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  1. Minoza

    woman=1; config parameter

    Nice suggestion, I support the idea!
  2. Rendering shadow maps from multiple light sources at the same time requires complete rewrite of rendering pipeline in order to retain playable framerates. Devs stated that deferred rendering is what they would like to have at some point, but until then, this could be a satisfactory solution.
  3. Minoza


    Yeah, crosshairs disappearing here as well. Happens both when loading saved game in SP and when playing some mission on dedi server.
  4. Minoza

    TMR Modular Realism

    Happens to me as well but in campaign only.
  5. Minoza

    proper bulletholes

    ^^I think what he means is using 2D texture with 3D effect (parallax occlusion mapping comes to mind).
  6. Minoza

    Analogue steering (dev branch)

    He has a point on them being analogue as well though. :)
  7. Thank you for taking your time to answer me! I'll give it a read and see if I can come up with something useful.
  8. Thx for explanation! Could you maybe point me into right direction here; is there any guide or explanation on the subject of creating PiP objects in A3? My idea could still work maybe, it's just that instead of making circle I'd try with plane with hole around scope, essentially I'd be making geometry mask... PP blur/darkening could still be applied on top of that thus masking issues with PiP. It might introduce some other glitches because of movement but I would like to try it out.
  9. Wow! Very nice to see a real PiP scope in Arma! Now, I've used Google translate in order to get the idea of what author is saying in his comments and it seems he really got this thing to work. It has issues like shadows or smoke not being drawn but it does work. Now, my idea is exactly as someone already mentioned, if it's possible, do a reverse PiP, where area inside scope becomes main rendering and outside becomes PiP. Blur it up a bit and you wont probably even notice issues with shadows and smoke and even if you do it would be worth if you ask me.
  10. I understand what you're saying but I simply can't agree on that. Please don't force the grass off.
  11. Most likely due to sampling increase. It seems less pronounced but it's actually being more precise.
  12. Not all ssao implementations suffer from this though. I'm a bit disappointed to hear that this one does.
  13. Nice! Can't wait to test it out! I'd love to see HBAO+ though. Splinter Cell implementation looks amazing and performs great.
  14. Minoza

    mods can't be removed?

    This actually happened to me yesterday and got me really confused. I'm using mods since Arma 1, I know pretty well what and how yet this is first time I experienced something like this. Anyways here's what happened; I've loaded up few mods using launch parameters (through Steam), nothing new, I stopped using external launchers after Arma 2 anyways. Mods loaded up fine, everything is great. Then I exited game after playing for some time, removed launch parameters and launched the game. Surprise! Mods loaded up... I was wtf?! Exited the game, made sure no launch params are there, launched the game again, mods are loaded up...?! I managed to disable them through in-game options but there is obviously something weird going on. I will check again today if I can reproduce issue from OP.