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  1. SigintArmA

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Still playing ArmA2 and plan to for at least a six months if not a year after ArmA3's full release due to the fact, I can't run it! Happy to hear you haven't jumped ship like other modders that wanna get started on ArmA3 and leaving some things unfinished or fixed.
  2. SigintArmA

    The Undead Mod

    Don't quite think Charon would like seeing his mod taken over to ArmA3 without his permission lol
  3. SigintArmA

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Ah, thank you. I didn't think to put the two together. Thanks!
  4. SigintArmA

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I have a random and out of the blue question that's been nagging at the back of my head every time I see the item in a box and and haunted by it for hours as I try to figure out how to use it. So without anymore delay, what is ACE_MineMarker_Light (Or Flashlight in Gear) used for and how is it used in ACE2? I've tried various things that I can think of before loosing my mind.
  5. SigintArmA

    ACE for OA 1.13

    A good test is to carry 1 bandage and have the 'Subject' carry 0 and wound him. See if you have unlimited after that? Because ACE Wounds uses the wounded soldier's bandages before using the medic's. The only time it starts to use the medics is if the wounded soldier doesn't have any on them.
  6. I don't know if it's only on my end, but is the Ju 52 silent when it's engines are on?
  7. Seeding the Torrent for those doing it that way! Only reason the torrent >_> Is I would get errors with the other links XD Even from ArmAholic! Hehe But epic work guys! =3 Can't wait to blow stuff up now that it's done torrenting!
  8. It really wasn't made with ACE2 in mind, nor were the vehicles and weapons made with it in mind. But from past experience it works 'okay'. Might hiccup here and there. But it certainly isn't 100% compatible. Hope this helps?
  9. Hey Meatball, not sure if this has been asked/brought up but would it be possible to switch out the 'Time bomb' given to the units in rucks switched to 'Pipe bomb' or pipebomb? Since (At least from what I've noticed) the 'Time bomb' version of satchel doesn't detonate (Or if they do it takes forever). Also, would it be possible to have empty versions of the rucks you provide with your units for the possibility of editing the ruck's load out ourselves to fit missions? I understand I can use BI versions but they don't have the capacity your rucks have. And by that I mean just the classnames of empty versions in the readme. Sorry if they've been asked and answered before. Just haven't been around recently and I didn't notice them if they have been. Thanks for taking the time to read this how ever the answer is.
  10. SigintArmA

    AI Voices

    All I gotta say is... remember, it isn't even in beta phase yet. So what they show isn't close to a finished product. I'm 90% sure the voices will change lol Not to sound like an ass
  11. SigintArmA

    US Marines

    I just had a thought about something... about the 'Not being able to access other's rucksack'. Is the other player's rucksack unlocked for everyone or only Team/Squad? If I remember ACE had it so you can lock out your ruck to other players outside your squad/etc. Could this be the problem? Unless they removed it that is... I don't know if AI's rucks are locked when they're outside your own squad or not. But, could that be the cause? Ignore my post if it has already been tested that way or I missed something in a prior post.
  12. SigintArmA

    LPD-29: San Antonio Class

    It does sound like the un-even terrain underwater that seems to be causing it. Try to place the LPD in a place where the blue water lies that curve (Indicating the terrain under the waves) where none cross the location the LPD will spawn, and it'll be fine. But if you were to say, put the ship closer to shore where the terrain has more valleys and rifts due to the beaches, the LPD will spawn awkwardly. That is, if I recall correctly.
  13. Oh, what I was saying was only a thought lol not a request XD I'm sorry. I was tired when typing that so I wasn't all there in what I was doing. I was more or less bring such a thing up for a more further down the road kinda thing when there is more time and people who could do such a thing. I'm sorry if I was taken as a 'Please add lulz' xD
  14. So I'm not crazy. Thank you XD Now as to what my point was, it would improve immersion imo to add the factor. So when you patrol villages, you can't even trust the women you see as they may pull a gun as much as anyone else. But that's just me
  15. I forget, were females ever in the VC units in the war? I want to say yes at recalling a picture... maybe for more remote 'sections' of VC in the hills where men in the villages weren't enough... or I'm just crazy and am thinking out my ass being tired XD