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  1. AZCoder

    JBOY Speak

    I see the soldier in the demo has the appropriate hat on. That explains his multi-lingual talents.
  2. AZCoder

    JBOY Speak

    Am I the only one to try the demo mission? It won't load, requires Ravage mod. Just sayin'.
  3. AZCoder

    Trigger nil on startup

    Let me review my code tonight, I did something like that but perhaps I got the syntax wrong. Thanks! Update: I got it to work. In case anyone else needs the solution it was this: waitUntil { !(isNil {list trgCDF}) }; Thanks @killzone_kid for getting me here, I just had to add list in front of the trigger name. I didn't realize you could isNil {code} so that's what I needed!
  4. AZCoder

    Trigger nil on startup

    I never said it didn't. I didn't need waitUntil back in May. I could initialize trigger list inside the trigger at that time. Now that comes back as null during mission startup. So I moved it from trigger init to script and trying to use waitUntil but it sees null instead of boolean. I am simply asking how to make it work.....
  5. Does that mean you don't have Contact?
  6. AZCoder

    Trigger nil on startup

    Yes I can use sleep on my PC, but considering that load time of the mission is a factor, we don't know that 0.5 is enough for other players with slower machines. Waiting for the trigger condition to have a value has been the safer option in the past, except that waitUntil no longer recognizes "list trigger_name" as a valid boolean right away.
  7. AZCoder

    Trigger nil on startup

    There is no object added by the script. To rephrase my question, how do you get the result from "list trigger_name" from within a script during the mission load? This is no longer possible as it comes back <null> and the error specifically states that waitUntil expected a boolean. For further clarification, I also had it called from inside the trigger init itself in another case and that too comes back as an error. Last May it worked fine, I took some time off, and now this does not work.
  8. I am having a terrible time here. I guess this "broke" in the latest patch of Arma 3. Basically I have a trigger on the map with a name (trgCDF). During mission load I am trying to "list trgCDF" to get the units in the trigger, but it comes back "nil". Ok, I figure the script is running before the trigger is "populated" but I can't find a way to delay the script until the trigger is ready. Using something like "sleep 2" fixes the problem, but that's not a good solution. Normally I would use waitUntil, but latest version is a lot more stringent about type checking boolean. For some reason, checking the typeName of "list trgCDF" does not return true or false, so that fails. Wait a second or two and it would work, but that's my point. typeName (list trgCDF) comes back as nothing. If you wait a second, it comes back as ARRAY as expected. So I'm at a loss here. If I can't check the type and I can't wait on it, then it's totally broken (unless I use sleep). It's a large mission so there's a lot to load. Has anyone faced this problem and have a suggestion? I would appreciate it, thanks.
  9. An informal survey for you cool players out there. Do you have the Contact DLC? I really like the Livonia map and have debated using it, but I don't know how popular that DLC is. I have no interest in using aliens in my campaign, don't worry about that, just debating on the map. Please let me know. I don't want to require a DLC that will alienate my player base. Get it? 😄
  10. Actually that's deprecated. In A3 it's a function, call BIS_fnc_camera.
  11. Weird, I was thinking about Bigfoot Easter egg 2 nights ago.
  12. 4 months flew by. Guess I needed the break 😁 I'm starting to ease back into the campaign. Had to rebuild PC several weeks ago and just got Arma reconfigured. It seems Arma reads controllers by GUID and windows randomly assigns that so the saved configs are useless, and you have to manually bind custom keys and controllers again. I have a ton of custom bindings and now Arma is pestering me because my bindings don't match what it wants me to have. Sheesh.
  13. That's great to see. I always felt that Arma 3 should have had some freighter traffic for all those lonely empty ports, and seeing all the ports for this map, I thought they'd be lonely empty ports too. Great work!
  14. 1) My system is up. 2) What I did for the campaign in progress is create a pbo consisting of CfgWorlds and CfgPatches. In CfgWorlds.hpp it looks like this: class CfgWorlds { class DefaultWorld; class CAWorld: DefaultWorld { cutscenes[]={}; }; class carter_wrp : CAWorld { class CfgEnvSounds; class EnvSounds : CfgEnvSounds { class Rain { name = "Snow"; sound[] = {"A3\sounds_f\ambient\winds\wind-synth-slow",0.0199526,1}; soundNight[] = {"A3\sounds_f\ambient\winds\wind-synth-slow",0.03,1}; volume = "(windy factor[0,1])"; }; }; class Rain { texture = "CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_weather\data\cup_snowflaker_ca.paa"; raindrop = "\CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_weather\cup_snowflaker.p3d"; speed = 0.5; levels[] = {8,2}; }; class RainParticles { rainDropTexture = "CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_weather\data\cup_snowflaker_ca.paa"; texDropCount = 1; minRainDensity = 0.1; maxRainDensity = 9; effectRadius = 10; windCoef = 20; dropSpeed = 1; rndSpeed = 0.5; rndDir = 0.8; dropWidth = 0.03; dropHeight = 0.03; dropColor[] = {0.91,0.96,0.99,1}; lumSunFront = 0.1; lumSunBack = 0.1; refractCoef = 0.5; refractSaturation = 0.3; }; }; }; You would change carter_wrp to match the map name that you are using. Easiest way to find the name is to make an empty mission in the editor and save it and see what name it has in the missions folder. If you need more help let me know, or give me the map name, and I will upload it to my web server.
  15. It's basically a mod, easy to put together. I would gladly show you, but I did fry my board. I might have it rebuilt in a day or two, tight schedule with PAX Seattle this weekend.