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  1. AlphaKiller

    Detailed component-driven damage modeling.

    Very good idea! But question is: Will BI know make that! I agree with it idea 100%, but all is on BI!
  2. AlphaKiller

    Musics Addon

    Im upladed a WW2 theme (music of course) WW2 (Battlefield 1942) Theme
  3. AlphaKiller

    "Competition" for OFP 2011

    Can you tell us campaign story? Ah, I can't now help, I have to finish Area51 mod. And after that I have to make a island called "Area 51" and then I making long Area 51 campaign.
  4. AlphaKiller

    "Competition" for OFP 2011

    Hi all here! I will help :) Thank you god somebody smart was thinked very good idea for OFP! I working on long mission Kosovo War. You will a one kosovo-albanian (AKSH-UCK) soldier called "Muhamed". Your objective is to eliminate serbian soldiers in villages and yugoslavian patrols on island. INFO Name="Kosovo War" Id="01" (My first long mission) Island="Nogova" Scripting="Yes" Side="GUER-AKSH-UCK KOSOVO-ALBANIAN" Enemyes="Yugoslavian patrols & Serbian paramilitary" ... Thx Hammer (Vojtěch Zatloukal) for information about idea.
  5. AlphaKiller

    Legen Of Madness Open Beta Release

    Hi all, I was download mod and it's great! And I was playing with LeGen, We palying Beta Test Boss 1.0,Beta Test Boss 1.1 and Beta Test Boss 1.2, I working on Beta Test Boss 1.3 and english campaign! So, there will be a lot od fun. (But it will be later when our team finish Area 51 (A51) mod) Greetings guys! ---------- Post added at 01:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:35 PM ---------- Ah, good to I remember this: LeGen was make a new video trailer for Legend of Madness! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpPQu9r4FGg&feature=player_detailpage
  6. AlphaKiller

    BH-Mod (Austria)

    Have this addon a download link ? Models looking great, but no download link. Can anybody give me it ?
  7. Hnmmmmmmnnmmm ... I think it isn't possible. Infection yes, but player ressuretion didn't possible. You can make something like as this I saying:
  8. AlphaKiller

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    iceBreakr LOL, nice idea for our traktor haha ;) I think mod will be great! Guys: Don't remember make a Vukovar city pls. :)
  9. AlphaKiller

    Utha Beach map (final beta)

    I'll test. And tell you rating ;)
  10. AlphaKiller

    Is possible to convert .p3d in .3ds format ?

    Thank you Sanctuary! Greetings!
  11. Hi, question is easy - Can I convert a .p3d file in .3ds ? I was saw to some guys are use a OFP M2A2 tank and convert it to works in arma. I wan't convert some addon in .3ds format and again open it with OFP Oxygen Light and again convert it in OFP's .p3d file, to works in a OFP... (Story - I wan't convert one good addon from arma1 in ofp) Converted OFP Bradley in ArmA
  12. AlphaKiller

    Problem with Animations - BI Soldier

    Are you check your config ?
  13. AlphaKiller

    WW4 Modpack 2.1

    Great work Sanctuary!
  14. AlphaKiller

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    BIS can u make M95 Degman and put it on west (BLUFOR) side ?
  15. AlphaKiller

    Custom flags

    Hmmm check this; this setflagtexture "\Flags\UN.jpg"