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  1. I think I have it working satisfactorily. It has a couple hacks in it, one being the land "NONE" from Pierre, but I had to loop it until everyone jumps out. The other is detect if the helo stops at a waypoint and then tell it to go to the next waypoint. AZC_FNC_PARADROP = { params["_helo"]; // units complain about no ammo while floating, disable radio temporarily enableRadio false; private["_units","_group1","_group2","_group3"]; _units = fullCrew [_helo,"cargo",false] apply { _x select 0; }; { unassignVehicle _x } forEach _units; _units allowGetIn false; [_units,_helo] spawn { params["_groupUnits","_helo"]; while { { (_x in _helo) } count _groupUnits > 0 } do { _helo land "NONE"; }; // usually they stop at waypoint 2 for no reason waitUntil { speed _helo < 5 }; _waypoint = currentWaypoint (group _helo); if (_waypoint < 3) then { (group _helo) setCurrentWaypoint [(group _helo),(_waypoint + 1)]; } else { if (_waypoint == 3) then { (units group _helo) call AZC_fnc_Delete; }; }; }; { sleep 0.5; _x addBackpack "B_Parachute"; _x action ["Eject",(vehicle _x)]; _x allowDamage false; } forEach _units; _units allowGetIn false; { [_x] spawn { params["_unit"]; waitUntil { isTouchingGround _unit }; // this code snippet is from cobra4v320 COB_HALO _unit setPos [(getPos _unit select 0), (getPos _unit select 1), 0]; _unit setVelocity [0,0,0]; _unit setVectorUp [0,0,1]; sleep 1; _unit allowDamage true; }; } forEach _units; waitUntil { isTouchingGround player }; enableRadio true; };
  2. Thanks, Pierre. I found that the root issue is that the AI team leader is ordering the units back into the helicopter. It's like 'unassignVehicle' doesn't work lately. I have seen units get back into ground vehicles as well as helicopters despite that command. What's happening now is that as soon as units start jumping out, the pilot of the helicopter puts on the "brakes", pulling up sharply and goes into a hover. This is completely unsatisfactory. Surely it can't be this hard. I used to do this in Arma 2 without all this trouble. I achieved this goal in another mission by actually flying the helicopter myself with the UNIT_PLAY function, but that's not practical when I'm using lots of helicopters.
  3. [rant]As the title says, the AI are really annoying at times, ignoring commands issued to them in order to do whatever they feel like.[/rant] The specific problem is that I have squads jumping out of helicopters. That part works fine. The issue is that the helicopters then land and pick up the AI teams again before continuing on their waypoints. OR the helicopters don't land, but they stop and hover instead of going on their waypoints. What's the trick to make things work? { sleep 0.5; // _x action ["EJECT",_aircraft]; moveOut _x; unassignVehicle _x; _x allowDamage false; // many die on landing (sigh) } forEach _units; _units allowGetIn false;
  4. RHS has flashbang and concussion grenades, not sure about CUP. There's also an individual flashbang mod as mentioned.
  5. AZCoder

    AZC JBOY Pain Mod

    Version 1.1 is released. Unit will no longer yell if killed outright, will not always yell even if alive, and will now swear 50% of the time.
  6. It's RHS, makes it consistent with the first two campaigns.
  7. Regarding that last post, these 2 pictures are related to my answer (I know the first one is really dark, it's the patch that matters). The campaign occurs in 2019 and the primary character is in SEAL Team 6.
  8. AZCoder

    AZC JBOY Pain Mod

    Details, details. It's up there now, thanks.
  9. AZC JBOY Pain is a small addon that adds pain grunts and swear words to units when they are shot. This is an extension of JBOY's script only version. What's different? Glad you asked. - it's a pbo that automatically runs so you can use it with any mission you play (not tested in multi-player) - it adjusts the sound to the pitch of the unit shot ... this can be quite hilarious - it adds swear words! These are from the dubbing library of Arma 2 in English & Russian, it autodetects Russian otherwise uses English. There are 3 different swear words in 5 voice types. Feel free to include with your missions if you wish. Download: http://www.azcoder.com/arma3/AZC_JBOY_Pain.7z JBOY script only version: Demo Video of this mod:
  10. A bit of both actually.
  11. Some new images to see the progress. BMP-3's crossing a river Mi-24 over Moschnyi MiG-29 over Moschnyi T-90A Firing Exploding CDF T-80
  12. Campaign #3 in the Gates of ARMAGeddon series Coming some time this year. Dark Tides is a lot larger than the first two and is roughly 1/3 done. Pyotr 'Denmark' Tsarev Wanted by Chernarus: - Engaging in insurgency against the elected government Wanted by Ukraine: - Theft of [redacted] from the Chernobyl Zone - Deaths of multiple army soldiers and civilian militia - Destruction of property of historical and/or cultural value Wanted by Russia: - Assassination of two army generals - Destruction of Russian Mi-24 helicopter - Deaths of 7 Russian soldiers - The transportation of [redacted] Most Wanted #1 by the FBI: - Terrorist attack [redacted] that resulted in the destruction of Feruz Abad, Takistan - Same attack on Feruz Abad also resulted in over 12,000 civilian fatalities and 52 US soldier deaths - [redacted] attack on the island of [redacted] that resulted in the death of American [redacted] Ian Jones
  13. The tractor backfiring pic is cool. Great to see how this mod has evolved over time. Congrats on this milestone.
  14. Thanks for this one. It has livened up an underwater mission that I'm working on. Any chance of getting sharks with freaking laser beams?
  15. AZCoder

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    This is an example of a Russian spetsnaz reindeer shock troop, complete with a yellow vest.