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  1. AZCoder

    AZCoder Radiation Zones

    Updated with new features to support the upcoming release of Shadow Fall v2.0. I needed to simulate radiation in underground areas that contain water. - water flag, when set true, you must be touching the water to receive the effects of radiation - contained radius, set this in meters to define an area with equally distributed radiation meant to simulate radioactive dust in a room, and it also works well with the water flag - square flag, when true this simply sets the trigger to be a square shape instead of a circle, intended for use with "contained radius" as most rooms are square shape (sorry no rectangles, it was far too complex) - zRadius, I almost didn't include this because it is wonky at best, but it sets the "c" param of the trigger area which in turn seems to distort the size of the a/b params, so use at your own risk
  2. AZCoder

    AZCoder Radiation Zones

    This has been updated with a suggestion from Steam user "Denis" who said to try using vehicle mass to reduce radiation exposure. Previously if you were in a vehicle, I was arbitrarily cutting milliSevierts in half. This update changed it to a formula using natural log applied to the square root of vehicle mass. Now a bicyle will offer no useful protection, while an M1A2 will make you laugh at radiation.
  3. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    There's a function library that handles loadouts. In the initFunctions.hpp file, look for anything that starts with 'AZC_fnc_load' and comment those out. (might also be called AZC_GOA_fnc_load ... depends on which version of Dark Tides is in the wild) I used to do custom loadouts but honestly, it's a ridiculous pain that made me want to quit mission making.
  4. AZCoder

    Cold War Rearmed III

    St Adam is a real nice map, as I knew it would be. I wanted to mention it seems to have a CWR3 dependency (I wasn't running CWR at the same time).
  5. I actually have a script for nullifying the effects of shooting civs on a 1 per 1 basis. It was intended for missions where you blow up civilian faction vehicles which for some weird reason give you negative points. addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { private["_entity","_type","_side"]; _entity = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; if (_killer != (vehicle player)) exitWith { }; _type = typeOf _entity; _side = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "side"); _isMan = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "isMan"); if (_side == 3 && _isMan == 0) then { player addRating 1000; }; }]; The script above is for vehicles, but just change the "_isMan == 0" to == 1 and it will specify humans only.
  6. AZCoder Radiation Zones Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2591869810 This is a mission-maker addon allowing you to place radiation zone modules on a map. As with any tool added to Steam, the quickest way to find it is to right click on it in Arma 3 Launcher and "Open Folder" to bring it up. A simple example mission is included. AZC_Radition was written for SP missions. I don't know a lot about MP/COOP scripting. If you do test this in coop, let me know if it works. While this mod was written so that it will cause radiation damage to any AI in the danger zone, it only works when the player is within double the outer range of the radiation. The reason for this is partly performance, and partly to keep AI from dying off in an area the player has not visited yet. REQUIRES: - CBA (for custom keybinding and extended event handlers) FEATURES: - radioactivity calculated in milliSieverts, based on the fact that 4000 mSv is super lethal and anything over 800 mSv is going to harm any character on the map ... in reality just 1 mSv can potentially cause long term health damage, but in the scope of a mission that won't do anything - Geiger counter device with working display (auto appears when needed, vanishes when not) - AI and the player can get sick from radiation with simulated vomiting effects - AI will not stupidly stand in heavy radiation and will retreat from the area if they can (sometimes they will heal themselves first and still die) - written to simulate radiation zones around Chernobyl, using inverse square law distance so the power drops off radically from the source - Fallout flag which allows for radiation over a large area by reducing the rad output, so there is not much dropoff away from the source - vehicles cut exposure in half (yes it's a poor man's way of calculating exposure so even riding a bicycle will help you survive) - vomit effect is based on the water leak particle effects by ALIAS, he gets full credit, I only adjusted position, color, and sound - vehicles will take damage at a reduced rate up to 80% max damage (for simplicity it does damage to the vehicle as a whole) - Geiger noise can be shut off with customizable shortcut (Shift-Z by default) HOW TO USE: 1) F5 -> Environment -> Radiation Zone, place where you want the source of radiation 1a) set Radiation Level in milliSieverts 1b) Check Fallout if you want radiation spread over a large area. This is intended for nuclear fallout. 1c) Check Water Only if you only want radiation to affect water (such as an underground water tunnel) 1d) Contained Radius sets the distance for radiation so that you can confine it to a specific area. This is intended to simulate contaminated dust or water and the mSv of radiation specified in 1a will be equally distributed in this region. Works well in conjuction with 1c. Note that this param is incompatible with 1b) Fallout and will disable that in the script. 1e) Square Radius is true/false flag, simply tells the script to generate a square trigger instead of a circle. Should only be used if 1d is set, as it is intended to simulate a room area. 1f) zRadius sets the "c" value on the trigger (vertical height) so that you can limit how far upward the radiation zone reaches. Might be useful in certain interior rooms or underground. Please note that this value is very experimental and often it seems to shrink the actual trigger size. - OR - 2) You want to set radiation on specific object placed on the map instead of using the module 2a) edit the map object and place this in the INIT box: [AZC_KEYS,250,false,true,10,true,5] spawn AZC_fnc_SetRadiationZone; Params: contaminated object, mSv, fallout flag, water only flag, contaminated radius, square flag, vertical height As a side note, radiation under 400 mSv will cause the basic warning sound on the Geiger Counter. 400-800 mSv is a stage 2 warning. 800+ mSv gives the highest stage 3 alert. HOW TO CONFIGURE SHORTCUT KEY: 1) Preview mission 2) Esc -> Options -> Controls -> Dialog box appears. Near the bottom is Configure Addons. 3) Configure Addons -> "AZC Geiger Sound" in the ADDON dropdown -> change the binding -> OK While you can overlap radiation zones, it is best to avoid doing so. It can be confusing for the player and might have unforseen side effects. In testing it seems to work ok, but I will not support problems caused by it. You may be asking, how do I know if they overlap? Only method I use is to walk to each radiation point and make sure the geiger reading falls off before entering the next zone. CBRN gear will provide protection against radiation based on facemask and suit. If you wear just one or the other, only some protection is provided because: a) no mask, you are breathing in contaminated particles b) no suit, your skin is being bombarded by gamma radiation If you wear just a mask (or suit) then damage is reduced to 10%. If you wear both (full protection) then damage is reduced to 1%. It is impossible to be fully immune to gamma radiation but full protection will allow for extended forrays into heavily radiated zones before getting sick. Also, if wearing neither mask or suit, then damage starts at 400mSv. The suit and mask combined provide protection up to 800mSv, plus the 1% multiplier on final damage. Currently this addon recognizes any face mask with any of these substrings within it: "AirPurifyingRespirator","RegulatorMask","Gas_mask","JSHK_contam_mask" Also any outfit with any of these substrings: "CBRN_Suit","JSHK_contam_suit" For example, PMK's PMK_1_Gas_mask_B1_F will be recognized as face protection, in addition to all JSHK suits, and all Contact DLC related protective gear. Historical Radiation Levels - Inside the containment dome of 3-Mile Island was around 100 Sv during the 1979 accident. 4 Sv is fatal. - Chernobyl reactor core #4 in 1986 measured around 300 Sv/hr (3 times 3-Mile Island). - Hiroshima may have had around 10 Sv within a mile of the blast center, that's 10,000 mSv. While not as high as 3-Mile Island or Chernobyl, it was spread over a large area. Special Thanks - Alias for his water effects scripts and giving the OK to make vomit from it. - Vomit sound is from freesoung.org -> 246308__vikuserro__vomiting Thanks to @Flanky for testing. The geiger display comes in two pieces and was tested successfully at 1680 16:10, 1920 and 2560 resolutions (the latter two at 16:9). DISCLAIMER / LICENSE: I am not responsible for any damage caused by this addon. While the radiation is simulated, it may cause you to sit too close to your monitor. Please game responsibly. This is licensed under the APL-SA license. Feel free to share it, use it in your missions, whatever. I just want credit as the creator if you do.
  7. I got around to testing this at long last. There's a lot of work put into this. I ran your test scenario, and after the first giant I ran up into the guard tower. Eventually one of the other giants run up to the tower and bashed it down. The end.
  8. ACE and CBA are in the same boat. They don't even talk about userconfig on the Steam page, but after some clicking there are instructions for ACE on userconfig buried on this page https://ace3mod.com/wiki/user/installation-guide.html My point is that as long as you put up the install instructions, it's fine. Not your fault if people don't read the description.
  9. AZCoder


    I'm in the southern part of the state. It has rained here almost every single day this month. I have a bunch of grass in my desert rock yard ... never dries out enough to kill it, although I did salt it and it's turning yellow. When I lived in Phoenix, I had a doctor of mine admit that she was caught in a flash flood and billed under the "stupid driver" law for needing to be rescued.
  10. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    @Undeceived I'm not sure what caused the problem for the last scene you had. I did find a bad script reference that threw an error, however here's the problem. The version of Dark Tides on my computer has changed a lot from the steam version. I just haven't released it yet. The changes are mostly behind the scenes, including how the inventory system is built. I'm not comfortable releasing it without a full regression testing, and that takes 2 full days :-D Therefore I like to get all my changes rolled in at once, like the subtitle timing problem. Shadow Fall is the story of how Denmark became Denmark (not the country). It's actually a mix of both new ideas (back in 2015) and things that I had put into the never released Dark Tides for Arma 2. The entire campaign is from Pyotr's point of view. Then Gambit Royale was entirely from Ian Jones' point of view. I wanted to contrast how the truth can be distorted and mislead the player a little bit before Dark Tides.
  11. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    In the upcoming updates, I modified how the text displays on the screen. It is inspired by Chernobylite. Here's a pic from Gambit Royale: This is the Shadow Fall 2.0 main menu replacer for Arma 3. Warning: It's really loud. This demonstrates the new storm system that I built from scratch, and also one of the anamolies. This anamoly is a modified version from the work of Alias who does an awesome job. I used several of his scripts in Dark Tides (the volcano, dripping water, nuclear explosions, that sort of thing). For this anamoly, I added a scintillating color pattern, and force it to turn red when near a person as a warning. BTW - 3CB updated today. This fixes the severe uniform bugs that were introduced by an RHS update about 2 months ago. They also added some cool new stuff.
  12. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    The credits are in GAM505.gsep_miros\scripts\credits.sqf. Easy to read format. You know the new cool way to do image overlays is to name the layer, instead of using a number: "MapAltis" cutRsc ["MapAltis","PLAIN"]; The problem is that you have no control over layer priority doing that. Also I did this on a 2K monitor, so anyone running on 1K or (gasp) less may see overlay where I don't see it at all. I know a couple places to look at this, though, and can always switch back to the number system if it helps. People keep telling me about subtitles vanishing early. I honestly need specific examples, because I don't see this problem, or I've seen the text so many times that my brain just fills it in automatically and I don't notice :D Even my playtester reported it and I had trouble finding any examples. I'm sure it's just me not processing the issue when I see it. Regarding the decision making mission: I have a long and outdated plot written out from when I started on the campaign. If I get it updated, then I will let you know. Further, I am working on Shadow Fall 2.0. My original plan was to merge all campaigns into one. Now I think maybe it's too hard to troubleshoot and maintain that large size. Either way, SF will see a major update. I hope by Winter. I mention this because it will better show the story that I had written out long ago. I will remove one mission that I never liked, completely redo another mission that I find boring, and massive changes to the Chernobyl missions. The other missions will see some changes, mainly the first one. I have rewritten parts of JBOY dogs, and now we have both rabid packs and friendly dogs (still under massive testing and refinement). The friendly dogs bark and behave differently from the bad ones. And I made them run a lot faster, so they are kind of terrifying. They are really hard to hit! I completely redid the radiation system, now with a working UI display that has been tested on multiple resolutions and ready to go. I have been working on a couple anamolies as well, so it will have some Stalker vibes, and a few things I can't mention yet. So ... Black Lands in A3 coming? :)
  13. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Weird. I'll look at it after work.