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  1. where do they confirm they will give us fast rope capability?
  2. But why should the community have to make it as a mod or script? When it has the potential to be added to the new DLC anyways?
  3. What do you mean rope ladder? Fast Rope is the Rope that is thrown out for soldiers to descend down to ground quickly. But, yes rope ladder for EXTRACT would be wanted too... IE: water extraction of divers made possible with rope ladder. And winches too for rescue of downed pilots and for lowering air based medics like you see rescue helicopters do.
  4. So, we all soon to have our grubby mitts on the Helicopters DLC coming out soon... New advanced flight model and sling loading. But wait a minute? What gives? No FAST ROPE added without community mods? Fast rope could add capabilities so that helicopters are not limited to LZ for landing.
  5. I would like to see in the new helicopters DLC, fast rope capability for troops insertion... Similar implementation with physics as sling load. IE: physical rope with physics. I also want ability to to TAXI helicopters on tarmac. Not, the current implementation as in DEV version of game with wheel brakes. But actual controllable speed on the ground to make taxi controllable rather than current DEV state.
  6. I would like to see a better hand grenade usage system for aiming and throwing. It would be nice to clear rooms with grenades and flashbangs etc. Also on dedicated server with crosshairs turned off it is difficult to use grenades effectively.
  7. I don't have them stored on my PC anywhere, and I wasn't expecting megaupload to be seized by the FBI... If someone has a downloaded copy can you be so kind to upload it for others to view
  8. Baz

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    there are addon dependency issues with this mod when mission editing and saving missions it adds to the mission and players without JSRS can't play the mission
  9. Baz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    would be cool if the boats had a wake that interacted with the environment... IE: pushed the buoys around. Also would be cool to see variable sea conditions / wave heights and directions, if you hit a big wave the wrong way it can very well flip a boat over. Maybe some riverine ops would be cool with the fast stop that some boats have when landing on shore to drop off troops... Kinda like a speed brake.
  10. Well, here is my testimony... A friend of my brother brought over a magazine showcasing the original OFP... Might have been PC gamer or something and I was not impressed by the article or its photographs of the game. But I found a demo released for OFP and it was very interesting. What appealed to me was the demo mission I played and the atmosphere and it seemed to reflect actual military operations to a certain extent. I liked that the Sgt was driving the jeep to the crossroads and then we met up with more members of our squad and that made it seem kinda realistic to me since we had to regroup and ready our forces for the attack. Then we switched drivers of the jeep and I drove over to where there was a 5 Ton truck and some more of our troops. So, we get out and the Sgt drives the jeep back as we board the 5 Ton truck. Then we ride the truck over towards the outskirts of a town and hop out and start to advance on foot at small village above the main town. As we approach the small village on foot after coming over an incline you can start to see a UAZ and some foot troops so we engage them and then all hell breaks loose as a BMP 2 comes up the road and starts to cut our forces up while droping off more foot troops. Well an AT soldier sometimes takes him out and then we assault the main town then board a blackhawk for extract and it gets shot down and thats it. Well anyways, after playing that I bought the game... If it wasn't for the demo and the experience I had from it... The combat and pre combat environment, and the ability to use vehicles and get your ass kicked every now and then I wouldn't have bought the game. And every now and then that BMP 2 would cut up the US assault pretty good, which is exactly what should happen with that type of senario
  11. Be interesting to see how this turns out ingame... Do you think you could make some Paratroopers too? Also if you intend to have a "change clothes" script where once you land on the ground the HALO equipment is off I suggest allowing it to have the mission maker "pick" the model you would transition into once on the ground possibly VIA the usage of classnames for the ground unit.
  12. Baz


    I didn't find those with my Asus mobo, only cool n quiet and HPET support i think i did this in bios, there was some HPET support option i disabled Disable HPET (Got an Asus board? HPET is forced on. Use TimerResolution as a fix) Disable CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) Disable EIST (SpeedStep) did this Disable Cool'n'Quiet Disable Hyper-Threading
  13. Baz

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    http://library.clerk.house.gov/reference-files/PPL_Patriot%20Act.pdf read that, then tell me we still have our full bill of rights and US constitution in effect??? Absolutely absurd to think so... After reading all of that
  14. Baz

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    http://www.infowars.com/top-us-government-insider-bin-laden-died-in-2001-911-a-false-flag/ "Pieczenik cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theoristâ€. He served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Nixon, Ford and Carter, while also working under Reagan and Bush senior, and still works as a consultant for the Department of Defense. A former US Navy Captain, Pieczenik achieved two prestigious Harry C. Solomon Awards at the Harvard Medical School as he simultaneously completed a PhD at MIT." Read and decide for yourself why such a "conpiracy theorist" would be employed by several presidential administrations encompassing democrat and republican presidents. And continues to be employed by US DOD, despite his "crazy" claims... http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2001/nov/01/afghanistan.terrorism
  15. Baz

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    The military industrial complex which Eisenhower warned us against is to blame for all this mess, and our inept and corrupt civilian leadership. We have a system based on legalized bribery... And you wonder why bankers who caused economic failure are not in jail or under investigation? Why they get 700 billion dollar bailout and bonuses while the american people are suffering and are oblivious to it because of media that will only report on what their shareholders want. This Bin Laden thing is a giant scam against the american people, its bubble will be burst one day and justice will be done. Many people who were under the false impression that they are serving their country... Their lives have been squandered, and for them to just keep this Osama Bin Laden scam continuing is just disgusting. And should the TSA come to american streets and want to fondle your junk, in the malls, at the subway, etc, etc... We will not tolerate a pseudo martial law in this land and our leaders will no longer be where they are, we will have our own Tahrir square here. And tell them that we have had enough of their lies and deceit and tell them they are not demigods to us... That we are much smarter than them and can see through all the holes of their deceptions. And that just as our fore fathers had risen against the British Crown and its tyranny we will do the same again to prevent the degradation of our democracy, of our morals and ethics and our constitutional rights. "The road to freedom is paved with the blood of tyrants and patriots."