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  1. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Ok @SlovakianLynx it is fixed. Thanks, that would have been hard to find without the error.
  2. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Thanks! That's something I can fix.
  3. ArmaIII has yanked the Zone from the Workshop (again). I don't suppose anyone knows how to contact him? I'd be willing to upload it on my workshop but I don't want to get in trouble of course.
  4. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    It was a lot of tedious work, but I updated the missions and released Gambit today, link in this post
  5. AZCoder

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    GR v2 has been released! This one is roughly 50/50 new/same. 3 new missions replaced old ones, a couple new scenes, and the others were all tweaked or altered to some degree. I tried to tighten up some plot points. Besides the addition of Western Sahara in 2 missions and a scene, Natalia of the GRU is finally restored (she appeared in the original A2 version of the campaign). I know it's mod heavy, but I carefully debated and tested mods for months before deciding on this set. I hope you have fun playing it!
  6. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    I think you already proved it won't work. Sorry about that, but my understanding of the cDLC policy was flawed. Gambit Royale will also require GM and additionally Sahara DLC. In that one I actually use the map. I will not require any other DLCs for Dark Tides. Speaking of Gambit, release got delayed because the mod author of Sunset over Takistan changed all of the class names for the Ardistan faction. That means I have to manually update each one for the 3 mission files that use that faction... and I used their entire army. Sigh.
  7. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Interesting. I always wondered how it would play out, because once you own a DLC, there's no way to test a mission without it. Even if I don't "load" the GM dlc, everything still works with the compat addon. That's because BI didn't make it possible to test without properly.
  8. AZCoder

    Sunset over Takistan

    There's been a popup bug for awhile, just making sure you are aware. Pops up when mousing over Civilian class names.
  9. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Hey everyone, I just released v2! Thank you for your support and patience. I really appreciate everyone on here. I will admit that I put off releasing for a few weeks because I got burned out, but I found the energy today. I had to replace my cloud image service because they were choking hard, and I wanted to upload images. Please check the addons required. The GM DLC is required, or optionally the GM compat addon should suffice. I did not use the GM map so I think it's good either way. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=802767761
  10. I'll have to check out the Prairie Fire edition. Cool.
  11. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    A couple things. My playtesters have been unavailable recently so I'm trying to retest everything myself. I am finding more bugs, small ones but Murphy's Law strikes again. If you want to be a playtester, let me know. Shouldn't be too hard, for example one bug is that a mission briefing is completely outdated and misleading.
  12. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I wonder how that happened. It's the classic waitUntil bug, but never seen it with the doggy cam before. Did you try restarting? Unfortunately I cannot really support this version of the campaign anymore. It's completely broken and incompatible with my "home grown" script libraries. I will eventually replace the campaign but that's a long ways off. I will probably hide it on the workshop soon.
  13. Hey dude, was that you that popped the shirtless dude next to the bus?  Good work.

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      ah, well that is the only way to fix stupid


    3. johnnyboy
    4. Gunter Severloh

      Gunter Severloh

      Well at least there isn't a hole in his shirt and no blood or sweat, one less thing

      he has to worry about 😄

           My advice ... stay home and play Arma, just dont try that in Arma you would get shot on sight.

  14. AZCoder

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    You have good instincts.