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  1. Actually that's deprecated. In A3 it's a function, call BIS_fnc_camera.
  2. Weird, I was thinking about Bigfoot Easter egg 2 nights ago.
  3. 4 months flew by. Guess I needed the break 😁 I'm starting to ease back into the campaign. Had to rebuild PC several weeks ago and just got Arma reconfigured. It seems Arma reads controllers by GUID and windows randomly assigns that so the saved configs are useless, and you have to manually bind custom keys and controllers again. I have a ton of custom bindings and now Arma is pestering me because my bindings don't match what it wants me to have. Sheesh.
  4. That's great to see. I always felt that Arma 3 should have had some freighter traffic for all those lonely empty ports, and seeing all the ports for this map, I thought they'd be lonely empty ports too. Great work!
  5. 1) My system is up. 2) What I did for the campaign in progress is create a pbo consisting of CfgWorlds and CfgPatches. In CfgWorlds.hpp it looks like this: class CfgWorlds { class DefaultWorld; class CAWorld: DefaultWorld { cutscenes[]={}; }; class carter_wrp : CAWorld { class CfgEnvSounds; class EnvSounds : CfgEnvSounds { class Rain { name = "Snow"; sound[] = {"A3\sounds_f\ambient\winds\wind-synth-slow",0.0199526,1}; soundNight[] = {"A3\sounds_f\ambient\winds\wind-synth-slow",0.03,1}; volume = "(windy factor[0,1])"; }; }; class Rain { texture = "CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_weather\data\cup_snowflaker_ca.paa"; raindrop = "\CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_weather\cup_snowflaker.p3d"; speed = 0.5; levels[] = {8,2}; }; class RainParticles { rainDropTexture = "CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_weather\data\cup_snowflaker_ca.paa"; texDropCount = 1; minRainDensity = 0.1; maxRainDensity = 9; effectRadius = 10; windCoef = 20; dropSpeed = 1; rndSpeed = 0.5; rndDir = 0.8; dropWidth = 0.03; dropHeight = 0.03; dropColor[] = {0.91,0.96,0.99,1}; lumSunFront = 0.1; lumSunBack = 0.1; refractCoef = 0.5; refractSaturation = 0.3; }; }; }; You would change carter_wrp to match the map name that you are using. Easiest way to find the name is to make an empty mission in the editor and save it and see what name it has in the missions folder. If you need more help let me know, or give me the map name, and I will upload it to my web server.
  6. It's basically a mod, easy to put together. I would gladly show you, but I did fry my board. I might have it rebuilt in a day or two, tight schedule with PAX Seattle this weekend.
  7. I have done this for the Pecher map using the config method to inherit CUP snow effects. Unfortunately the PC with that mini-mod is down at the moment ... either blown CPU because I'm an idiot, or a CMOS reset might fix it. So I can provide it either soon or in a week
  8. AZCoder

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yeah Shadow Fall was started before GREF existed, although the class was still loading until this update / had no idea it was in the obsolete category. Was the only instance of it in the entire campaign. Thanks for clearing this up for my brain.
  9. AZCoder

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    True (I got my faction wrong), but the class name was "rhs_bmd1_chdkz" and that no longer exists. I justed updated it to "rhsgref_ins_g_bmd1" in the mission.sqm. I guess other class names have changed as well.
  10. AZCoder

    Project OPFOR

    Well this is very strange. I've had po_rds_comp.pbo in the addons folder for 2 years. When I edit my campaign Shadow Fall, I use RDS mod as well. When I edit Gambit Royale, I don't use RDS ... but I have never seen this error until today. May I ask what exact the compatibility patch does with RDS?
  11. AZCoder

    Project OPFOR

    I'm getting an error about RDS_Civ required when I load Arma and this mod. And when the main screen comes up I get a popup no entry for RDS_Gaz24_Civ_01.scope. Just passing it along, thanks!
  12. AZCoder

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm not seeing this in the changelog or in the forum, but all of the NAPA IFV's have vanished, such as the BMP-1. Is this is a mistake?
  13. AZCoder

    Project OPFOR

    This bug? http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=5056
  14. AZCoder

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I see you have the large hint on the screen in your image. How do you get that? I've seen it in videos too, but when I play, the help *never* comes up, the H key does nothing, I don't see a setting for it. I feel like I'm playing this campaign half blind.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm taking a break over the summer. I have a lot of things going on, nothing bad, just keeping me busy is all. I need a break anyway, but I'll still be around on the forums during this time.