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  1. markocro

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Perfect timing, thanks for Campaign release. Someone tell BIS to pin this on Twitter Broadcast on arma3.com , i bet everyone will rush here :D This is actually best gift for community for Arma 20th Anniversary.
  2. markocro

    Cold War Rearmed III

    You are awesome guys, will wait for campaign then try it 🙂
  3. markocro


    Things to include in next patch for warlords: - Remove Rhino laser tracked rocket missile (it can be spammed and skilled player can stall whole match by using darter and destroying targets from far distance while ammo truck is constantly rearming it) - Randomize starting positions or make more fixed starting positions - Body clean up script at main base
  4. markocro

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Awesome news, ohh and try to contact Conflict 85 DEVs 🙂
  5. So are we, still here and waiting for those screenshots, keep up the good work! :)
  6. markocro

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    This strategy wont help vanilla servers which were developed and upgraded their multiplayer scenarios from almost beta period of ArmA3, since so much time was invested in vanilla multiplayer scenarios large portion of people was excited to see fresh content integrated with vanilla servers so the spirit keeps fresh and player base stop declining. Im 100% for idea to make Creator DLCs remain OPTIONAL DOWNLOAD, but make EVERYONE can download Creator DLC data but only who bought it can use its assets.
  7. markocro

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Totally agree, please BIS change to this: -Keep optional download of DLC, but use same DLC strategy as before, don't kick out players who didn't pay for creator dlc, so they can participate in game but cant use any assets only see it, and also cant join new terrain (same as tanoa) -keeping same dlc strategy will surely boost sales
  8. is this command diag_log only for server or is it also on client, because i also have some stutters especially when firing weapon sometimes, for now i have nologs command to for error loging to remove stutters, is there anything similar command maybe to turn it off?
  9. Okay then, thanks for the answer, i know this takes a lot of time for mod like this, and im very grateful to devs, i hope everything is going according to theirs plan.
  10. Hi, i been trying to work out how artillery guided AT works but cant make it to hit targets. 1.Placed Opfor playable character UAV operator and empty 2S9 Sochor with 2 moving bluefor light armor on stratis runway 2. Connected to UAV Tyrant and lased bluefor light armor and stabilized turret to follow moving target (i even turned on camera feed to make sure everything is okay on UAV side) 3.I switched to artillery Guided AT and blind fired to laser direction and fired trough artillery computer on very close position of targets and none works, they just miss *Only thing to work is Rhino which i can see Laser Target on its radar and fire Guided Missile with no problem. Any ideas? Thanks EDIT: Laser guided is the name actually Youtube video EDIT2: Got it now, laser guided shell can only change trajectory from initial fire mission point up to 70-80 meters only. Arty Guide
  11. Just saw video on youtube by JezaGooner and he was showcasing Resistance campaign made by Bt Morfey (Link), and im wondering are you going to recreate all 3 campaign parts (Cold War Crisis, Red Hammer, Resistance)? If you plan to make whole package il rather wait for yours and play it from beginning one by one. Thanks.
  12. will try out, thanks for info
  13. markocro

    Nassau 1715

    awesome, epic project
  14. looks very good, would like to see more videos on development