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  1. UV Mapping

    You need to map it in another 3d program like Blender, or 3ds max first.
  2. Welcome to Glasgow

    Will it it be constantly pishing down? 90% of the time I went to Glasgow it was baltic and pishing down, it wasn't much better up in Oban either (my home town) Scottish weather used to depress me, Summer was 7 days long at times, the map looks pretty good though.
  3. NIArms Release Thread

    Looks like the 416's will be dropping pretty soon, Patreons will have access within 24 hours according to one of Toadies recent tweets
  4. EricJ Release thread

    Good to see you back buddy.
  5. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Without a shadow of a doubt, there's a creeping elitism/elitist attitude coming from guys who have been around several years, when they are being nitpicky about another persons screenshot. There's also a steady decline in the Arma community, lots of potential addons will never see the light of day, or will remain unreleased, due to the authors lack of time and commitment and other issues, including the toxicity so often seen by some individuals. Rich_R pretty much nails it, great post sir.
  6. It's not intended to be sling loaded, as it's not qualified nor built for that role, that's why you have casualties placed in baskets that are winched aboard to be with the medics.
  7. Stop being a bellend, I'm far from missing the point, I'm talking about what's practical and what's not. What's easy and doable, without complicating the structure of the addon. You're correct about addon team will make their decisions based on what's doable and what's not, regardless having known Seige A personally for a number of years, I'm sure he will do his best to accommodate most requests, including yours.
  8. You have to create animations and models in the folded and unfolded positions, you suggest using ACE, which then makes the mod have dependencies, not everyone uses ACE, or plays Multiplayer either, as a former addon maker, you want to keep everything as simple as you can, as otherwise your addon then needs several hundred megs worth of other addons to work. We have these tactical folding stretchers from Frontier Medical, they're great, but fookin heavy, despite being made from aluminum, we leave ours packed at hand in our vehicles.
  9. A static weapon still needs animations and scripts to work, that's my point, then you need more scripts to then have 2 people carry it to point A, B or C, then more animations to place them down. I'm not against it, I'm against wasting time getting the scripts to work properly. I'm all for eye candy, which is the aim of this addon.
  10. I doubt this would be possible, it would need custom animations, and lots of scripting to work. The stretcher model inside its carrier would be no issues, but to then have it turn into another animated object would be very different. It's NOT really practical to carry stretchers, most are kept in the vehicles, as they're still cumbersome, and can snag on too much shit, we have such portable stretchers for our teams, they still weigh 6-8 kg's and not as "portable" as they're made out to be, I'd hate to carry one on my back all day!!
  11. You could, but surely you want the best quality out there? Going down to 1024 x 1024 would make the game look like Arma 2, I personally only used 2K, but for quality gear such as being produced here, I believe 1024 x 1024 would be doing it an injustice ;)
  12. If you're adding separate textures, for 3 different items, top/bottom/footwear, as opposed to a single texture, it would increase the size of the addon, what you need to also bear in mind is that the performance on the CPU/GPU would also have a slight impact, instead of loading 1 texture, it needs to load 3. Throw in the same model, using hidden selections, with multiple patterns and camo's and it's bound to increase the addon size. I don't see how taking one texture and turning it into 3 would reduce the overall size if you're also using 2-4K textures, that's been my own observations, on the multiple textures issue, keeping it down to a road map is far better, because as I'm seeing here, the more and more request that come in, the end produce gets pushed further and further and further to the right.
  13. Okay, here's a suggestion seeing as it looks like sahio can produce almost anything... low profile plate carrier UNDER a button up shirt. ?? I've been doing several low profile VIP missions in Iraq in the past few weeks, where I need to be low profile, as in shirt over the top of covert body armour. it just makes you look more bulkier, but the overall idea is that you're "blending In" more I wore something like this, with a shirt over the top, not tucked in. https://www.uktactical.com/p-11501-covert-plate-carrier-black.aspx
  14. With all due respect, you've been proven wrong several times, with pictorial evidence, if it's good enough for German KSK, and Norwegian FSK, along with multiple other Tier 1 Spec Ops Types, to make a claim that it's an Arma thing was absurd... the use of the word "normally" implies that it's done, but under various circumstances. ;) Your unit SOP's would play a significant part in how you wore yours, but you made a blanket statement stating it was " a game" thing, when in reality, it's pretty common, and has been for years, and as Hvymtal also correctly implied, having the nose covered fogs up eye wear very quickly. Alaska is a beautiful part of the country though, not sure if you felt it was a shit posting or a good one, and as always, your service to your country is appreciated.