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  1. Donwloaded it it worked in your map,but when i changed map heli and paths again same thing,i think its something with map.I have no idea.Thanks for help anyways.
  2. https://www.upload.ee/files/11912964/vijetnam.bsoc_brasil.pbo.html
  3. i tryed with separate path files but still same problem,it follows first path. Do you need mission file with everything in folder or just mission.sqm?
  4. I tryed but it didnt worked(i think i did something wrong)can you send me example or some kind of template.
  5. im new to editor and scripting so i dont understand what .rpt file means anyway.Other heli with all different cordinates follows path of first heli in every cm,fuck.
  6. https://controlc.com/78ef908c heres controlc Pastebin just cant handle more than 512kb
  7. Also everything works with only one path
  8. I cant when i paste it to spoiler i cant load site.
  9. Im trying to make uc and up for multiple helis But when i put new path in path.sqf , both helicopters use same path. init.sqf path1 in path.sqf path2 in path sqf