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    The real issue you are probably having is that there are several different versions of Drifires original combat uniforms. To help you ID them here is this: Protos: body/torso material is a dirt brown color instead of CB like the old gens Old gen: brown body material, aquamarine greenish blue velcro that fades super fast so usually it looks green/gray, sometimes they have a straight brown stretch panel above the knee sometimes they dont, there are also other versions with some weird shit like stretch on elbow area etc... New gen: green body material, green velcro and no stretch Also drifire is known for never having a consistent look and many times you will see stuff that is a mixture of various features or modifications like crye style knee pads etc... its all over the place. Anything Crye style is most likely crye or crye/drifire/cryefire whatever you want to call it these days. The only exceptions I can think of are some beyond uniforms, potomac and obviously the classic raidmods.
  2. This will be the last thing in regards to this subject; we will find a way to protect our content. We will also ensure that the retextures made from our content are high quality and that the right people have all the necessary files to retexture them. As always we appreciate the input from everyone.
  3. As someone who originally was very pro open source content for Arma, it was a hard decision to stop providing that and harder yet to hold off of releases and remain in private testing until we figure some means of protection out. I took a break from modding arma for a few years a while back and to come back to that to see mainstream mods using stolen content from AAA titles going unchecked, major community authors not only encouraging and defending those actions but doing it themselves, "private mod" creators (who rip content from other games or steal it from major Arma mods) selling their private mods, people stealing models from Arma mods and uploading them for sale on modeling websites... etc. So yeah that's what it took.
  4. Except for the one big difference which is that most if not all "private mods" are just stolen content...
  5. I'd like to provide a few WIP pictures before I get to the bad news, this is a small sample of what I've been working on recently aside from photogrammetry related materials: https://imgur.com/a/m5305uC We are indefinitely postponing the release of the mod (internally was sometime before summer) until there are sufficient means to protect our content. We will continue to work on it and post WIP content now and give you an update as to when the mod will once again have a release date. There is no one reason for this, it is a mixture of various factors that are unrelated to team members. Thanks.
  6. To simplify things really the only "requirements" we would have will be something along the lines of similar quality to the originals, correct camo pattern sizing, correct pattern orientation for all parts of the texture as well as correct splitting of the texture for sewing lines etc... just all the details like that. If you've been re-texturing for a while now this really shouldn't be that hard... I fail to see the issue here as we do not owe it to the community to let them run rampant and create horrible retextures for all of this content we've put a lot of time into. There are a lot of extremely talented retexture artists here, this is our way of appreciating them while retaining the high standards we set for our own gear. You will not be outright rejected from doing textures if you submit one that isn't perfect... you will just get feedback and be told what things you would need to improve to resubmit. The only way you'd get ruled out of ever having public retextures is by going against any EULA terms of the release build or by being involved with the 'private mods' community.
  7. Reverse engineer the completed texture unless you have contributed multiple high quality retextures... in which case if we have a template you can use its likely we would allow you to. Luckily almost all gear items will have plain color versions (RG, khaki, etc...) so it won't be too hard if you know what you are doing.
  8. Retextures will not be allowed by default. Only authors who have permission will be able to retexture items. I appreciate you pointing this out. Our bad.
  9. Had more time to work on speeding up my scan process. This model has around 1.5 machine hours of processing and 2 hours of actual work taking photos, masking, baking the maps out and then doing some touchup in photoshop, its not immaculate but it should look good in-game, vert count is basically the same as default Arma gloves maybe a tiny bit higher and it is using 1K texture maps: Here is an example of an OpsCore scan of my Carbon showing a few different phases of the model (this one will be purely for texture grabbing and sizing): This whole process has been far slower than originally anticipated but we are making significant progress.
  10. Started up work again on the OpsCores, I scanned it in for materials and sizing stuff. Expect some more updates to the OpsCores soon.
  11. Thanks for the offer but quite a few of us have also spent more than we care to admit on gear.
  12. WIP pic of the PVS-31s, still got a lot of work to do to fix their baking and then texture them. Can we stop using those really weird ripped ones now?
  13. Your discord link is still broken.