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    ACF(Army Cadets) hopefully the army in a couple o' years
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    I'm 16 live near Glasgow, in the ACF, been Arma series since the start

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    ACE for OA 1.11

    Nice ! :bounce3:

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    Look at where you target is in the map square and if youre zoomed in enough you will see spot heights , try using the nearest spot height and input that as target altitude :)

    ToraBora "Sandbox Edition"

    Its just a few posts up :)

    daveygarys Rangers

    Took this quick shot - Rangers on patrol in Afghanistan http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee455/Ross_Kyle/Ranger_TL_1.jpg

    SLX Mod WIP

    I was having the same problem , I was thinking incompatibility with ACE but only disabled SLX so don't know ,do you run ACE?:)

    ACE 1.6 (Advanced Combat Enviroment) for OA/CO

    I thought switching between lasers and flashlights was possible , UKF managed it with their L85s but I think it was model switching :)

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    A bullet by is when you hear the bullet flying past you and a sonic crack is the bullet making a sonic boom (breaking sound barrier) and you hear this after you fire:)

    Lcwf mod (rok) - wip

    Found an error with the weapons just a minor one when you reload the magazine stays there and doesnt disappear like normal:)

    All Round Defence

    lol this gives me memories of being on field Execs just wish that in Arma it were a scout which lead the fireteam or squad and not the IC:)
  10. {G&L}ACF{SCOTDG}

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    I see you added a BHP :) thanks for this update testing ASAP
  11. {G&L}ACF{SCOTDG}

    ACE 1.6 (Advanced Combat Enviroment) for OA/CO

    They are the models which are switched to when you the flip grenade sights :)
  12. {G&L}ACF{SCOTDG}

    ACE 1.6 (Advanced Combat Enviroment) for OA/CO

    In OA sight switching is in the engine , try pressing / thats the default button
  13. An IFAK is an Infantry First Aid Kit :)
  14. {G&L}ACF{SCOTDG}

    fox's small projects

    Oh , just remembered I think you are right about it being in the mercs pack, it adds a black version of the vanilla tactical glasses :p