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  1. I think it is more of a "how much can one person do in Arma" thing. So far you've got quite a bit of stuff going but as far as getting some outfits for characters, another weapon or two, the ships working in some combat form.... seems like a lot to look forward to. At the end of the day when all is said and done, a nice pirate themed map with smaller Caribbean islands and some navy vs pirates sort of battles would be cool. I really just want to shoot other people off the opposing ship with wildly inaccurate weapons.
  2. Looks amazing. By the way what are the color settings you have the menus at so they look like A2 ones? I could never get the colors right.
  3. Love the standing animation. That's awesome, is it something you can operate using the action menu thing built into Arma?
  4. Like I said, that style isn't commonly used. Fries or traditional fast roping is most common aside from land based insertion.
  5. Totally different style of fast roping that is rarely done outside of training or display events. By far the coolest looking form though.
  6. Ah nice. Pretty sure Aussie sf uses them frequently.
  7. I think Arma 3 creators could create for example another Arma 3 Life server that alllws everybody to pay $10 to enter.
  8. Bell V-280 Valor

    Haha that's pretty nice man.
  9. Dayz's new revamped foiliage in Arma 3, Possible?

    One of the main differences is that they use non-traditional 3D models for the trees compared to arma. They are more realistic.
  10. Arma 3 dev team decreasing?

    I would welcome another major expansion with a few maps and some new units and engine features. Much larger than Apex and with a $60 price tag to push their cash flow along.
  11. Arma 3 dev team decreasing?

    I think he means the team working directly on A3 stuff. They have been embracing outsourcing to former Arma modders and their small studios more now.
  12. Hidden Identity v3

    He removed a couple of weapons, most of them within the pack are still ripped from other games. The remaining models are ones he took off of gamebanana which I assume he got authors permission or they author released it with permissions so I dont care about them. Either way this isnt the right location to have a full discussion about why that guy needs to be perm removed from the Arma community and steam.
  13. Lol where were all these huge fans of Norwegian stuff back when our NORAF team was losing steam.
  14. I love ArmA 3 but feel let down

    You clearly don't understand why platform and engine updates are important and needed by the modding community. Also just an FYI, you are the "downhill" part of the community.
  15. Hidden Identity v3

    Models stolen from The Division or Ghost recon wildlands. That piece of shit KICKASS (http://steamcommunity.com/id/307752601) is the one who did it. He also still isn't banned from Arma and all his workshop items removed.