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  1. trnapster

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Cool I was browsing the actual manual of the 148 yesterday and this thing has some neat features. I always get sad when I try to access a function in the programming screen and it says it is locked BTW It would be great to have a function to lock/unlock programming screens like you can do in RL with the PC Toolkit
  2. trnapster

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Glad to hear there will be a better API at some point. Is the implementation of the 148 final or will you continue to add functions on it? (emergency beacon, sincgars, ...)
  3. trnapster

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    I've dug around the functions a bit and I thought I'll post a rough tutorial for channel presets till there is an official documentation. How to change channel presets: [radioType, presetName] call acre_api_fnc_setDefaultChannels; radioType: (String) "ACRE_PRC148" or "ACRE_PRC343" presetName: (String) The name of the preset to use Default presets: Currently there are 4 different default presets available for the 343 and 148 "default" "default2" "default3" "default4" You can get the exact data for every preset with: _data = ["ACRE_PRC343", "default"] call acre_api_fnc_getDefaultChannels Creating own presets: [radioType, presetName, presetData] call acre_sys_data_fnc_registerRadioPreset radioType: (String) "ACRE_PRC148" or "ACRE_PRC343" presetName: (String) New Presetname for use with setDefaultChannels presetData: (Array) Array containing channel data Preset Data Example 343: [["channels"],[[["frequencyTX"],[[2401.75],[2402.75],[2403.75],[2404.75],[2405.75],[2406.75],[2407.75],[2408.75],[2409.75],[2410.75],[2411.75],[2412.75],[2413.75],[2414.75],[2415.75],[2416.75]]]]] Preset Data Example 148: [["channels","groups"],[[["power","frequencyTX","frequencyRX","encryption","channelMode","label","CTCSSTx","CTCSSRx","modulation","trafficRate","TEK","RPTR","fade","phase","squelch"],[[5000,31.25,31.25,0,"BASIC","CHAN 1",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,31.375,31.375,0,"BASIC","CHAN 2",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,31.5,31.5,0,"BASIC","CHAN 3",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,31.625,31.625,0,"BASIC","CHAN 4",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,31.75,31.75,0,"BASIC","CHAN 5",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,31.875,31.875,0,"BASIC","CHAN 6",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,32,32,0,"BASIC","CHAN 7",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,32.125,32.125,0,"BASIC","CHAN 8",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,32.25,32.25,0,"BASIC","CHAN 9",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,32.375,32.375,0,"BASIC","CHAN 10",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,32.5,32.5,0,"BASIC","CHAN 11",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,32.625,32.625,0,"BASIC","CHAN 12",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,32.75,32.75,0,"BASIC","CHAN 13",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,32.875,32.875,0,"BASIC","CHAN 14",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,33,33,0,"BASIC","CHAN 15",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,33.125,33.125,0,"BASIC","CHAN 16",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,33.25,33.25,0,"BASIC","CHAN 17",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,33.375,33.375,0,"BASIC","CHAN 18",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,33.5,33.5,0,"BASIC","CHAN 19",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,33.625,33.625,0,"BASIC","CHAN 20",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,33.75,33.75,0,"BASIC","CHAN 21",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,33.875,33.875,0,"BASIC","CHAN 22",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,34,34,0,"BASIC","CHAN 23",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,34.125,34.125,0,"BASIC","CHAN 24",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,34.25,34.25,0,"BASIC","CHAN 25",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,34.375,34.375,0,"BASIC","CHAN 26",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,34.5,34.5,0,"BASIC","CHAN 27",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,34.625,34.625,0,"BASIC","CHAN 28",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,34.75,34.75,0,"BASIC","CHAN 29",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,34.875,34.875,0,"BASIC","CHAN 30",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,35,35,0,"BASIC","CHAN 31",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3],[5000,35.125,35.125,0,"BASIC","CHAN 32",250.3,250.3,"FM",16,1,0.2,2,256,3]]],[["G01",[0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15]],["G02",[16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31]],["G03",[]],["G04",[]],["G05",[]],["G06",[]],["G07",[]],["G08",[]],["G09",[]],["G11",[]],["G12",[]],["G13",[]],["G14",[]],["G15",[]],["G16",[]]]]]
  4. trnapster

    Speed of Sound Fix?

    BigPickle has released a few Teaser videos from his new SOS version: I guess a new version will be coming at some point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwE3XKZ2lZw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHoR2x5iKPA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJfH8qSwnzE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vAu0qs0np4
  5. trnapster

    How much Arma have you played?

    Close to 1700h 50% Editor 50% MP And a few hours for the campaign
  6. trnapster

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Well Moricky's UI Template Mission is definitely a step in the right direction... But what we really need is a complete list of all control types with all attributes and what they do...
  7. trnapster

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Regarding the current changes in the UI system I thought I'll post some stuff that is on my wishlist for a long time: 1. lnbSort 2. an UI eventhandler for listboxes that is returning the same as onMouseButtonClick but with the selected index 3. A new control that is basically a listbox where every entry is a controlGroup Example: class RscControlGroupList { //Typical listbox attributes.... class controls { class Yourcontrol { idc = 100; //rest of the attributes }; }; }; To get a subcontrol there would be a command like this: _subControl = _listcontrol getListControl [_index, _idc]; This would be absolute overkill ;) 4. Up to date documentation on the BiKi... atm it is quite messy
  8. Great thanks. Good to know you guys are still improving dialogs/controls maybe we can get a lnbSort command now (just like the existing lbSort but supporting multiple columns)?
  9. trnapster

    What's a good IDE for Arma?

    I have to aggree with bhaz and swissMAG. I was using Eclipse + ArmaDev for a long time but Poseidon with the TortoiseSVN integration fits my needs perfectly and is even easier to use. Heck it even has the FSM editor and other BI tools integrated...
  10. trnapster

    What's a good IDE for Arma?

    I'm using Eclipse with the ArmaDev plugin. It's a bit outdated though. I'm using Eclipse because I'm used to it and there is also a git plugin for it...
  11. Well it's already acknowledged so maybe there is hope... :rolleyes:
  12. One "release" for ACRE and one for ACE :D
  13. Will we get TexView & the FSM Editor at some point in the new Arma 3 Tools Package It is kind of annoying to have these two separately installed.
  14. So we just had a large dogfight between Hellcats and Pawnees on our server (about 8v8 helicopters on a 50 slot server)... After the people realized the miniguns are extremely laggy we had some fun times with rockets :D Anyways we have -nologs in the start parameters and filters disabled on our servers. The lag starts after shooting ~2sec. and lasts around 2-3sec. after releasing the trigger