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  1. tobinator

    Rotate Spotlight

    Okay thank you for your help. Now it's looking better! But... ...it seems like there's a limit of lightpoints that can be shown at the same moment + it looks a bit weird that the light shines so intense onto the ceiling...I think I need a alternative method to imitate the flurescent lamps. Does anybody knows a alternative?
  2. Hey guys, I'm just trying to imitate a light tube in a garage but I don't know what I'm doing wrong because it's just shining onto the ceiling but not onto the bottom. I'm using a bunch of small objects which I placed in a row into the tube and this is in the init of these objects: if (isServer) then {this setPos [getPos this select 0,getPos this select 1,12]; this setVectorUp [0,0,1]}; light1="#lightpoint" createVehicle [0,0,0]; light1 setLightBrightness 0.15; light1 setLightAmbient [1,1,0.7]; light1 setLightColor [1,1,0.7]; light1 lightAttachObject [this,[0,0,0]]; this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1,4.2]; light1 setLightUseFlare true; light1 setLightFlareSize 0.1; light1 setLightFlareMaxDistance 500; light1 setLightAttenuation [2,4,80,0]; this hideObject true; and this is how it looks: I already tried several things like: light1 setVectorUp [0,0,-1]; but that doesn't change anything. Does anybody know how to flip the light direction? Or maybe someone has a better idea to imitate the light tube. Thanks for every help in advance!
  3. tobinator

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Scroll a few posts up and you will find an answer to that.
  4. tobinator

    NIArms Release Thread

    Is there a changelog? EDIT: Nvm found a changelog in the SW.
  5. tobinator

    Lockheed C-130

    Nice! Thanks for your effort :D
  6. tobinator

    Lockheed C-130

    I got no documentation of it's implementation but here's a video of how it works ingame:
  7. Are the lights on that screenshot from the garage stuff actually working? Some normal interior lights in arma would be extremly useful in my opinion and I would love to see some :D . Anyways I gotta say you create awesome objects!
  8. tobinator

    Lockheed C-130

    now that there's a offical vehicle in vehicle loading system in arma 3, any chances that you add it to this plane?
  9. tobinator

    Zee - M107 - announcement

    I would appreciate more sniper rifles. I always wanted to see a McMillan CS5 which is very unique and was never made in Arma (I think). I never saw the SV-98 in arma - in general a russian bolt action sniper also :huh: . And if you're going to create a standalone assault rifle pack please don't do the ACR / SCAR because the SMA mod includes them both already with a high quality and I think toadie is going to create also ACRs and SCARs in the near future. (Modern) Russian assault rifles on the other side lack a bit in A3. An tactical AK74/AK47 for example would be cool or a Vityaz-SN or a ADS but that's another point that can be discussed when you decide to create a assault rifle pack. :D But thats enough for what I want - I wanted to thank you for the awesome sniper rifles we already got from you at this point! :)
  10. tobinator

    Special AK-47 For a Friend!

    the sound from weapons in mods broke a while ago when arma 3 got updated (it was the Zeus Update, wasn't it?). I think you can make a external config to make it work again but I don't know how - you can use google to find a solution.
  11. tobinator

    New Poly limit?

    Hello guys, I heard that with dx11 the poly limit in arma is now raised. Is that true? If so, what's the new limit? Thanks for you answers :D Regards Tobi
  12. tobinator

    Zee - M107 - announcement

    Yeah sorry read through the topic and saw it was already discussed. Big sorry!
  13. tobinator

    Zee - M107 - announcement

    Can you maybe say something to the suppressor suggestion?
  14. tobinator

    Advanced Towing

    I tried using this mod in A3Wasteland - with no success. I looked in the .rpt and the message that the addon was loaded apperead: "Advanced Towing Loading..." "Advanced Towing Loaded" The action also shows up but when I select the action no rope gets deployed. The same goes for your rappeling mod(but there's not even a action showing up). Btw the sling loading(script version) is working better but also not perfectly. I can deploy the ropes inside of the helicopter but not from the outside. I hope you can help me solving these issues! :)
  15. tobinator

    Zee - M107 - announcement

    What about suppressors for the M107 and DSR? Don't know if they are used in the real military though but they would be neat in some situations ;).