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  1. Hello, 

    I have a model of a pair of Kaenon sunglasses, texture maps included.

    If someone would be interested in getting them ingame, please let me know, and you can have it.

    I want to contain it so no redistribution of the source files please.

    You can release them if you like as long as you credit me for the work i've done.

    Please contact me for the source-files.

    Best Regards


    1. Meatball0311


      Hey astast!!!! How you doing?

  2. astast

    SOC WIP Thread

    Here is a little something we finished today. Hopefully this will bring some variation to the game!
  3. astast

    astast: WIP Thread

    That is a bit of a mouth full for a green horn like me
  4. astast

    astast: WIP Thread

    Here is a little bone for ya with some of the stuff i'm working on and hopefully will get to you people soon! and that is going to happen! :) At least you will be getting some headwear that will be good for your operations in the high mountains and cold terrain :) http://gyazo.com/a58deeb358d52cf6f4d97f608c21b716
  5. astast

    SOC WIP Thread

    We'd be happy to receive information that could help us be accurate with regards to the contents of this mod. So please PM one of us with it and we will do our best to look into it and check with our sources
  6. astast

    SOC WIP Thread

    Well the variety of high speed gear used by western special forces is very small like for uniforms many countries are using crye sets now, but if we look back 10 years there would be way too many for us to cover. So yea some UKSF units could be made from some of the stuff we will put together but so could Canadian, Polish, Danish special forces and many more. So i guess that means that it isn't happening, at least not in the near future... check that in the future near the near future :)
  7. Wow good job seems like it is a very good mesh you have made :-)
  8. Did you make the model and textures? if not who did?
  9. astast

    astast: WIP Thread

    Nice i will keep you in mind buddy :)
  10. astast

    astast: WIP Thread

    Well this isn't only a work flow expanding project but also on how to create a suit :-)
  11. astast

    astast: WIP Thread

    Hello guys, it's been a while since i last checked in anyway, I started on an educational project yesterday on my workflow and make high to low poly modeling, propper baking and texturing and i hope it will be a nice adition to arma 3 i can only say this. It's an agent: http://gyazo.com/214054b0f877c92a891f61f277aa3ac4 Can you figure it out? :D If i make enough progress today i will show you guys what i have so far.
  12. Nice work im going to following this closely!
  13. astast

    SOC WIP Thread

    It is good work it is just that we would be happy not to have many different people to post their work in our work thread... If someone has something to show us then we will be happy to get a PM from you i didn't mean to be rude. Cunico you have made a great LBT if you would like to let us know what your post was all about (If it was an allusion) please PM me or Meatball0311. Thanks in advance Regards astast
  14. astast

    SOC WIP Thread

    As Yoshi says he should contact one of us privatly
  15. astast

    SOC WIP Thread

    Please don't post your own work here use a thread of your own. Lets stick to the SOC mods work and don't hotlink pictures of stuff that isn't SOC related