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  1. Ok, Im gonna have to be brutally honest here, and I am probably about to break 1500 regs here but here goes nothing. As an Albanian that lived through the war, I remember how bad it was. I have high hopes for this mod. I wish you don't make it into political propagandistic rubbish. This has the chance to be a good mod. If you make it lopsided towards the Serb's then its gonna be far from an accurate representation of what happened. I dont want to go into details about what happened but if you want to argue, do PM me. You have a chance to make a difference in the ArmA community. Just, be truthful about what happened. I do know that the TV was very very biased towards the West, but also, your pro Milosevic channels were very wrong as well. But, going back on topic, good luck with the mod! :D Veliki Pozz.
  2. ylli122

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Obviously, that was the case. After that, JNA ceased to exist as a force of defence for Jugoslavija. Also, great work! :D
  3. Dekujem. This will be a welcome addition :D
  4. I always use this because it is sooo sexy :D I love it. But I still cant figure out how to use the stuff like the bayonets. Is there some sort of interation menu?
  5. This is looking so epic! :D Keep up the good work! C'est magnifique! J'adore le OFrP! :D
  6. ylli122

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    If you are gonna make JNA make sure it is JNA from 80's. They were better than the JNA from 90's. With their horrible M89 sljem's.
  7. ylli122

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    I had some funny idea, to include songs like Ko to Kaze, Ko to Laze and Ustaski Becarac (Mene moja naucila mati) and other songs to have a more authentic feel into the actual mod... I am willing to release a script with all the songs and a description.ext for you to put in your missions, if someone sends me a list of songs for each side (5 minimum for each faction, so 15 minimum in general). Pozdrav na deeeeesno! :D
  8. ylli122

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    I have no problem with artillery. Nor does my friend. Strange.... ---------- Post added at 01:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:14 AM ---------- Unless, you mean the AI firing the Artillery. They can't because the Concentric circles that indicate the min and max range of the artillery, in the artillery computer, are right next to each other, and way out of the map. Would appreciate if this can be fixed. But i can manually fire artillery.
  9. ylli122

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    :) :) :) Serbo-Albanian friendship Srpsko-Albansko Prijateljstvo brate :D But, thanks for the link. having fun with the UCK vs VJ
  10. ylli122

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Hvala brate, as a non-racist Albanian Kosovar who doesn't agree with nationalist stupidity in our nations (im guessing your Serbian, sorry if you are not) i cannot wait to make a KLA vs VJ forces scenario. I think it would be cool. Any good missions ill upload. I see these VRS and ABiH units as another good opportunity to do a good balkan war simulation. Ive always loved to do a ABiH vs VRS scenario too. Thanks for this. Bratstvo i Jedinstvo :) P.S I was wondering if ANYONE would ever make a JNA (Tito era) Mod. It would be cool. Pozz.
  11. ylli122

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Yugoslav. Its yugoslav artillery.
  12. Flamethrower is under units and then one of the engineers in each faction except for French Resistance (obviously) have the flamethrower as primary weapon. It says M2 or Flammenwerfer or something along those lines. It's a really well made flamethrower and really good burning effects but they all have the same model, weather it is Flammenwerfer or M2 :/. Still, beautiful mod. I have been waiting for this for ages. Well, this and Balkan War Mod :). Im hoping to release a WW1 style mission in the forest of the Bulge. With the British WW1 looking soldiers and the SMLE's and the trenches in the forest, its took good of an opportunity to miss. :D
  13. ylli122

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Congrats on your release. The monster is finally out! Brilliant mod. Absolutly love it. Bosna units are great. I also reccomend Emita City for a good urban experiance with this mod. As well as adding units and making fixes, maybe having Milosevic-era VJ units too would be cool. But this mod is glorious! Odlicnooo!
  14. ylli122

    [PvP] GunGame --- Fast Paced TDM!

    I love this gametype. Especially the end of the game. Its just so good and smart (ive played the CWR² version). I was wondering if it is possible to add AI to this game type. :/ Thanks though :)