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    Detailed component-driven damage modeling.

    Very good idea! But question is: Will BI know make that! I agree with it idea 100%, but all is on BI!
  2. AlphaKiller

    Musics Addon

    Im upladed a WW2 theme (music of course) WW2 (Battlefield 1942) Theme
  3. AlphaKiller

    "Competition" for OFP 2011

    Can you tell us campaign story? Ah, I can't now help, I have to finish Area51 mod. And after that I have to make a island called "Area 51" and then I making long Area 51 campaign.
  4. AlphaKiller

    "Competition" for OFP 2011

    Hi all here! I will help :) Thank you god somebody smart was thinked very good idea for OFP! I working on long mission Kosovo War. You will a one kosovo-albanian (AKSH-UCK) soldier called "Muhamed". Your objective is to eliminate serbian soldiers in villages and yugoslavian patrols on island. INFO Name="Kosovo War" Id="01" (My first long mission) Island="Nogova" Scripting="Yes" Side="GUER-AKSH-UCK KOSOVO-ALBANIAN" Enemyes="Yugoslavian patrols & Serbian paramilitary" ... Thx Hammer (Vojtěch Zatloukal) for information about idea.
  5. AlphaKiller

    Legen Of Madness Open Beta Release

    Hi all, I was download mod and it's great! And I was playing with LeGen, We palying Beta Test Boss 1.0,Beta Test Boss 1.1 and Beta Test Boss 1.2, I working on Beta Test Boss 1.3 and english campaign! So, there will be a lot od fun. (But it will be later when our team finish Area 51 (A51) mod) Greetings guys! ---------- Post added at 01:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:35 PM ---------- Ah, good to I remember this: LeGen was make a new video trailer for Legend of Madness! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpPQu9r4FGg&feature=player_detailpage
  6. AlphaKiller

    BH-Mod (Austria)

    Have this addon a download link ? Models looking great, but no download link. Can anybody give me it ?
  7. Hnmmmmmmnnmmm ... I think it isn't possible. Infection yes, but player ressuretion didn't possible. You can make something like as this I saying:
  8. AlphaKiller

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    iceBreakr LOL, nice idea for our traktor haha ;) I think mod will be great! Guys: Don't remember make a Vukovar city pls. :)
  9. AlphaKiller

    Utha Beach map (final beta)

    I'll test. And tell you rating ;)
  10. Hi, question is easy - Can I convert a .p3d file in .3ds ? I was saw to some guys are use a OFP M2A2 tank and convert it to works in arma. I wan't convert some addon in .3ds format and again open it with OFP Oxygen Light and again convert it in OFP's .p3d file, to works in a OFP... (Story - I wan't convert one good addon from arma1 in ofp) Converted OFP Bradley in ArmA
  11. AlphaKiller

    Is possible to convert .p3d in .3ds format ?

    Thank you Sanctuary! Greetings!
  12. AlphaKiller

    Problem with Animations - BI Soldier

    Are you check your config ?
  13. AlphaKiller

    WW4 Modpack 2.1

    Great work Sanctuary!
  14. AlphaKiller

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    BIS can u make M95 Degman and put it on west (BLUFOR) side ?
  15. AlphaKiller

    Custom flags

    Hmmm check this; this setflagtexture "\Flags\UN.jpg"
  16. AlphaKiller

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I wan't reallystic sounds for weapons and vehicles. I wan't more animations and this time please don't make animation class names too long like in armas! Who can remember this: this switchmove"ActsPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_MarianQ_TVstudioMan" ??????) How in OFP I was remember all commands, that's easy: (this switchmove"EffectStandSalute";this playmove"FXCivilLyingDying" ...ect) I wan't more vehicle moving reallysm, I wan't very good MP and like as you downloading some mission for time playing (Okay let's call it sending data ...) make as you can download and required addons and get it in AddOnsCache .. Yea with that make as a admin server option "Let him download required addons or not", make a low and long grass, and that's it. Thanks! ---------- Post added at 09:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:58 AM ---------- Too I have to add: Make weapon reload animation!
  17. Yep! , I know one very good made by DaraOFP, there's link: New weapon sounds by DaraOFP Enjoy! ;)
  18. AlphaKiller

    Making a 3D textures ?

    Thank you Sanctuary! but I think on something like as a soldier uniform texture ... I think hows make a soldier or weapon skin. Example when you made a new weapon you needs weapon skins, I asking how make a skin, not editing of finished picture! Thx.
  19. AlphaKiller

    Making a 3D textures ?

    Hi, I'm sorry for a lot of questions ... Please,please do anybody can tell me how to make a 3D texture, I think on normal textures for addons. I can modeling and that, only needs to know how to make 3D texture for my new objects! I won't to my objects have ugly textures "made in paint" :|| Thank for all who comment.
  20. AlphaKiller


    Great work my friend. :) Are u needs some addons fot that? ;) And when you should online anserw me, I have something really nice for you! cya dara!
  21. AlphaKiller

    Why should I buy your game ?

  22. AlphaKiller

    Custom flags

    Try resize with photoshop (Pixels allowed in game 256x256,128x256,256x128,128x128,512x256,256x512,512x512,64x128,256x64,64x64 ... ect, ect ...) And in flag initalization box write this (This wrote when you put flag in your mission directory - Example: Users\AlphaKiller\Missions\MyMission.noe\Flag1USA.jpg): [color="SeaGreen"]Picture name: FlagUSA1.jpg Flag name: aUSAflag aUSAflag initalization box: aUSAflag setflagtexture "FlagUSA1.jpg"; or: aUSAflag setflagtexture "\flags\usa.jpg";[/color] AlphaKiller ..
  23. AlphaKiller

    Animation problem ..

    Thanks guys!
  24. AlphaKiller

    Animation problem ..

    Hi guys, I need with animation, I have program for animating ofp .p3d models. That program name is "OFPAnim", but I can't open .p3d vehicle what I wan't to animating :( And too how to select something on object? Pls help and reply!
  25. AlphaKiller

    Animation problem ..

    Yes, I was create it vehicle :D! Okay now fixed, i was restart my OFPAnim and they are open it, now I see sections "Levy Zadnji" "Pravi Prednji" ect ect ... But I am begginer and I can't how make animation of it. That's general problem! p.s. Problem is "how to select some section and animate it?"