIT: Unless i overlooked something else, i still get the error with the 4096x2048 texture. ->Warning: preNLOD format in object...
  4. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    Sorry for delay (short on time and took 2 project in between...). Anyway Bink helped me out getting the nvg ingame for testing. Goggles work (active/non-active) and we still have stock goggles... I tried a quick replacement optic (4096x1024) but that gave me an error (pre N blabla error, anybody?). Anyway that will be sorted soon. Still need to check for schroud and other options and continue lods... No eta beside...when it is done. Will post ingame teaser later on unless bink reads this (green light mate :-)).
  5. DaSquade

    FN Five Seven pistol (Need texturer)

    I agree with adam and max. It is one step you kinda must learn in the procces. This is want modeling is all about (the good and bad...). Uving isn't hard but the way you split parts will learn some things about how you best make you model itself ;-). Regarding the texture, like max pointed out, make something bacis (with ao integrated) and worry about the details (weathering etc) later on. In the 5-7 case it should be that weathered as it is polymeer (plastic stuff) material anyway :-). Good luck.... Model itself might be a bit too detailed for game model (-> leave some details for normal map).
  6. Got to love HP models with all the details :). Good job mate! *If it is an excuse, my/BIS SCARs are old models by now (didn't even made HP models for it)...so kudas for remaking stuff and improving it :).
  7. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    Cfg/scripting isn't and never will be my cup of tea :). Anyway, outsourced it for the moment, we will soon know ;).
  8. DaSquade

    SJB Weapons Pack

    Just to say, welcome back Jack and good luck :).
  9. Nice seeing you back Adam and co :) (hope admins are as happy as me)!! Good luck.
  10. DaSquade

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    Good stuff Bink! Keep it up (and good luck -> PM ;) ).
  11. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    Good to hear. So you don't overwrite the stock NVG screen layout?
  12. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    Depends Devil, if it was me only yes, but... I can't promise anything :) ... We don't even know if it is possible to swap NVG's in the first place (will know soon).
  13. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    Low poly model (for the moment just under 5k tris witch is acceptable in my eyes)... Some quick AO bake and non transparent lenses...
  14. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    One of my reasons i making it (realistic triple head NV screen display)... Sorry for the (high poly) teasers, but almost done. Still need mounting plate and depending on what can be shared cables/batterypack/helmet.
  15. DaSquade

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    Yup, high poly for AO/AS and NORMAL maps. Been out of the loop a bit and could use some leasons from my friend(s) regarding modo...(you can bake all kinds of textures including your _co based on the high poly model). Might stick to what i know, it did the job in the past... Still love modo, sort of user friendly but feels good. And thanks Binkowski :) @PN11A: you can fake a lot with normal maps and it is best to use it where possible. But sadly it can't fake outer 3D (displacements, at least i don't know arma 3 supports it...). Biggest problem will be to reduce the low poly model to the bear minimum (always hate that part :)). Still why to heavy atm...4xcilinders are always poly eaters. Any idea what a reasonable tricount would be for it? (yes most of the time i make my stuff next gen. compatible..haha).