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  1. AZCoder

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Those muddy roads are so impressive. I don't even like mud, but you make it look inviting.
  2. Bug tracker https://dev.cup-arma3.org/
  3. AZCoder

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Here's a little more: The tank from the Red Vengeance mission. Confession time. Deadly snakes. Pirates on a destroyer! As can be seen the campaign will cover a lot of different locations. I should mention that the disco scene on the previous page is in the city of Miroslavl', another GSEP map by Jakerod. Dark Tides will be divided into 3 acts and you will play 3 characters: 'Knight' from SEAL Team 6, 'Denmark' the most wanted man in the world, and Artyom Gerasimov a Russian soldier.
  4. AZCoder

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    To be honest I was thinking the more bloody AC/DC Jailbreak. And he made it out.............with a bullet in his back!
  5. AZCoder

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    I got permission to include the pbo file with the campaign.
  6. AZCoder

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Dark Tides is under construction, quite a ways to go, but here are the first teaser pics. You can learn a lot about the content of the campaign if you look carefully. Russian Paratroopers over Moschnyi Denmark at a disco Prison breakout Sunrise on Moschnyi Snowing in Pecher
  7. I was driving home from the store and this song came on the radio that reminded me of a South Park episode about a goat singer In fact it was that song... so this is my suggestion: Stevie Nicks
  8. I don't know, that goatped seems awful dangerous to ride. I wonder if its eye lights work at night.
  9. AZCoder

    Soviet AF Pack

    Am I the only one seeing this? Also I don't have CUP loaded but I get a CUP config error, or is CUP required? Thanks!
  10. AZCoder

    Soviet AF Pack

    In the editor I am seeing multiple blank categories under each blufor/opfor/indep that when expanded have the planes. So the parent tag is both blank, and they are repeated multiple times.
  11. Go into the Virtual Arsenal, export to clipboard any of them and paste it into your editor of choice. You will see all the commands to get rid of ALL gear on a unit.
  12. AZCoder

    Soviet AF Pack

    I did photo a MiG-21 and 23 about 3 years ago at a museum in Oregon (and Russian armor and other interesting things). I have photos somewhere. I don't know if there's a BI thread to post such things. I also have photos of Russian Knights Su-27s from 1992 that came to visit just months after the Soviet breakup which I scanned to digital in recent years. But I sure didn't see any MiG-28's there.... still so classified.
  13. I was wondering if there's a function that can be called to activate the snow falling down on other maps (on say Nogova for example), or is the snowfall baked into the configs? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for fixing the runways and precipitation. I said it before, but that snowfall is really nice :D