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  1. oleg_russia and i have been working on converting his ka50 model to arma 2. here is a couple less than 100Kb preview images. alrighty were at a stage where the ka50 is presentable so here it is guys. there are still a few bugs to fix. if anybody see's a bug they know how to fix plz let me know. most the remaining bugs are stuff i need help with anyhow. hopefully i just solved the conflict with the CAA1 mod. Updated link with newest version with many bug fixes and the addon is signed here are the psd templates for anybody wanting them
  2. now that the game supports working turrets on planes ive decided to change my ac130 addon. im trying to make the turrets part of the plane, instead of scripted/attachto solution. my problem is that no matter what the turrets will not move. yes i know ai will not move them. only one turret fires , and all 3 will not move. iv'e followed gnat's multi-turret example to the t, yet no dice. here is my config/model.cfg. here is a link with part of my model http://www.sendspace.com/file/ovumgm ---------- Post added at 20:52 ---------- Previous post was at 20:49 ---------- model.cfg
  3. i have this issue with every vehicle i work on, even stock bis models. its always the damage rvmat's.
  4. donno if this has been mentioned, but why dont u release these a2 weapons in one pack instead of seperately?
  5. i can get in my plane but the engines wont start. does anyone have any ideas?
  6. rstratton

    PhysX LOD Causing Crashing

    remove the autocenter= named property from the geometry lods to make the boat float
  7. rstratton

    Two ladders on single structure?

    u can have as many as u want
  8. u put the associated memory points into the attachment models' memory lod
  9. ive tried everything
  10. rstratton

    The proper way for making collision mesh ?

    need a roadway lod. its pretty much just flat polygons anywhere u would walk see here http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mondkalb%27s_Addon_Tutorial#Roadway_LOD:
  11. rstratton

    simulation = carx ?? can't move

    pretty sure the current binarize tools dont know how to handle the new lod
  12. rstratton

    Volvo C303

    do the wheels touch the ground?
  13. i guess nobody has a solution to the floating wheels issue
  14. rstratton

    Guns, lots of guns

    putting that many weapon models in one place causes major lag
  15. rstratton

    simulation = carx ?? can't move

    any time i try that the game crashes
  16. seems every vehicle i put in game, the wheels wont touch the ground. i can get em close but never all the way
  17. rstratton

    texture issue, wrong path?

  18. what is the _f thing all about?
  19. simulation = "airplanex"; what should i use
  20. sounds like an issue with inheritence problem so try this class WeaponCloudsMGun; class CfgVehicles { class Helicopter; class Helicopter_Base_F: Helicopter { class Turrets; }; class Helicopter_Base_H: Helicopter_Base_F { class Turrets: Turrets { class CopilotTurret; }; class AnimationSources; class Eventhandlers; class Viewoptics; }; class CMA_Mi28_RUS: Helicopter_Base_H {
  21. rstratton

    Unlock Mod

    what do you mean by unlocked?
  22. rstratton

    Make just attachments?

    u can always add a new config for all the weapons in your addon with your attachments added to the compatible items list
  23. rstratton

    PiP and how to script it.

    apply this #(argb,512,512,1)r2t(rendertarget0,1.0) as texture not material. but id be real suprised if rtt worked on weapons