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  1. i have this issue with every vehicle i work on, even stock bis models. its always the damage rvmat's.
  2. donno if this has been mentioned, but why dont u release these a2 weapons in one pack instead of seperately?
  3. rstratton

    PhysX LOD Causing Crashing

    remove the autocenter= named property from the geometry lods to make the boat float
  4. rstratton

    Two ladders on single structure?

    u can have as many as u want
  5. u put the associated memory points into the attachment models' memory lod
  6. ive tried everything
  7. rstratton

    The proper way for making collision mesh ?

    need a roadway lod. its pretty much just flat polygons anywhere u would walk see here http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mondkalb%27s_Addon_Tutorial#Roadway_LOD:
  8. rstratton

    simulation = carx ?? can't move

    pretty sure the current binarize tools dont know how to handle the new lod
  9. rstratton

    Volvo C303

    do the wheels touch the ground?
  10. i guess nobody has a solution to the floating wheels issue
  11. rstratton

    Guns, lots of guns

    putting that many weapon models in one place causes major lag
  12. rstratton

    simulation = carx ?? can't move

    any time i try that the game crashes
  13. seems every vehicle i put in game, the wheels wont touch the ground. i can get em close but never all the way