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  1. You could, but surely you want the best quality out there? Going down to 1024 x 1024 would make the game look like Arma 2, I personally only used 2K, but for quality gear such as being produced here, I believe 1024 x 1024 would be doing it an injustice ;)
  2. If you're adding separate textures, for 3 different items, top/bottom/footwear, as opposed to a single texture, it would increase the size of the addon, what you need to also bear in mind is that the performance on the CPU/GPU would also have a slight impact, instead of loading 1 texture, it needs to load 3. Throw in the same model, using hidden selections, with multiple patterns and camo's and it's bound to increase the addon size. I don't see how taking one texture and turning it into 3 would reduce the overall size if you're also using 2-4K textures, that's been my own observations, on the multiple textures issue, keeping it down to a road map is far better, because as I'm seeing here, the more and more request that come in, the end produce gets pushed further and further and further to the right.
  3. Okay, here's a suggestion seeing as it looks like sahio can produce almost anything... low profile plate carrier UNDER a button up shirt. ?? I've been doing several low profile VIP missions in Iraq in the past few weeks, where I need to be low profile, as in shirt over the top of covert body armour. it just makes you look more bulkier, but the overall idea is that you're "blending In" more I wore something like this, with a shirt over the top, not tucked in. https://www.uktactical.com/p-11501-covert-plate-carrier-black.aspx
  4. With all due respect, you've been proven wrong several times, with pictorial evidence, if it's good enough for German KSK, and Norwegian FSK, along with multiple other Tier 1 Spec Ops Types, to make a claim that it's an Arma thing was absurd... the use of the word "normally" implies that it's done, but under various circumstances. ;) Your unit SOP's would play a significant part in how you wore yours, but you made a blanket statement stating it was " a game" thing, when in reality, it's pretty common, and has been for years, and as Hvymtal also correctly implied, having the nose covered fogs up eye wear very quickly. Alaska is a beautiful part of the country though, not sure if you felt it was a shit posting or a good one, and as always, your service to your country is appreciated.
  5. Some people need to speak less, and research more.
  6. US 75th Rangers

    a decent PVS-31 battery pack would be ideal, lots of GPNVG addons kicking about, but PVS 31's are a rarity, along with decent wilcox NVG mounts
  7. US 75th Rangers

    Suhaio is possessed man!!
  8. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    I get where you're coming from on this George, the words "Private addons" was easier to write down, as opposed to "ripped content from X, Y or Z game" :D it drew less attention to the contents. I've seen the very same reaction on reddit Arma3, where people question why "showboating" content that others, especially the majority will never get their hands on, due to the Private partit's a bit like taking a fat kid to a cake shop, and making him look through the window, whilst you happily stuff your face from the inside of the shop.
  9. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Not really mate, using ported content was always against forum rules, but you had to know what to look for, it's not easy to spot, so very little was done, only when it was noticeable, like the DayZ stuff, or mods used without permission from steam (Yuri Ptreov's Blackhawk's for example) that the boundary was being pushed, the "Private addons" were such addons, where ported content were a significant feature. There are indeed people passing "private" stuff, such as content from unreleased addons, to friends and then more friends and they get released as part of other peoples "private addons" If you think this is an issue, you should actually see the stance BI take when it's their assets that have been ripped, and ported to other games, there's plenty of threads on facepunch.com forums where BI take a very serious view towards ripped content, as do RHS.
  10. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Not 100% accurate, the biggest issue was and always using ported content from other games, which has always been a rule, but there were members stretching this rule, significantly.. the DayZ stuff in particular.
  11. JSOC Tier1

    These are Salomons GTX4's , the textures were donated to me by Van Schmoozin, and were part of his Project Zenith, but my addon was released before his, so out of respect, I didn't release the boots textures.
  12. US 75th Rangers

    and never use the Virtual arsenal to base your camo's off either, use Malden with no sunlight ( that was my personal preference due to limited artificial light sources)
  13. US 75th Rangers

    Mate, do what YOU guys feel is right, seen this debate a million times with AOR1 and AOR2, if you're using Will's MC as a base, then keep it as close as you can to that, as it's almost a forgone conclusion that people will edit the textures to their personal satisfaction anyway.
  14. US 75th Rangers

    I just came in my pants !!
  15. US 75th Rangers

    Pretty shit looking to be honest!! Just messing, this just keeps getting better and better!!