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  1. AZCoder

    Ai planes

    What you don't like them calling out "soldier 300 meters front!" all over the place? Especially when wandering in a town and the "soldier" is just a civvie walking around LOL. Ok that drives me crazy.
  2. AZCoder

    Ai planes

    Well I so happened to do the flying in formation and bombing in my current campaign WIP. Because AI pilots like to crash and go in the wrong direction when they see enemy targets, I used BIS_fnc_UnitPlay combined with my carpet bombing script. There is also BIS_fnc_UnitPlayFiring for weapon firing as an option. The only downside is that it is pre-scripted movement, i.e. it's not dynamic in any way, but again considering how unpredictable AI pilots are, this is preferrable LOL.
  3. I thought you were making a clever reference to Denmark, but it seems Dutch is Netherlands. I confuse the 2 countries. I'd comment on that last part, but hmmm, spoilers and all. However I can say there are a couple of major choices the player can make that will determine which of 3 endings you can get. Also I appreciate the compliment.
  4. You know that name Denmark is something I just pulled out of my ... uh, hat. That's why I made Shadow Fall, just to explain the name 😉
  5. AZCoder

    Hidden post on my own thread

    I got most of the original text posted now. It seems to hide it based on some wording in my 2nd paragraph that I originally had regarding a DLC. Really weird. Maybe a moderator @Dedmen would kindly remove the 2 hidden dead posts for me? Near the end of this thread https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222733-sp_camp-dark-tides-under-construction/ . Thanks.
  6. Just a little update. I have had a series of challenges with trying out different maps for one of the major sections of the campaign and run into different problems with each. For example, the most recent work has been on Livonia, but FPS is generally poor on that map, especially with 80+ groups operating. Throw in some weather and dawn lighting and my FPS is 12 to 16 in some areas. I was trying out Livonia because Contact also has the CBRN equipment that I need. An old (unsupported) CBRN mod I was using got wrecked by a recent Arma 3 patch. Before Livonia I was using Beketov. The only issue I ran into there came from the fences. Everything is fenced in on that map LOL. However I wrote a script that solves the problem with fences, so maybe I will return to that map instead of using Livonia. Other than that, things are going well. I have 10 solid missions completed and a few more to go. Keep in mind some of the screen shots posted are all from development and can change / have changed over time. Don't worry, the beach party is solid and won't change. Drinks on the house.
  7. Why would a post to my own thread be hidden instantly? I'm certainly not a new user LOL. I don't think I wrote anything controversial, it was just a campaign update.
  8. Fantastic! I'm sure the building is damaged, lots of things happening inside and around it. Maybe I can grab the building object and make it invincible. Thanks for looking into it! OK so I have it figured out. The problem occurs only when the damage to the hangar is 100%. There's a certain something that keeps exploding in the hangar in my mission (not on purpose) and causes 100% damage, BUT there's no damage model for the hangar! I didn't know the hangar was being "destroyed." Glad that mystery is solved, thanks EO.
  9. I found a weird bug on Livonia. The problem is that when an AI dies in the big hangar at the airfield, they fall through the floor. Using debug I was able to determine that they were still there, so I did an experiment of raising a body up 1 meter and here is the result. Is this a known issue?
  10. That's pretty cool. I recognized the road around the church and the gas station on the road north. At first I scratched my head until I saw those 2 features. This will certainly bring a fresh breath of air to Chernarus. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Yeah it's Zelenogorsk. The railroad tracks and yard are new.
  12. AZCoder

    Soviet AF Pack

    @hcpookie I am getting a popup error when I open a new map in the editor "cannot load texture vme_tex\icon\wz10.paa". Tried Tanoa and Livonia. Tried loading only this mod, and I don't have VME. Thought I should pass this along, and thanks for the mod, it's a lot of fun to play with.
  13. I just wanted to make sure anyone reading here has seen Ghosts I know at least a couple of you did. I got to playtest this campaign and it is real solid, extensive voice acting, an intriguing story, well worth your time.