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  1. jefferspang

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Thanks for clarifying. That's what I thought as well. As fingolfin has said even though personal re-textures are abit of a grey area, the act of de-pbo'ing the addons are a breach of the end user's license agreement no matter how well-intentioned the personal re-textures are. I've seen some of my old work used in parts of personal addons and while this isn't something I'm losing sleep over, I would've appreciated a quick message as a matter of courtesy. On another note, I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on personal addons that contain assets ported from games other than ArmA? I've seen some screenshots where certain items are very much heavily modified models/textures from other games and seeing as this has never been bought up before, I've always assumed that this was tolerated.
  2. jefferspang

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Generally speaking, what's the ruling on re-textures and edits for personal use? (e.g., would getting permission from the original addon maker still apply?)
  3. jefferspang


    our thoughts and prayers are with you binks. get well soon <3
  4. jefferspang

    SOC WIP Thread

    Hi kz106, we're all very busy with IRL stuff at the moment (mainly examinations and deadlines for Assifuah and I), but there'll be more updates once we crank it up during the summer. :)
  5. jefferspang

    Afghan Special Forces

    :bounce3: wooow this is looking really promising!!! about time we got some tier 1 afghan door kickers!
  6. jefferspang

    SOC WIP Thread

    What??? :confused: sorry our WIP pics are scattered throughout the thread :p perhaps we should look into compiling it all onto the first post!
  7. jefferspang

    SOC WIP Thread

    So??? Sorry it's meant to be Maritime, we're still optimising the scale and adding a helmet cover mesh, it's a bit big at the moment. For Rangers we're debating whether or not to include the normal Ballistic version in the release since it's not that relevant at all ... hopefully the maritime will look more distinct once it's textured and scaled down :)
  8. jefferspang

    SOC WIP Thread

    You'll have to wait and see ... I don't think we're going to go for that particular Wilcox mount, I've already got one that is more commonly used prepared. Someone mentioned above asking why are we using just ANVIS, obviously we're going to use a mix depending on what the goggles system's in use. Another point I want to bring up is that you won't see the US navy style version of the helmet on our initial release so the velcro arrangements, camo pattern wouldn't be the same as the pics you've posted.
  9. Beautiful RG-31! Nice work guys :)
  10. jefferspang

    SOC WIP Thread

    Haha funny you should mention that ... I've always said that Fluttershy has become our de-facto PR Representative :D Also bear in mind that we won't release image updates until we are fully satisfied with the end results, considering that we're all obsessed with detail accuracy (to an unhealthy degree) the updates won't be in quick successions.
  11. jefferspang

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Oh man I've been pushing for that in SOC since day one, you're not alone :)
  12. jefferspang

    SOC WIP Thread

    so innocent .... ;)
  13. jefferspang

    SOC WIP Thread

    We're using 3ds Max with TexTools (both free) to UV. Here's a really good tutorial video courtesy of Astast :) y_1ql8yH2Ow
  14. jefferspang

    SOC WIP Thread

    Yeah what Meat said. There's no reason to be condescending and rude when correcting people, this really isn't the Arma community spirit guys. edit - Anyway I'll use this post to give a small update on current tasks (besides UVing the other models). Early WIP of MK.17s with a preview of different optics we plan on releasing with the addon pack :) Like I said it's very early WIP so it'll be subject to a lot of changes in the future.
  15. Ah one of my favourite parts in the UK :) I'll be sure to recreate my DofE expedition route :P Thanks for the release and I look forward to more updates! ^^