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  1. Nice. I would love this to work for my next campaign as well. I always got frustrated with objects not moving right with the dog.
  2. AZCoder

    Arma in the future

    1 was done in Arma 2. Would have been nice to have in 3. There was a huge amount of civilian dialog recorded in Russian and Czech with multiple voice types and both genders. 2 should be handled by mission makers, it's easy to do. 3 could be handled by mission makers. Does ACE do this? It looks like it was intended for the game but not fully implemented.
  3. AZCoder

    ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    I just got around to playing this, excellent work, sir. Very professional. Only problem I had was that I could never order the gunner to actually shoot at vehicles. I could get him to target just fine, but he would never shoot at vehicles with any of the weapons selected. I ended up switching to gunner position. I'm sure it's an Arma bug.
  4. I just use saveGame. Can you upload the mission somewhere?
  5. I've never had trouble starting at the same position when loading from an autosave. I have seen some scripts break however. In one mission of Gambit Royale, there's a direction indicator that stops working on reload. I added a mission event handler that reloads it. addMissionEventHandler ["Loaded",{ [] spawn { waitUntil {!isNull finddisplay 46}; sleep 0.5; "layer_notifications" cutRsc ["rsc_notifications", "PLAIN"]; [AZC_IAN,AZC_SEAL1] call BIS_fnc_dirIndicator; }; }];
  6. AZCoder

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    So the Pentagon finally admits they have a department investigating UFOs and then this alien DLC is announced. Coincidence? I think not.
  7. AZCoder

    Chimney Smoke FSM

    Here's the debug console code I used for testing. Just stand on a roof and execute it. dog = (nearestTerrainObjects [player,["House"],12] select 0); [] spawn { _worldpos = (dog modelToWorld [-1,10,5]); _eSmoke = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal _worldpos; _eSmoke setParticleClass "ObjectDestructionFire2"; _eSmoke setPos _worldpos; }; Adjust the modelToWorld numbers until the fire is where you want it. Of course you can switch the fire to smoke if you prefer, I just found fire easier to line up with smoke stacks.
  8. AZCoder

    Chimney Smoke FSM

    Thanks! I literally stood on the roof of each building and used the debug console to get the building object / model name and to spawn smoke until I zero'd in on the chimney. Actually I spawned fire because it was easier to see the source. I'm headed to sleep but I can provide the exact code I used, although you can pretty much derive it from the script chimney_init.sqf.
  9. I created a way to spawn chimney smoke on the CUP maps and for many of the buildings on Altis, Stratis, and Tanoa. http://www.azcoder.com/arma3/fsm_chimney.7z Unzip the package into your mission and call it from init.sqf (or wherever) [player,200,0.80] execVM "fsm_chimney\chimney_init.sqf"; First value is the center and must be an object. You can set it to an object in a town if you don't want it spawning wherever the player goes. Second value is the range to search for appropriate buildings. Third value is optional (default 55%) and is the chance any qualified building will have chimney smoke going. If you want just one particular building to have smoke, you could put down an invisible object right on the building and call it like this: [some_object,20,1] execVM "fsm_chimney\chimney_init.sqf"; 20 is roughly the right number to find just the building you want if the object is right on top of it, and 1 for 100% chance of smoke. Adjust the range as necessary. Feel free to modify this with further buildings if you wish. The CUP buildings ported from Arma 2 have chimneys defined in their model objects so those were easy to activate and is based on the old ALICE module. The Arma 3 buildings do not have chimneys defined and I had to go and test chimney positions for different buildings the hard way. I have not tested this on Malden 2035 and most likely will not work until I get around to adding those buildings. Unfortunately the new Global DLC Weferlingen map does not have chimneys defined either, at least not in a way that I expected, so they do not work. If someone wants to add them, feel free to post the values here. How to add buildings? There is a list that I created in the fsm with each building line by line: ["shop_city_05_f",[10.5,11.2,6.5]] That is the model name and the modelspace position of the chimney. I only added what looked like chimneys, not steam vents. Here are some example images:
  10. That's cool. I saw Plant with Page way back in 95, Plant could sure hold a note for a long time. I can't even hold my breath that long. ✌️
  11. Depends on the vehicle. The van for example doesn't seen to scrape. I had to experiment with vehicles for one of my scenes to find a non scraper.
  12. I didn't see a lot of literal chimneys but there are a lot of steam vents, sometimes 4 or more on a roof. I am still curious how it is defined since that selectionNames command cannot even find the old A2 chimneys and yet they can be used with selectionPosition. I wrote an fsm to fire up chimneys on Chernarus automatically and was just going to adf Altis et al for completion sake
  13. Hah, no, she's a long time online friend, outside of gaming circles.
  14. On the CUP Terrains (Arma 2 / Chernarus), you can find chimneys on houses like this: _pos = _obj selectionPosition format ["AIChimney_small_%1",_i]; Essentially it loops through to find all of the chimneys, but the name is AIChimney_small_x. Works great, you can add smoke effects. However, this does not work for Arma 3 buildings (Altis/Tanoa). I have scoured the configs for these buildings and I have no idea how to find them. I was testing by putting myself on the roof of a building with a chimney and doing this in the debug console: (nearestTerrainObjects [player,["House"],10] select 0) // just to verify the building selectionNames (nearestTerrainObjects [player,["House"],10] select 0) // brings back selection names The selectionNames command is supposed to be a corrollary to selectionPosition, however it cannot even find the AIChimney on Chernarus buildings. I tried looking in pbo configs too, can't find anything. Now obviously I don't know anything about model building. Maybe it's stored in the p3d file? I have no idea. Can anyone tell me how to find those Altis/Tanoan roof chimneys? Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for a female voice actor that can do a Russian accent. Could someone help me on this, point me in the right direction maybe? I had one friend do it years ago but she's not really into recording stuff these days so I stopped asking her, haha. Thanks.