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    JSOC Tier1

    JSOC uniform and character addon by Sabre/Ardvarkdb/RoadRunner Description: These are the SOTG models used with permission from Sabre and Ardvarkdb, to include cut sleeve versions, a first in Arma 3 I believe, with additional textures created by myself, to represent the uniforms worn by units within Joint Special Operations Command, and a few extra's thrown in for good measure. Enjoy. Installation: As always, it's recommend to use mod folders to separate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. Included files: JSOC_Uniforms.pbo Key: These are signed addons. Known issues: - Slight shadow LOD appearing, but no worse than the ones in default BIS models - This will not be updated after release,and will be the final addon created by myself Thank you all for the support over the past few years. Credits & Thanks: Models:Ardvarkdb (base unit, vest, helmets, etc.) Textures:Sabre,BI configs: Road Runner Please do not distrubute on other steamworkshop locations without asking permission to host first, I have no issues with them asking first then hosting. Thank you all for the support over the past couple of years, I will close out with the JSOC uniform, character addon, this will not be supported after its release. There are tan coloured base uniforms, to be creative with your own camo's. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871794542
  2. road runner

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Crafty but ingenious.. !!
  3. road runner

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    did you photo shop the turned up BDU's ? I agree with Dark Specter, it's a great picture, had to do a double take.. have you got it in Higher res?
  4. road runner

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    I actually like that one.. if the green glow was seen I'd use it as a desktop background
  5. I seem to remember from older video's that if you deleted/Hid the Main LOD model, there was a way to keep the "outline" it often showed up as a yellow outline, it was used for sizing and positioning of various models. For the life of me, I can't remember how this is done, or even if it's possible with the current version of Tools ?? I'm thinking back when it was maybe Soul Assasin who had a video tutorial for importing character models for A2 ( Fireman) Any input is greatly appreciated. Like this, you see the yellow outline from the original LOD
  6. road runner

    Deleting a LOD but outline remains

    Bingo!! That's the one, many thanks mate.
  7. road runner

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Some of the PMAGs/M4 mags in the chest rigs and plate carriers look under scaled to the ones on the weapons, it's very noticeable on the S&S plate frame and the fast mag. Put one of Toadies PMAGS/EMAG/STANAGS on the front of the plate frame and it's much taller than the ones currently on your vests, the fastmags need scaled up a bit.
  8. Without a doubt, this is the best map outside of BI, anyone whose ever been to South East Asia will feel this map brings back memories of being there. Nightstalkers are also recruiting !! 😄
  9. No, I'm hoping for your update this month maybe, and also DCS is dropping the F14 for puplic download tomorrow ! Yeah, the terrain is pretty much spot on, her home Region is Kalasin, and the greenery there is pretty much spot on with your map.
  10. Love this map, reminds me of North Thailand, and where my girlfriend comes from, looking forwards to the update.. gonna kill my bandwidth this month !!
  11. Change the name of the uniform class to something different, as both of them, the character and the uniform have the same name and are possibly conflicting with each other.
  12. road runner

    cfgFaces arm textures

    Within the config file, and the model config. What you need to do is maybe call one HL_Left and the other HL_Right, and assign the textures on the base model, but then the default model will probably over write it. You also need to add these "selections" to the model.cfg as well, again you need this on your custom model.
  13. Excellent, it was long overdue a bit of TLC !!
  14. The MH47E, is this just an update of Konyos original A2 ported to A3 ? By Updated, I mean the bugs that started appearing after APEX hit the scene
  15. road runner

    cfgFaces arm textures

    you can't, unless you have the source model, and change the arm selections to a different name for each one.
  16. Does the MH47E also come with the refuel probe version?
  17. Very much like NORRIN's arial taxi script for A2, which initially worked for A3, I will give this one a go. Is it limited to the core game helo's? or can you add this to make say RHS helo's be the "taxi" ??
  18. road runner

    UV Mapping

    You need to map it in another 3d program like Blender, or 3ds max first.
  19. road runner

    Welcome to Glasgow

    Will it it be constantly pishing down? 90% of the time I went to Glasgow it was baltic and pishing down, it wasn't much better up in Oban either (my home town) Scottish weather used to depress me, Summer was 7 days long at times, the map looks pretty good though.
  20. road runner

    NIArms Release Thread

    Looks like the 416's will be dropping pretty soon, Patreons will have access within 24 hours according to one of Toadies recent tweets
  21. road runner

    EricJ Release thread

    Good to see you back buddy.
  22. road runner

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Without a shadow of a doubt, there's a creeping elitism/elitist attitude coming from guys who have been around several years, when they are being nitpicky about another persons screenshot. There's also a steady decline in the Arma community, lots of potential addons will never see the light of day, or will remain unreleased, due to the authors lack of time and commitment and other issues, including the toxicity so often seen by some individuals. Rich_R pretty much nails it, great post sir.
  23. road runner

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    It's not intended to be sling loaded, as it's not qualified nor built for that role, that's why you have casualties placed in baskets that are winched aboard to be with the medics.
  24. road runner

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Stop being a bellend, I'm far from missing the point, I'm talking about what's practical and what's not. What's easy and doable, without complicating the structure of the addon. You're correct about addon team will make their decisions based on what's doable and what's not, regardless having known Seige A personally for a number of years, I'm sure he will do his best to accommodate most requests, including yours.