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  1. Yes but for example you state this: "-port=2302 "-profiles=d:\Games\A3\A3ServerNo1" -config=Config_Vanilla.cfg -exthreads=1 -enableHT -mod=" I have no idea what to do with that or this: "EDIT the config_vanilla.cfg" I'm not familiar with a lot of things you reference to in your debugging tutorial.
  2. Do I need to have the server set up according to your dedicated server tutorial or can I just use TADST?
  3. I am using TADST to set up my server and I have signature checking set to "v1" (Also tried "v2") I am running RHS:USAF, GREF and AFRF on both my client and the server When I join it says "Session Lost" Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? (Btw it works when signature checking is off)
  4. Is this still working? I can't get it to work
  5. Sorry if this has already been asked but is there a way to have the LHD without having the weapons and unit packs?
  6. I have the "Game Master" and "Add Editable Objects" modules placed. The Zeus still has infinite resources despite the counter, which is how I want it to be. I just want to remove the counter as it has no purpose in my situation.
  7. How do I get ride of that kill counter thing?
  8. MisterCat

    Players not showing up after respawn

    Yea, that's what I do to void this issue, but I would also like a solution that adds only the players as I don't want the static objects near the players to become edit-able
  9. Players don't show up on the zeus GUI, I added the players in the 3D editor using the "add editable objects" module.
  10. MisterCat

    Publisher Crash

  11. Image pretty much says it all - Tried running as admin - Tried Reinstalling
  12. This is the only server that shows up for me under "official servers", is this just me or is it like this for everyone else too?
  13. MisterCat

    ArmA 3 Ticket System

    Actually never mind, I've managed to fix it, thanks :)
  14. MisterCat

    ArmA 3 Ticket System

    It shows up now, but the hint is also there