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  2. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    man its been a while since i visited my tread we are still working on this mod for arma 2oa for last 2 year on our website " bihrajastudios.com" currently we are working on the ACE version of mod with almost every new model in the mod i am asking anybody with scripting talent for a script for shell ejecting on my ARTY guns i have limited knowlege about scripting. http://bihrajastudios.com/GALERIJE/images/D30-M-2.png (1919 kB) http://bihrajastudios.com/GALERIJE/images/praga1.png (2407 kB) ---------- Post added at 06:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:46 PM ---------- more pics http://bihrajastudios.com/GALERIJE/images/M70-famelija.png (5536 kB) http://bihrajastudios.com/GALERIJE/images/jugo%20mino.jpg (165 kB) http://bihrajastudios.com/GALERIJE/images/M56-1.jpg (186 kB)
  3. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    morris just try like I explained how to install mod if you have still issues there is in armaverse a lot of instruction but must have arma2 OA but down the road there will be last update for BWM for arma2OA
  4. great got me back into armaverse with this release
  5. superrat

    Project RACS

    very sad personally I played this mod since arma my thanks for good playin over the years sr...
  6. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    It ain't dead its just BWM project got its website home and life in general now and then its getting in way of my gaming.... as much as i can i will game and model for arma-2 maybe arma-3... https://cache.nebula.phx3.secureserver.net/obj/MzQxMUJGNUY1N0FDNTg5NjczMUQ6YmMwY2EwZWIwMDRmZDNkZTg1NWJlOGY4OWI0NmY5ZDY=?uid=096a342e-5c30-49a6-9d76-78844a8df55c https://cache.nebula.phx3.secureserver.net/obj/MzQxMUJGNUY1N0FDNTg5NjczMUQ6YzBjZjFlNzRjYTg3MTBiMGY4ZmIwNDcwMWU0MzQ1ZmU=?uid=928a9fcb-6008-48bf-bb5e-ed0fd1a86b2d https://cache.nebula.phx3.secureserver.net/obj/MzQxMUJGNUY1N0FDNTg5NjczMUQ6MmFiYzE0YWVhNmYzYzkyODNiY2M5MTUxYjI5NmZlNTg=?uid=a49a0289-21be-4294-9f28-41d88705c0f5 https://cache.nebula.phx3.secureserver.net/obj/MzQxMUJGNUY1N0FDNTg5NjczMUQ6YTE0NGMxZmI5NTAzMDJlYjY1N2EzZThkM2ZlZjY3NjU=?uid=53fdb5d6-85d2-4820-b3db-c29cdb59ca79 https://cache.nebula.phx3.secureserver.net/obj/MzQxMUJGNUY1N0FDNTg5NjczMUQ6MTBmY2U5OWM3MmM4MjhhZjMyNTc4MmViNWVmNWViNzQ=?uid=e1fbe0fb-0194-48bc-b776-3dcd3913ec1f
  7. BIS always outdone it-self with great series since OFP right now i am not filling A3 but hoping down the road with full game i will change my mind you have to have time and full will to create addon for this game after time people get burnt real life takes over..... what the max. poly count allowed in A3 model.
  8. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    thanks all for bugs reports: basicly i am reducing size of mod as much posible ZSU-57-2 new model is about 80% done more detailed the old one is going out the whole arty. is going get make over when it comes of ap,heat,computer and so on the vilas mods getting overwritten i think i know what's the problem the OF mod thats a headache the t-55AM version was used in war low number there is pic of one that was hit by zolja and burned
  9. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    yea i know what that is i thought i fixed it there will be new update it wont take as long as this one there will be new detailed models that are in pipline.. sr
  10. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    After about a year since last update here's version 1.3 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?l1drjfn3254u1ll its about 850 MB its signed there is a list of class names of most of stuff in folder IT COMES IN ENGLISH ONLY NOW.. VERSION 1.3 CHANGES added new VEHICELS : BRDM2, BOV3, BOV-VP, BOV-POLO, PT76 new STATIC : MT12, D30M, M114A2, M2, DSHK, M2 AND DSHK nests new WEAPONS : M70 family, FNFAL, AMD65, AKS74, ROMUNIAN AK47 version , RPK , SVD , RPG versions , MG42 etc more... fixed : issues related to artillery and issues with replacing gunner in BIS content OLD MODELS THAT GOT REPLACED OR REWORKED : M46,D30J,ZIS3,D20NORA,T55,PT76,M55A3,2S1,OSA, M70 weapons, RPD, M16, AKMS,AKM,AKS,69MRLS,M60,MTLB and more... addon needed: vila's east and west weapon pack version needed: 1.4 ARMED ASSULT OPERATION ARROWHEAD PBO files included BWM: abihv and abihv2- vehicles, static abih- ARBIH faction senadHVO - HVO faction senadVRS - VRS faction akr - weapon box (you can find weapon box under EMPTY-AMMO- BALKAN WAR MOD) FACTION SIDES: ABIH -BLUFOR VRS - OPFOR HVO - INDEPENDENT After 2 and half of work on BWM mod finally!!!! its (STABLE) this mod is about the conflict in 1990's in balkan mostly on teritory of bosnia there is a lot of custom vehicles , weapons, air, and static there are 3 factions ARBIH (Army of Republic Bosnia & Herzegovina) VRS (Army of Republic Srpska) HVO (Croation Defense Council) tank: M-84A ,T-72, T-55A, T54, PT76 transpoter: M80A, M80-Sava, M-60P, M-60AT, ZPU-57-2, MTLB, SA-6, BOV VEHICLES, BRDM2 static ARTY: D-20NORA, ZIS-3, D30J, SPRUT-2A45M, M101, 2S1-GVOZDINKA, M-46, Mortar120mm 2 vers. ,80mm MORT, 60mm MORT,81mm MORT, D44, D30M, MT12, M114A2 staticMRLS: 69 type, OGANJ, RAM-GRAD static AA: ZPU-4, FLAK38, BOFORS-37mm, M55A3, M2, DSHK, M2 and DSHK nests static AT: H8JE-RED ARROW, FAGOT, MALJUTKA, BOV-POLO AIR: MI8, GAZZELA TRUCKS: Star, FAP Weapon Box: HUGE AMOUNT OF WESTERN AND EASTERN WEAPONS ISSUES: lights on bov and brdms vehicles after i benerize models come as square on these vehicles when lights are on this shoud be easy problem to fix but after trying all treaks in bag i left them right now as is dont turn lights during day there might also be some other issues eventhought i went through all of these files so many times i will work on all of this content to improve it and bring it to realizam as much as possible as time goes on and i have will and free time....
  11. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    there are no class names yet will be in upcoming patch here's brand new model's of BOV vehicles from former YUGO.. also updatd M55-A3 triple barrel AA gun these models are much more detailed need to put some dirt on'em and they good to go.
  12. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    everyting is fixed issued were in configs pretty much i am working to release as soon as possible there are few new vehicle's , bunch artillery , huge amount of infatry weapons brand new M84-NORA , D30J and M ,M114A2 and so on there's more but i wont include it in 1.3 version
  13. superrat

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    its been a while since i've updated this mod i am working on patch 1.3 should be soon not sure exactly when life duties prmeting in new patch pretty much almost all artillery models got face up lift or got replaced with many new weapons vehicles sounds and on on on here about 30 pics in my gallery http://balkangamers.com/Gallery/var/resizes/arma2oa%202013-01-20%2018-01-36-973.png? (470 kB) bigger reso.. at gallery link ---------- Post added at 11:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:29 PM ---------- http://balkangamers.com/Gallery/var/resizes/arma2oa%202013-01-04%2019-47-30-153.png? (350 kB) http://balkangamers.com/Gallery/var/resizes/arma2oa%202012-12-14%2018-39-59-754.png? (387 kB)
  14. superrat

    YPR-765 Bugs

    use mine just change model name : in yours in you havent defined whole thing class CfgSkeletons { class Default; class Vehicle; class otm60_bones { isDiscrete=1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[]= { "kolL1", "", "kolL2", "", "kolL3", "", "kolL4", "", "kolL5", "", "kolL6", "", "kolL7", "", "kolL8", "", "kolP1", "", "kolP2", "", "kolP3", "", "kolP4", "", "kolP5", "", "kolP6", "", "kolP7", "", "kolP8", "", "podkoloL1", "", "podkoloL2", "", "podkoloL3", "", "podkoloL4", "", "podkoloL5", "", "podkoloL6", "", "podkoloL7", "", "podkoloL8", "", "podkoloP1", "", "podkoloP2", "", "podkoloP3", "", "podkoloP4", "", "podkoloP5", "", "podkoloP6", "", "podkoloP7", "", "podkoloP8", "", "koloL1", "podkoloL1", "koloL2", "podkoloL2", "koloL3", "podkoloL3", "koloL4", "podkoloL4", "koloL5", "podkoloL5", "koloL6", "podkoloL6", "koloL7", "podkoloL7", "koloL8", "podkoloL8", "koloP1", "podkoloP1", "koloP2", "podkoloP2", "koloP3", "podkoloP3", "koloP4", "podkoloP4", "koloP5", "podkoloP5", "koloP6", "podkoloP6", "koloP7", "podkoloP7", "koloP8", "podkoloP8", "ukaz_rychlo", "", "ukaz_rychlo2", "", "ukaz_rpm", "", "ukaz_radar", "", "hodinova", "", "minutova", "", "kompas", "", "ukazsmer", "", "damageHide", "", "podkoloL1_hide", "podkoloL1", "podkoloL2_hide", "podkoloL2", "podkoloL3_hide", "podkoloL3", "podkoloL4_hide", "podkoloL4", "podkoloL5_hide", "podkoloL5", "podkoloL6_hide", "podkoloL6", "podkoloL7_hide", "podkoloL7", "podkoloL8_hide", "podkoloL8", "podkoloP1_hide", "podkoloP1", "podkoloP2_hide", "podkoloP2", "podkoloP3_hide", "podkoloP3", "podkoloP4_hide", "podkoloP4", "podkoloP5_hide", "podkoloP5", "podkoloP6_hide", "podkoloP6", "podkoloP7_hide", "podkoloP7", "podkoloP8_hide", "podkoloP8", "OtocVez", "", "OtocHlaven", "OtocVez", "poklop_driver", "", "OtocHlavenVelitele", "OtocVelitele", "poklop_commander", "OtocVelitele", "poklop_gunner", "OtocVez", "damageVez", "OtocVez" }; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sections[]={""}; sectionsInherit=""; }; class 1 { sectionsInherit = ""; sections[] = {"L svetlo", "P svetlo", "PasOffsetP", "PasOffsetL", "zbytek","stopa ll","stopa lr","stoparl", "stopa rr","otochlaven","otocvez","cerveny pozicni","telo"}; skeletonName = "otm60_bones"; class Animations { class damageHide { type="hide"; source="damage"; selection="damageHide"; }; class HatchDriver { type="rotation"; source="hatchDriver"; selection="poklop_driver"; axis="osa_poklop_driver"; animPeriod=0; angle0=0; angle1="rad -100"; }; class IndicatorSpeed { type="rotation"; source="speed"; selection="ukaz_rychlo"; axis="osa_rychlo"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=0; maxValue=16.670000; angle0=0; angle1="rad -240"; }; class IndicatorSpeed2 { type="rotation"; source="speed"; selection="ukaz_rychlo2"; axis="osa_rychlo2"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=0; maxValue=16.670000; angle0=0; angle1="rad -240"; }; class IndicatorRPM { type="rotation"; source="rpm"; selection="ukaz_rpm"; axis="osa_rpm"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=0; maxValue=1; angle0=0; angle1="rad -340"; }; class Radar { type="rotation"; source="time"; selection="ukaz_radar"; axis="osa_radar"; memory="false"; minValue=0; maxValue=2; sourceAddress="loop"; angle0=0; angle1="rad 360"; }; class IndicatorTurret { type="rotation"; source="turretDir"; selection="ukazsmer"; axis="osa_ukazsmer"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=0; maxValue=6.283185; angle0=0; angle1="rad 360"; }; class WatchHour { type="rotation"; source="clockHour"; selection="hodinova"; axis="osa_time"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; angle0=0; angle1="rad 360"; }; class WatchMinute { type="rotation"; source="clockMinute"; selection="minutova"; axis="osa_time"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; angle0=0; angle1="rad 360"; }; class Wheel_kolL1 { type="rotationX"; source="wheelL"; selection="kolL1"; axis=""; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; angle0=0; angle1="rad -360"; sourceAddress="loop"; }; class Wheel_koloL1: Wheel_kolL1 { selection="koloL1"; }; class Wheel_podkoloL1 { type="translationY"; source="damper"; selection="podkoloL1"; axis=""; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=-1000; maxValue=1000; }; class Wheel_kolP1: Wheel_kolL1 { source="wheelR"; selection="kolP1"; }; class Wheel_koloP1: Wheel_koloL1 { source="wheelR"; selection="koloP1"; }; class Wheel_podkoloP1: Wheel_podkoloL1 { selection="podkoloP1"; }; class Wheel_kolL2: Wheel_kolL1 { selection="kolL2"; }; class Wheel_kolL3: Wheel_kolL1 { selection="kolL3"; }; class Wheel_kolL4: Wheel_kolL1 { selection="kolL4"; }; class Wheel_kolL5: Wheel_kolL1 { selection="kolL5"; }; class Wheel_kolL6: Wheel_kolL1 { selection="kolL6"; }; class Wheel_kolL7: Wheel_kolL1 { selection="kolL7"; }; class Wheel_kolL8: Wheel_kolL1 { selection="kolL8"; }; class Wheel_kolP2: Wheel_kolP1 { selection="kolP2"; }; class Wheel_kolP3: Wheel_kolP1 { selection="kolP3"; }; class Wheel_kolP4: Wheel_kolP1 { selection="kolP4"; }; class Wheel_kolP5: Wheel_kolP1 { selection="kolP5"; }; class Wheel_kolP6: Wheel_kolP1 { selection="kolP6"; }; class Wheel_kolP7: Wheel_kolP1 { selection="kolP7"; }; class Wheel_kolP8: Wheel_kolP1 { selection="kolP8"; }; class Wheel_koloL2: Wheel_koloL1 { selection="koloL2"; }; class Wheel_koloL3: Wheel_koloL1 { selection="koloL3"; }; class Wheel_koloL4: Wheel_koloL1 { selection="koloL4"; }; class Wheel_koloL5: Wheel_koloL1 { selection="koloL5"; }; class Wheel_koloL6: Wheel_koloL1 { selection="koloL6"; }; class Wheel_koloL7: Wheel_koloL1 { selection="koloL7"; }; class Wheel_koloL8: Wheel_koloL1 { selection="koloL8"; }; class Wheel_koloP2: Wheel_koloP1 { selection="koloP2"; }; class Wheel_koloP3: Wheel_koloP1 { selection="koloP3"; }; class Wheel_koloP4: Wheel_koloP1 { selection="koloP4"; }; class Wheel_koloP5: Wheel_koloP1 { selection="koloP5"; }; class Wheel_koloP6: Wheel_koloP1 { selection="koloP6"; }; class Wheel_koloP7: Wheel_koloP1 { selection="koloP7"; }; class Wheel_koloP8: Wheel_koloP1 { selection="koloP8"; }; class Wheel_podkoloL2: Wheel_podkoloL1 { selection="podkoloL2"; }; class Wheel_podkoloL3: Wheel_podkoloL1 { selection="podkoloL3"; }; class Wheel_podkoloL4: Wheel_podkoloL1 { selection="podkoloL4"; }; class Wheel_podkoloL5: Wheel_podkoloL1 { selection="podkoloL5"; }; class Wheel_podkoloL6: Wheel_podkoloL1 { selection="podkoloL6"; }; class Wheel_podkoloL7: Wheel_podkoloL1 { selection="podkoloL7"; }; class Wheel_podkoloL8: Wheel_podkoloL1 { selection="podkoloL8"; }; class Wheel_podkoloP2: Wheel_podkoloP1 { selection="podkoloP2"; }; class Wheel_podkoloP3: Wheel_podkoloP1 { selection="podkoloP3"; }; class Wheel_podkoloP4: Wheel_podkoloP1 { selection="podkoloP4"; }; class Wheel_podkoloP5: Wheel_podkoloP1 { selection="podkoloP5"; }; class Wheel_podkoloP6: Wheel_podkoloP1 { selection="podkoloP6"; }; class Wheel_podkoloP7: Wheel_podkoloP1 { selection="podkoloP7"; }; class Wheel_podkoloP8: Wheel_podkoloP1 { selection="podkoloP8"; }; class podkoloL1_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloL1_hide"; }; class podkoloL2_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloL2_hide"; }; class podkoloL3_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloL3_hide"; }; class podkoloL4_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloL4_hide"; }; class podkoloL5_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloL5_hide"; }; class podkoloL6_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloL6_hide"; }; class podkoloL7_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloL7_hide"; }; class podkoloL8_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloL8_hide"; }; class podkoloP1_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloP1_hide"; }; class podkoloP2_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloP2_hide"; }; class podkoloP3_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloP3_hide"; }; class podkoloP4_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloP4_hide"; }; class podkoloP5_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloP5_hide"; }; class podkoloP6_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloP6_hide"; }; class podkoloP7_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloP7_hide"; }; class podkoloP8_hide_damage: damageHide { selection="podkoloP8_hide"; }; class damageVez: damageHide { selection="damageVez"; }; class MainTurret { type="rotationY"; source="mainTurret"; selection="OtocVez"; axis="OsaVeze"; animPeriod=0; minValue="rad -360"; maxValue="rad +360"; angle0="rad -360"; angle1="rad +360"; }; class MainGun: MainTurret { type="rotationX"; source="mainGun"; selection="OtocHlaven"; axis="OsaHlavne"; }; class obsTurret { type="rotationY"; source="obsTurret"; selection="OtocVelitele"; axis="OsaVelitele"; animPeriod=0; minValue="rad -360"; maxValue="rad +360"; angle0="rad -360"; angle1="rad +360"; }; class ObsGun: ObsTurret { type="rotationX"; source="obsGun"; selection="OtocHlavenVelitele"; axis="OsaHlavneVelitele"; }; class HatchCommander { type="rotation"; source="hatchCommander"; selection="poklop_commander"; axis="osa_poklop_commander"; animPeriod=0; angle0=0; angle1="rad -90"; }; class HatchGunner { type="rotation"; source="hatchGunner"; selection="poklop_gunner"; axis="osa_poklop_gunner"; animPeriod=0; angle0=0; angle1="rad 100"; }; class IndicatorSpeed1: IndicatorSpeed { maxValue="100 / 3.6"; angle1="rad -270"; }; class IndicatorSpeed21: IndicatorSpeed2 { maxValue="100 / 3.6"; angle1="rad -270"; }; class IndicatorRPM1: IndicatorRPM { angle1="rad -290"; }; class IndicatorCompass { type="rotation"; source="direction"; selection="kompas"; axis="osa_kompas"; memory="false"; minValue=-3.141593; maxValue=3.141593; angle0=0; angle1="rad -360"; }; class OtocVelitele_hide: damageHide { selection="OtocVelitele"; }; class poklop_gunner_damage: damageHide { selection="poklop_gunner"; }; class poklop_driver_damage: damageHide { selection="poklop_driver"; }; }; }; };