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  1. Great work! Helicopters are logged again with the latest Perf. Thanks, Dwarden.
  2. jrog

    No players?

    Too much games on the market now-days, lots of ArmA mods, too. Advertise your server through social media, and, of course, be different regarding the content you provide!
  3. private ["_vehicle", "_class", "_position"]; _vehicle = null; _class = [_this,0,nil] call BIS_fnc_param; _position = [_this,1,[]] call BIS_fnc_param; //... _vehicle = createVehicle [_class, _position, [], 0, "NONE"]; _vehicle Called, for ex.: _vehicle = ["B_Heli_Light_01_F", getPosATL player] call fnc_spawnVehicle; Or just this, run locally from the console, the same result: _vehicle = "B_Heli_Light_01_F" createVehicle position player; Seems to be related : 0023769 - Arma 3 Feedback Tracker http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23769 http://www.combinedarms.de/news/index.php/News/10096-Battleye-createvehicle-txt/
  4. createVehicle.txt works properly for all vehicles except the helicopters. I have no entry when spawning a chopper. Example //new 3 "^[bOI]_Heli_" //nothing gets logged 3 ^[bOI]_Heli_ //nothing gets logged 3 O_Heli_Light_02_unarmed_F //nothing gets logged 3 _Heli_ //nothing gets logged With one of the following 1 "" 1 .+ 1 "[.\s\S]*" all I get is this (with some extra entries for parachutes): #0 "Supply40" 3:2 [0,0,0] #0 "Supply160" 3:3 [0,0,0] Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  5. jrog

    Mag Repack

    To fix it, add this code at the end of class outlw_MR_RscButtonMenu located in defines.hpp: font = "PuristaMedium";class AttributesImage{ font = "PuristaMedium"; color = "#E5E5E5"; align = "left";};
  6. @Caffeind I don't get the error. This is the script I use combined with @Larrow's one, to prevent from grabbing dropped, before the player disconnected, items and weapons: if (!isServer || !isDedicated) exitWith {}; ["onPlayerDiscnndId", "onPlayerDisconnected", { private ["_body","_weaponholders"]; _body = missionNamespace getVariable _uid; if (!isNull _body) then { _weaponholders = []; _weaponholders = nearestObjects [getPosATL _body, ["weaponHolderSimulated", "weaponHolder"], 20]; { deleteVehicle _x; }forEach _weaponholders; deleteVehicle _body; missionNamespace setVariable [_uid,nil]; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;
  7. Had the same problem and this is how I handled it: //Init.sqf (server): if (isServer || isDedicated) then { "playableUnitOccupier_PV" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private "_playableUnit"; _playableUnit = [_this,1,objNull] call BIS_fnc_param; if(!isNull _playableUnit) then { missionNamespace setVariable[getPlayerUID _playableUnit,_playableUnit]; }; }; ["deleteBodyOnPlayerDisccndId", "onPlayerDisconnected", { private "_body"; _body = missionNamespace getVariable [_uid,objNull]; if (!isNull _body) then { deleteVehicle _body; missionNamespace setVariable[_uid,nil]; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; }; //Init.sqf (client) : if(!isDedicated) then { waitUntil {Alive player}; playableUnitOccupier_PV = player; publicVariableServer "playableUnitOccupier_PV"; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { playableUnitOccupier_PV = _this select 0; publicVariableServer "playableUnitOccupier_PV"; }]; }; Hope it helps