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  1. ^^ I've had a few of those freezes, like staring at a screenshot then when you ctrl-alt-del the box pops up 'Arma3 has stopped working' but hey ho, we are alpha testers...I wish people would stop moaning as if we are playing the finished product. You will have the finished product one day, after alpha and beta testing, you got it for £20 ffs, what is the problem?
  2. YUP, had a few of those myself today
  3. wooly-back-jack

    England 'Riots'

    Labour didn't screw the country up at all, they were still tidying the tory mess from before when the class divide was much more present. I remember leaving school early 90s and working shifts in a cabinet making place 6-2 / 2-10 for little more than £50 a week and terms and conditions were even worse, workers rights? what were they? I almost lost a finger on a circular saw, I was just turning 16, didn't know what an accident book was or that I shouldn't have been doing a wood machinists job on a labourers wages. The distance we have come from then is because of Labour, If Tories get their way we will go back to that dark world of exploitation and fat-cats taking backhanders from corporations to take away more and more of workers statute terms and conditions.
  4. wooly-back-jack

    Is it really that hard to run smoothly?

    http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3658&p=8 how so? I went for 2x5770's and they kick the arse out of 5850 and are on a parr with 5870 and I saved £40+ The only way a more powerfull/expensive card is better is if you are going to get another of those too :p
  5. wooly-back-jack

    Pingcheck with autokick function.

    I think when you start off with these ping limits server admins tend to get a bit harsh on the limits set. some night shift workers in the US may find their playing experience is better spent in EU servers for instance, so long as it's not a huuuge ping I dont see a problem with that. Some people may share a connection with a flatmate, some peoples connections may be getting throttled by ISP, could just be having a bad connection day. The list goes on to make it unfair to punish a player for not having a 20 ping. 150 ping I have no problem with, ok 200+ and way above then yeah. I think players with custom faces/badges etc cause more lag when they join tbh.
  6. look forward to the mod :) bouncing bettys, punji steaks, napalm, tunnels would be nice if you could manage them
  7. wooly-back-jack

    How Satisfied with Arma2 Are you??

    Abc94 try AMD's dual core optimiser from the AMD site. I remember it helped me a little when I had my x2 3600+
  8. wooly-back-jack

    ArmA 2 Buglist - Content related bugs only

    still getting the phantom missing pbo's for glasses/smoke etc
  9. tbh, I wouldn't recommend you to build one yourself if you don't know what you are doing regardless how easy people say it is. If you want to learn how to get to know the insides of a PC then I would start by stripping and rebuilding/upgrading an older one. If you have a pal that knows what he is doing then fair enough. Alot of people are in the market of building PC's that look good/expensive on paper (like the stickers on the front of the pc's at currys or ebay descriptions) but actually contain crap inside (cheap unbranded ram, psu's etc) If I were you and I wasn't confident I would go for an OcUk system. You will have a decent system from somwhere like them and when you learn more yourself and are more confident with PC hardware you will have a good chance of successfully upgrading it yourself.
  10. no £1100 is all I have spent, includes price of 2 1gb Ati 5770's as for software, I prefered xp pro to xp home. Win 7 pro has xp compatibility, home does not ---------- Post added at 22:18 ---------- Previous post was at 21:54 ---------- just did the cart again for you on ebuyer ^^just components (although they are out of the 1600 xms atm, but it was around same price) you could actually get the price down further by selecting a non blu ray drive, only having 1 5770 and maybe add another at a later date. and here it is with all the fancy bits I bought with it
  11. I got 2 graphics cards in that price ;) click the spoiler in my sig
  12. I just spent around £1100 on mine but that included everything like mouse/keyboard/speakers/HD monitor/ Windows 7 pro/ Blu ray player as my son has my old system now
  13. would probably still wipe the floor with a pre-built from elsewhere
  14. for upgradeability I'd stick with OcUK